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* Name : Important Tips for Shooting and Uploading Video
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  • Shoot the video in Proper Light & ensure that the finger is not over the lens of your camera.
  • Avoid noise in the background when you are shooting the video. E.g. door bell and telephone ringing, children talking or playing. Turn off the TV and any background music.
  • The Uploading Video file size should be of 20 mins duration or maximum 500 mb in size.
  • While shooting, please ensure that you shoot the video in a landscape or horizontal frame only where the width of the video should be more than the height.
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Trouble Shooting

If you face any problems in uploading your videos or have any internet connectivity issues while doing so, you could also courier your DVDs/ CDs to us on the following address


Hathway cable and Datacom Ltd
Trade World Building, B Wing, 10th Floor, Kamala Mills compound, Lower Parel (West),
Mumbai - 400013.
Important : For DVD’s Please download the declaration form and fill it and send it with the DVDs along with a xerox copy of your photo ID and residence proof. Please click here to download the declaration form.

For any queries please mail us on : htube@hathway.net

* This channel is available initially only in Maharashtra on Hathway network.
Attention hathway digital TV subscribers: For info on various packs / cable TV services being offered by Hathway, kindly refer to channel no 999 on Hathway cable network