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How Do I Choose the Best Unlimited Internet Plan?
November 2019

Broadband unlimited plans save you from a lot of hassles and inconvenience that are commonplace with a limited broadband plans. You no longer need to worry about remaining data for the month. Also, you don’t have to keep a check on your usage at all times, or feel guilty when you abort an activity due to no or insufficient data.

Imagine you are in the middle of an important Skype/video call with your boss or a client, the call gets disconnected abruptly, and you get a message saying you have exceeded your quota for broadband data for the day or the month. Obviously, you will feel bad about losing your face with them. Or, let’s suppose you are playing a game online with your gamer friends and go out of data while still in the action. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking for you?

With an unlimited Hathway broadband data plans, you can avoid such unpleasant experiences from taking place. Plus, you also don’t feel guilty about watching a movie in high-definition or downloading high-res music videos.

Hathway Broadband offers various unlimited broadband data plans at different data speeds to its customers in key metros and cities across India. You can browse through broadband plans available in your area on the Hathway website and decide on one that fits the bill.

That said, there’s an even better way to do it. You Take it upon yourself to decide the right broadband speed for you! Who does possibly know you better than you yourself ? Well, nobody, so without ado, let’s get to it.

To decide on the right unlimited broadband data plans, first, think of all reasons you and others in your home or flat, would like to connect to the internet via your Hathway Broadband Connection. Once you do that, you can figure out the amount of data that you require on average every month.

Now let’s get to calculate the speed you need for a seamless broadband experience. And for that, you must be aware of what broadband connections you have. Broadly, there are three types: light users, average users, and heavy users. The following information can help you figure out which one you belong to and hence, the right speeds for you.

Light Broadband Users

You are a light broadband user if use your broadband internet for basic tasks. You use it mostly for checking/sending emails, scrolling your social media feeds, putting out updates, stream/upload/download movies and photos once in a while.

You don’t have problems switching to low-res data settings or waiting for a couple hours for files to download. Also, there are only few members in your family/flat who, more or less, have the same usage pattern.

Average Broadband Users

You know you are an average user if you do a little bit of everything, video streaming, live gaming, downloading, coding, etc. You demand a little more from your broadband connection in terms of internet speed and data. Aside from basic tasks, as described above, you do a lot of high-definition downloading, streaming and uploading of data and you want to do it faster, much faster than 4G speeds on your Smartphone.

Heavy Broadband Users

You are a heavy broadband user if you are a ‘pro’ in the truest sense. You live and breathe off the internet, you just can’t live without a high-speed broadband internet connection. You don’t even know what slow internet speeds feel like, nor do you have any curiosity about those.

As a heavy-user, the things you do on the internet require unlimited broadband data at ultra-fast data speeds. You do a lot of HD live gaming, you stream and download video content in 4K/Full HD resolution, you love binging video content on popular on-demand video apps, such as Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Hulu, and Zee5, or you spend hours doing live coding and work-related tasks that require high speed broadband connections everyday.

We believe you now have a rough idea of the kind of broadband user you are and also, of the right unlimited broadband connection for you. If this isn’t enough to clear your doubts, you can always contact your local Hathway office and seek help from our experts. Happy surfing!

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How do I decide on the right broadband speed?
November 2019

To get the best out of your Hathway Broadband connection, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a broadband plans. A plan that’s right for you and that doesn’t burn holes in your pockets while giving you enough high speed broadband to have an awesome broadband experience.

That said; while we all realize all that, most of us fail to get another very crucial thing right. The right broadband data plans let’s help you with that.

To zero in on the right broadband speed for your Hathway Broadband, you will need to keep a few factors in mind: what’s your purpose to use a broadband connection, how much data you require in a month on average, and how many users would connect to the internet via broadband internet at a time, and what their peak activity hours are. Once you have a rough idea of the number of average users, key activities and peak hours, you can evaluate your broadband needs easily.

Honestly, you can go ahead with any Hathway unlimited broadband plans if you are planning to use your connection for basic tasks, such as emailing, surfing the web, and occasional streaming, downloading and uploading videos. Or even if multiple users will connect to the internet for such basic tasks, simultaneously.

However, you need a high-speed unlimited broadband connection when you plan to do heavy-duty tasks, such as streaming, downloading and uploading 4K and HD video content, HD live gaming, and live coding for hours on end. This holds true even when there are multiple users connecting to the internet at the same time and do more than basic internet tasks. Simply put, the greater the number of users, the more broadband speed you need for a pleasant Hathway broadband experience.

