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AGM Voting Results_28.06.2022.pdf
AGM Transcript_28.06.2022.pdf
AGM Proceedings_28.06.2022.pdf
English Newspaper_AGM Notice and Evoting Information_07.06.2022.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_AGM Notice and Evoting Information_07.06.2022.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_25.05.2022.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_25.05.2022.pdf
AGM Voting Results_24.08.2021.pdf
AGM Proceedings_24.08.2021.pdf
AGM - Transcript_24.08.2021.pdf
English and Marathi newspaper_ Intimation about second newspaper notice_03.08.2021.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_21.07.2021.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_21.07.2021.pdf
AGM - Transcript_25.09.2020.pdf
Consolidated Scrutinizer's Report AGM_25.09.2020.pdf
AGM Voting Results_25.09.2020.pdf
AGM Proceedings_25.09.2020.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_AGM Notice and Evoting Information_04.09.2020.pdf
English Newspaper_AGM Notice and Evoting Information_04.09.2020.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_24.08.2020.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_24.08.2020.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_31.07.2019.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_31.07.2019.pdf
Summary of proceedings as per Reg 30_11.09.2018.pdf
Srutinizers Report Alongwith Clause35A_11.08.2015.pdf
Scrutinizers Report_05.08.2014.pdf
Scrutinizers Report alongwith Clause 35A_05.08.2014.pdf
Paper Notice_Book Closure & Evoting_2014-15_11.08.2015.pdf
Paper Notice_Book Closure & Evoting_2014-15_05.08.2014.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_15.09.2017.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_11.09.2018.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_15.09.2017.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_AGM_11.09.2018.pdf
Attendance Slip & Proxy Form_2014-15_05.08.2014.pdf
Document Title Download
Summary of proceedings as per Reg 30_14.11.2018.pdf
Scrutinizers Report_Preferential Allotment_05.09.2014.pdf
Scrutinizer Report_2014-15_Preferential Allotment_10.10.2014.pdf
Notice_2014-15_Preferential Allotment_10.10.2014.pdf
Notice_2014-15_Preferential Allotment_05.09.2014.pdf
Notice_2013-14_Preferential Allotment_26.09.2013.pdf
Notice_2013-14_Preferential Allotment_19.08.2013.pdf
Notice 2018-19 Preferential Allotment_14.11.2018.pdf
Notice - Court Convened Meeting_15.10.2016.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_Paper Notice_EGM_14.11.2018.pdf
HCDL Court Convened Meeting_Paper Notice_20.09.2016.pdf
Final_HCDL 15.10.2016 EGM Notice.pdf
English Newspaper_Paper Notice_EGM_14.11.2018.pdf
EGM Result_Increasing Auth Cap and Raising of Funds_14.11.2018.pdf
Court convened meeting_Newspaper Notice.pdf
Board Meeting
Document Title Download
Intimation of BM Window Closure_30.06.2022.pdf
English Newspaper Intimation of Change of Registered Office.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Intimation of Change of Registered Office.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_12.04.2022.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_12.04.2022.pdf
HCDL Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_12.04.2022.pdf
Intimation of BM Window Closure_31.03.2022.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_17.01.2022.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_17.01.2022.pdf
HCDL Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_17.01.2022.pdf
Intimation of BM Window Closure_31.12.2021.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_20.10.2021.pdf.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_20.10.2021.pdf.pdf
HCDL Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_20.10.2021.pdf
Intimation of Window Closure SE_30.09.2021.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_21.07.2021.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_21.07.2021.pdf
HCDL Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_21.07.2021.pdf
Intimation of BM Window Closure_31.03.2021.pdf
Intimation of BM Window Closure_30.06.2021.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_28.04.2021.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_28.04.2021.pdf
Marathi News paper Notice_Reg 47-28.04.2021.pdf
English News paper Notice_Reg 47-28.04.2021.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_21.04.2021.pdf
Sale of Stake in Net 9 Online Hathway_18.03.2021.pdf
Sale of Stake in Hathway Palampur_11.02.2021.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_15.01.2021.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_15.01.2021.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.01.2021.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.01.2021.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_08.01.2021.pdf
Acquisition of additional stake in Hathway Digital Saharanpur_15.12.2020.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Results_15.10.2020.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Results_15.10.2020.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.10.2020.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.10.2020.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_15.10.2020.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_17.07.2020.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_17.07.2020.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-17.07.2020.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-17.07.2020.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_09.07.2020.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_16.04.2020.pdf
