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Hathway Exclusive Channels

Hathway Exclusive Channels

Hathway HTube Channel
Ch No. 29 [Maharashtra]

Broadcast your videos on H-tube: Your own Personal TV channel & turn into a TV star overnight.

H-tube is personal by all means- because its you, our esteemed viewers who will be contributing to the content. You can shoot your own videos (on you smartphones,tablets, handy cam or camera) in any of the various genres like Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Travel or Candid Clips.

There are no restrictions – the videos could be related to festivals, family celebrations, a family outing, kids showcasing their talents, dancing, singing, fashion, yoga and fitness, recipes, prank videos, college videos, society functions or just a special message for someone. Its the perfect way to get your talent noticed and also a platform for advertising your profession and products. So hurry and start rolling! H-tube is brought to you by Hathway Digital Cable TV Services.

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Ch No. 112 [Maharashtra, Delhi / NCR, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 110 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 309 [Karnataka]

A 24 hrs movie channel showcasing the latest blockbusters to the evergreen classics, superhit musicals, action packed thrillers, to the all time romantic hits and much more …

The channel will have 6 movies in a day, with repeats from mid-night to morning. The channel will also have various film based programmes both interactive as well as shoot based to live interviews to songs based, in between the movies.

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Afternoon Prime Cinema

The movies in this segment will be more of classics to social films keeping in mind the target audience of housewives and elderly people. The genre of movies in this segment will be from 50’s to 70’s and will be interspersed with interesting details pertaining to this film, related to the actors, music, story etc.

Cine Prime Cinema

This segment will cater to an entire family audience and will be slotted in the 8:30pm slot on weekdays from mondays to fridays. The genre of movies in this slot will be a mix of action, romance, suspense and thrills. It will showcase all time hits from the 90’s onwards, a prime time treat to watch.

Friday Night Blockbusters

Only all time superhit blockbusters which have made a mark in the Hindi cinema, will be shown in this segment.Hit films of hit actors, actress, villains, action and romantic heroes will be showcased in this segment.Interesting trivia’s will be highlighted in between these films, giving the audience unique information about these films and its cast.

Saturday Night Exclusives

Exclusive television premieres of the very latest blockbusters will be shown in this exclusive slot at 8:30pm. The telecast of these films will also have an interactive element by the way of contests and quiz by the way of sms or mails, with mega prizes for the audience.

Sunday Funday

This slot will have fun filled movies for the entire family, from comedy to action, romance, thrillers, classics etc, making the Sundays enjoyable for the family audience.

The channel will also have different film based programmes and movie based fillers and also at times live coverage of film based events or studio interviews with celebrities, film stars, music directors, etc.

Bollywood Songs

A programme based on superhit bollywood hit numbers.

Sneak Preview

Watch the latest trailors and promos of upcoming hindi films.

Star Show

A Interview based show of the celebrities from the film world including actors, singers, music directors, film directors as well as behind the camera celebrities. The show will also cover on location shoots of films as well as launches and mahurats of films as well as audio launches.

Bollywood Trivia

Get all the interesting information you need about your favourite stars, yours favourite singers, music directors, film directors, your favourite hit films etc, packaged with appealing graphics and music.

Ch No. 26 [Maharashtra, Delhi / NCR , West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan] Ch No. 14 [Karnataka] Ch No. 327 [Andhra Pradesh]

The best of offers, the best of discounts, the best of products offered to you on an exclusive shopping channel "HATHWAY SHOPEE" powered by Naaptol..

HATHWAY SHOPEE is a 24 hrs shopping channel for hathway subscribers, giving them the best deals on a wide variety of products ranging from household items to electronics to lifestyle and beauty products to health and fitness products to clothes and jewellery. So keep watching and enjoy unlimited shopping.

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Ch No. 26 [Maharashtra]
Ch No. 326 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 121 [Delhi / NCR]
Ch No. 11 [Karnataka]
Ch No. 118 [Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 680 [West Bengal]

A regional based entertainment channel showcasing the best TV serials, regional entertainment programmes, regional events, stage shows, live coverages of local events, regional movies. The channel is a mix of all genres of entertainment with a wide variety of localized content appealing to one and all.

Entertainment Logo
No. 114 [Maharashtra]
Ch No. 365 [Andhra Pradesh]
Ch No. 120 [Delhi / NCR]
Ch No. 33 [Karnataka]
Ch No. 119 [Madhya Pradesh / Rajasthan]
Ch No. 115 [West Bengal]

A regional based movie channel showcasing the best of regional movies and film based content meant exclusively for the regional audience. It also includes film based shows, live shoots, interviews, film based quiz shows, songs based programmes etc.

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