Most users don’t know how much data and minimum data speed a particular online activity requires on a monthly basis. So, you need to keep that in your mind as well, while deciding the right speed for you. You can easily find that information of broadband internet provider the web and calculate your broadband data speed need accordingly.

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How do I choose the best Wi-Fi router for myself?
November 2019

For most of us, choosing a broadband wifi plan router is a no-brainer, we usually go with the one that falls within our budget. For many, all internet wifi router regardless of their shape, size and technology offer the same value and buy the ones that our pocket allows. And this strategy has served well them fairly well so far.

However, in the last few years, new trends like online HD gaming, 4K streaming, increased connected home devices at homes, increased Smartphone capabilities, and an increased number of Smartphone’s per home have made our good old broadband router out of the league.

They can't go beyond capabilities they had been designed for and have already been pushed to their limits. So, this new wave of heavy users, pro’s as they are known, is bound to have underwhelming broadband experiences due to the limited capabilities of their existing routers. They should clearly be looking for a better upgrade.

If you are facing similar issues with your broadband router, before you decide on an upgrade, here are a few things to consider:

What speed do you really need?

Today far too many devices are connecting to the internet wirelessly at the same time in a home, shop, or workplace, requiring the broadband wifi router to carry loads of data to and from smartphones and computers. This is a bit overwhelming for your fairly old router that still runs on years old technology.

The result: you experience annoyingly long buffering and stuttering while doing regular stuff, such as streaming HD videos, live gaming, and web surfing. Mostly, you tend to blame the slow broadband speeds when you go through similar experiences and miss the real culprit. The outdated broadband wifi router.

If you are experiencing the same problem with your current router, you need to upgrade it. And to do that, first you need to decide on the right broadband speed for you. Only then you can pick the one you need:

Go for an802.11nrouter

802.11n routers came long after the 802.11g/a router, which were way slower and could support up to 56mbps data speed. Typically, 802.11n routers can support up to 600mbps speeds and are good for most use cases, barring the data-intensive applications, such as, 4K streaming, live gaming and live coding, video calling and multiple users.

If you use your internet for regular tasks, emailing, surfing, HD streaming and you only have a few users connecting to it simultaneously, an 802.11n rated router is what you need.

Go for an 802.11ac router

The recent advancements in broadband technology have enabled humans to achieve Gigabit speeds. This had left a huge gap when it comes to our broadband wifi capabilities that couldn't support these ultra-fast speeds. But, that’s no longer the case, a new breed of routers that can support very high-speeds up to a few Gbps are now available for masses: An 802.11ac or Gigabit router, as they are popularly known.

These are the ones you should go for if you have a high-speed broadband internet and do a lot of 4K streaming, live gaming, live coding and such data-intensive tasks, and also when there are multiple devices connecting to the internet wirelessly at the same time. Or, if you are, at least, planning to do the above in the near future, when high-speed broadband are available in your region.

That said, keep in mind when you have a broadband connection that offers up to a few hundred Mbps speeds and you don't plan to upgrade it anytime soon, you don’t need an ultra-fast Gigabit router, an 802.11n will do the job. Not only it is underwhelming for a Gigabit router, it will also save you money as well.

What's the extendibility or range you are looking at?

The second most important aspect you should be looking is extendibility. If you want to cover a large expanse of area with Wi-Fi connectivity and want to ensure seamless broadband experience at every corner of your home, you will need more than one Wi-Fi device.

Typically, a Wi-Fi router can cover a few square feet, meaning a few rooms, as you go away from it the signal strength starts depleting or become inconsistent. Most likely, you have already experienced Wi-Fi dead zones inside your home or workplace where it's hard to connect via broadband wifi. You did everything, tried different locations, but to no help.

In such cases, you need multiple routers which can offer you seamless Wi-Fi connectivity in and about your home, covering all areas where you like to connect to the internet. This requires special broadband router with Mesh Technology that allows them to connect with other mesh routers and share a broadband connection simultaneously. These are popularly known as Mesh Routers or Routers with Mesh Technology.

If you have a large area to cover and need high-speed broadband internet connection at every corner of your house or office, Mesh Routers are for you. Moreover, these often come with Gigabit speed support and capabilities so you don’t have to suffer on that front. Plus, you get greater mobility.

