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Hathway HD Cable

` 2,050

Mind blowing picture clarity with the highest possible resolution which makes it 5 times sharper than the standard definition. Get more from it with 3D content enabled and a 16:9 wide screen viewing experience.

Features of Hathway HD

Hathway SD

HD Set Top Box
  • Compatible to tune 500 channels
  • DVD Quality Picture & Stereophonic Sound
  • Electronic Programme Guide
  • Programme Synopsis
  • Parental Lock
  • Dual Language Selection Option
  • Favorite Channel
  • Block Channels
  • Radio Services
  • Interactive Services

Set Top Box Hardware Schemes

Hardware Upfront Amount Security Deposit Rental PM Refund on Termination
Rental (3 Years)
Rs 400/-
Rs 800/-
Rs 55.66/-
Rs 50.66/-
Security deposit will be refunded after 3 years or on surrender of STB within 3 years.
Hire Purchase (3 Years)
Rs 400/-
Rs 800/-
Rs 46.80/-
Rs 32.93/-
The Security deposit gets adjusted over 3 years. If the STB is surrendered within 3 years, the unadjusted portion of security deposit will get refunded.
One Time Activation (SD) Rs 1280/- 0 0 No Refund
One Time Activation (HD) Rs 2050/- 0 0 No Refund
One Time Activation (HD-PVR) Rs 7999/- 0 0 No Refund
Attention hathway digital TV subscribers: For info on various packs / cable TV services being offered by Hathway, kindly refer to channel no 999 on Hathway cable network