English Newpaper Financial Result_16.01.2020.pdf.pdf
Marathi Newpaper Financial Result_16.01.2020.pdf.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-16.01.2020.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_16.01.2020.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-16.01.2020.pdf
English Newpaper Financial Result_16.10.2019.pdf.pdf
Marathi Newpaper Financial Result_16.10.2019.pdf.pdf
Notice of BM_16.10.2019_Marathi.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_16.10.2019.pdf
Notice of BM_16.10.2019_English.pdf
Marathi Newpaper Financial Result_12.07.2019.pdf
English Newpaper Financial Result_12.07.2019.pdf
Results of Board Meeting-Marathi Newspaper_26.05.2016.pdf
Results of Board Meeting-English Newspaper_26.05.2016.pdf
Result in Marathi Newspaper for Dec Quarter_31.12.2015.pdf
Result in English Newspaper for Dec Quarter_31.12.2015.pdf
Paper Notice_English Marathi_Reg 47-25.11.2016.pdf
Outcome of Board Meeting_30.01.2019.pdf
Outcome of Board Meeting_17.10.2018.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting_Marathi Newspaper- HCDL 12.02.15.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting_English Newspaper- HCDL 12.02.15.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting-English Newspaper_13.05.2016.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting-Marathi Newspaper_13.05.2016.pdf
Notice of BM dt.26.05.2016_HCDL.PDF
News Paper Notice_Marathi_Reg 47-30.05.2017.pdf
News Paper Notice_Marathi_Reg 47-12.02.2018.pdf
News Paper Notice_Marathi_Reg 47-02.11.2017.pdf
News Paper Notice_English_Reg 47-30.05.2017.pdf
News Paper Notice_English_Reg 47-12.02.2018.pdf
News Paper Notice_English_Reg 47-02.11.2017.pdf
Marathi Newspaper_News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.04.2019.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Notice after dispatch_14.12.2016.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_30.05.2017.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_28.05.2018.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_27.11.2016.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_15.04.2019.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_14.08.2018.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_12.11.2018.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_12.02.2018.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_10.08.2017.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_02.11.2017.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_02.09.2016.pdf
Marathi Newspaper Financail Result_23.01.2019.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-31.08.2016.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-28.05.2018.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-14.08.2018.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-12.11.2018.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-12.07.2019.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-10.08.2017.pdf
Marathi News Paper Notice_Reg 47-08.02.2017.pdf
Intimation of Window Closure BSE_28.05.2018.pdf
Intimation of Window Closure BSE_14.08.2018.pdf
Intimation of Window Closure BSE_12.02.2018.pdf
Intimation of Window Closure BSE_02.11.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting_25.11.2016.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting_08.02.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_30.05.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_28.05.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_14.08.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_12.11.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_12.02.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_10.08.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting NSE_02.11.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_30.05.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_28.05.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_14.08.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_12.11.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_12.02.2018.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_10.08.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE_02.11.2017.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_15.04.2019.pdf
Intimation of Board Meeting BSE NSE_12.07.2019.pdf
English Newspaper_News Paper Notice_Reg 47-15.04.2019.pdf
English Newspaper Notice after dispatch_14.12.2016.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_30.05.2017.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_28.05.2018.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_27.11.2016.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_23.01.2019.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_15.04.2019.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_14.08.2018.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_12.11.2018.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_12.02.2018.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_10.08.2017.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_02.11.2017.pdf
English Newspaper Financial Result_02.09.2016.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-31.08.2016.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-28.05.2018.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-14.08.2018.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-12.11.2018.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-12.07.2019.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-10.08.2017.pdf
English News Paper Notice_Reg 47-08.02.2017.pdf
Corrigendum to Marathi Newspaper Financial Result_28.05.2018.pdf

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