What's style and size you prefer?

One equally important, however, largely ignored aspect of buying a new Wi-Fi router is the design aesthetics and size of router. Since your Wifi router is part of the décor of your interiors, you may like to consider its appearance alongside the technical capabilities.

There are various theme-based designs available in the market at present that go with different user personalities – you’ll find plenty of options if you are heavily invested in gaming. Also, if you have got a palate for finer things in life, you may like to go with the expensive cool-looking ones out there.

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What broadband speed is right for streaming movies?
November 2019

Any broadband internet speed really! All Hathway Broadband plans are good enough for streaming video content. You can choose any broadband plans and start streaming and downloading videos immediately with no difficulty whatsoever.

If you don’t usually download and stream HD or higher resolutions video content on Videos-On-Demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Zee5, and Hotstar, you will be able to do that seamlessly with a broadband plan that offers just enough speed.

Thanks to the advancement in digital technologies, these platforms can deliver high-quality content without exhausting too much data. For instance, if you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, you know you can choose from multiple playback settings to manage your data. The higher the content quality you set it to, the more data you burn every hour ranging from somewhere around 0.3GB per hour to 7GB or more per hour.

So, for small-screen devices, such as smartphones and laptops, you can manage with data saving and standard modes as these don’t need to burn a large amount of data every hour. But when you want to stream Netflix on a bigger screen, such as that of your smart TV that supports FHD or higher resolutions, you need to switch to a high-definition mode or other higher modes or the pictures will appear pixilated.

Therefore, if you ask us what broadband connection you need to stream movies and videos online seamlessly, our answer is: It depends on what devices you wish to stream on, what video quality you prefer, how much data your broadband plan allows you, and how many users will connect to the internet via broadband and for what purposes.

Let’s make it simpler for you. The following are the different use cases/scenarios. Bear in mind that these classify usage of a single user and doesn’t take into consideration multiple users that connect to the internet through your broadband internet simultaneously or other purposes you use your broadband for.

1. You stream a few movies every week

If you like to stream videos for up to 25 hours every week, and that too, on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, choose a hathway broadband plans that suits this requirement. You can stream videos, movies, showing standard and HD quality without any difficulty.

2. You like to binge on weekends/week-offs

If you like to binge videos for hours on end during weekends and week-offs, you need a broadband plan that gives you ample data and speed for steaming in standard or HD quality.

3. You like to binge every day

If you are a serious movie and TV-series buff and like to be on top of the latest and hottest content on popular VOD platforms, 1mbps Internet plans aren’t enough for a seamless broadband experience. Go for a Hathway unlimited broadband data plan that offers high-speed data every month.

4. You like to binge on bigger high-definition screens

If you love big screens and like to stream your favorite movies and shows on VOD platforms/digital cable TV on those, you need your broadband connection that delivers superior broadband data speeds. That said, since you do not use your broadband for only streaming videos and like to do much more on the internet, be advised to keep in mind the other major purposes you use your broadband for and also, how much bandwidth those requiredbroadband plans. Did you find the information helpful? Let us know in the comments.

Which is better, a Wi-Fi connection or a broadband?
November 2019

In this day and age when you feel the need to stay connected to the internet at all times, one question keeps coming to mind: what’s the best way to do it? A wifi-connection or a broadband?

We assume you have already asked this question to yourself so many times before. Probably, every time when you needed a new broadband connection or felt the need to upgrade the existing one. And it’s clear that you haven’t figured it out yet. Isn’t it why you are here in the first place?

So, without ado, let’s address the elephant in the room and get a definite answer. For this, you need to know what the difference between the two is. Is it just in the way you connect through a wire or without it, or is there more to it? Is it the technology? The equipment? The medium? Or is there more?

But first, what’s a Wi-Fi?

Going by the books, internet wifi technology uses radio signals and frequencies to transfer data and hence, doesn’t require wires. It typically makes use of cellular radio frequencies or 802.11 Wireless Ethernet technologies. Do you still confuse a Wi-Fi connection with a Wi-Fi router? Well, let us assure you both are different.

As the name suggests, a broadband wifi connection doesn’t require a physical connection between a sender and a receiver. An access point (AP) transmits signals, which nearby computers and mobile devices with in-built mobile network adapters could tune in to, to access the web.

What’s a broadband connection?

Your broadband connection lets your device connect to a high-speed internet connection with or without wires. Yes, you heard it right, a broadband connection doesn’t necessarily need wires!

There are various types of wired broadband available, namely, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Cable Modem, Fiber Optic, and EFM (Ethernet First Mile). Each type has its own advantages and limitations. Typically, you have a dedicated LAN, cable, optical fiber, or a dial-up connection via telephone wire that connects to your devices physically, offering high-speed internet.

So now that you know a few things about both, let’s tell you which one is better.

Wi-Fi vs Broadband

Seemingly, Wi-Fi technology offers much more convenience than broadband internet the way it allows you to connect to the internet via multiple devices simultaneously, even on the move.

Convenient, although it is, you can only connect to the web within a small area, a room or small office, typically, a few square meters. Moreover, even with the improved data speed of a Wi-Fi connection over the years, it’s still far behind the data speeds a high-speed broadband connection can offer you.

On the contrary, broadband connections directly connect to your stationary devices offering faster internet speeds with greater consistency. However, you would still need a internet wifi router to get broadband connectivity on your mobile devices. All you gotta do is couple your broadband connection with a good quality Wi-Fi router.

One more downside of a Wi-Fi connection is that it is susceptible to interference while a broadband is largely impervious, until the physical connection is damaged. Also, you can connect to the internet through a broadband cable anytime, while with a Wi-Fi, you usually have a modem, router, hotspot that need powering on for the connection to work.

It’s likely that you share your Wi-Fi connection with other users, who may connect to the internet, simultaneously, affecting its performance and speed. Typically, telecommunication service providers offer Wi-Fi access to the internet through portable modems, Wi-Fi/USB dongles as you know it. These either connect directly to the computer through a USB connection or work like a Wi-Fi hotspot, which lets you access the web wirelessly through a device. As for broadband, you don’t require a router/modem at all.

So, in a nutshell, here are a few advantages, a Wi-Fi connection has over a broadband:

1. You can connect to multiple devices at a time, provided you are within its range.

2. You can connect anywhere within the range of the hotspot/dongle, depending upon your service provider.

3. It’s often cheaper than a broadband connection.

Now, here’s why a broadband connection is a better choice for you:

1. It offers you far superior speeds than a Wi-Fi connection ever will, you usually get a large amount of data every month that allows you to download large files faster.

2. With an unlimited plan, there is practically no limit to what you can do online. With a speedy connection, you can do any heavy-duty task, such as, 4K streaming, live gaming and live coding without any stuttering whatsoever.

3. Broadband connections are far more secure and consistent than Wi-Fi connections.

4. Plus, you can always connect it to a Wi-Fi router to enjoy high-speed wireless internet connectivity on your mobile and computer devices at the same time.

5. Given the superior speed and considerably large amount of data you get on a broadband connection every month, it’s rather affordable. The only downside is that you can only connect a limited number of devices physically as specified in your broadband plan.

6. Hathway Offers you a Wi-Fi router bundled with your broadband connection so you have no problem connecting to your smart devices wirelessly, without having to endure comparably much slower Wi-Fi connections.

The Winner

Clearly, both types of broadband connection have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, given the vast amount of data, higher speeds and superior security you enjoy with a broadband connection, you are more likely to go for it. You can get Wi-Fi connectivity with the free Wi-Fi router, anyway. So why do you have to compromise on things that matter: speed, security and data, a lot of data, actually?

Tell us what you prefer still, a rather slow and less secure Wi-Fi connection or a faster, more secure broadband connection. Leave your comments below.

Discover the Right Router for a Smooth Gaming Experience
December 2019

Are you a gamer and want to boost your gaming experience? Did you know that if you choose the best routers for streaming and gaming purposes, you can have a much better gaming adventure? There are a few differences between regular routers and gaming routers in terms of their Quality of Service (QoS) features.

All types of the broadband routers have QoS features, but in the best gaming router, the QoS feature prioritizes the incoming traffic for your game over your other internet activities. This prioritization boosts gaming performance, reduces lag time and buffering.

Apart from a well-designed Qos feature, here are some other features you should consider when choosing the best router for gaming:

  • Gigabit Ethernet Port: Choose an Ethernet connection over wifi-connection to avoid delays in your gaming performance. Always look for a gaming router with Ethernet Ports that can handle speed up to 25 MB/s.
  • Dual-Band Support: Use a wireless AC router with a bandwidth of 5GHz, which is more reliable and faster when compared to the routers with 2.4 GHz bandwidth. There is a drawback, as the wireless AC router does have a shorter range, but if you keep your gaming system close to your router, you can overcome this problem with ease.
  • High-Bandwidth Range: Most router for gaming and streaming purposes also support tri-band wireless networking. Choose for a tri-band gaming router that adds a second 5GHz band for faster torrent downloads, better video streaming, and more vivid gaming experience.

How to configure your gaming router?

Once you have bought the best router for gaming, the next step is to configure its settings so that the gaming traffic gets priority. All you need to do is prioritize the usage of incoming data based on online activities, for instance, video streaming and gaming or IP/MAC address. When your device connects to the internet, the router receives the MAC or IP address and accordingly diverts the incoming data to your device.

The best router for streaming and gaming also allows you to combine the prioritization methods. For instance, you can prioritize the network based on IP address and service to avoid lag time in gaming traffic.

Is a Gaming Router Worth the Money?

If you are a keen fan of gaming, then you might be considering choosing a specialized router. However, while features such as QoS tools and network prioritization, Gigabit Ethernet Ports, higher bandwidth and a powerful processor are found in gaming routers, they are not exclusive to them. Other best home broadband routers also provide gaming routers. High-end broadband routers including wifi router for Hathway broadband have similar features as any of the best gaming router. Therefore, you should make a wise comparison between a gaming router and other high-end routers before purchasing a gaming router.

How does fiber optical technology impact your broadband speed?
December 2019

When life is moving at full speed why should your internet lag behind? A high speed broadband connection is all you need to scroll through your social media feeds, for a non-stop streaming of your favourite Netflix shows, gaming, and for many other day-to-day online activities. With fiber-optic broadband, you can get a fast internet connection and do whatever you like online, but much faster.

Here’s why you should opt for fiber optic internet connection to get a high-speed internet connection

  • Faster transmission of information:

    Information and data in fiber cables are transmitted at the speed of light. The cables can transfer more data quicker than the traditional copper lines, which were earlier used for transmitting voice data.

  • No difference in the uploading and downloading speed:

    Fibernet broadband connection gives you a faster and more balanced download and upload speed. You can easily stream HD videos and play games with the fiber broadband connectivity. Whether at home or work, the fiber optic internet connection will ensure that there is no lag time, and you can check off every task on your digital ‘to do’ list. You can easily multi-task by downloading and uploading data at the same time.

  • Stability of connection:

    Regardless of where you are located and how far you are from a major city point, the Fiber optic broadband offers a stable connection over long distances. The Fiber optic broadband is more stable than alternatives in the market and is unaffected by water or changes in temperature. So your high speed broadband connection will be ready when you are.

  • No delay in the connection:

    With fiber optic internet, everything happens at lightning speed. There are hardly any delays in the transfer of data after you have clicked the mouse or tapped the screen. The balanced download and upload speed further reduce the lag time in your internet connection so that you can download as fast as you upload.

  • Better access to cloud technology:

    Another major benefit of a fiber optic network is fast and easy access to large data stored in the cloud. Whether you want to share movies, pictures or even office data, with fibernet broadband connection you can access your data from the cloud anytime and without any trouble.

  • No relation to the cable size:

    The best part about fiber-optic cables is that the speed of the internet does not depend upon the weight of the cables. In case of copper cables, you will have to install more cables to get a higher speed. However, this is not true for optic fibers. These cables are light and internet speed is not related to the size.

Although, the cost of installing fibernet broadband might be high initially, especially when compared to older copper cables, in the long run, the benefits of fiber broadband will make every penny worth it.

What is the meaning of Upload Speed/Download Speed in an internet connection?
December 2019

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to download things faster than uploading on a web server, for instance, a video on Facebook? This difference in timing happens because your internet download speed is higher than the upload speed. High-speed internet does not always assure a balance between download and upload speed, and if you are wondering what the reason behind it is, here’s why:

What are download and upload speeds?

Broadband download speed means how much data is required per second to download data from a web server in the form of texts, images, videos, etc. to your device. Whereas, upload speed means how many megabits of data per second is needed to send data from your PC to the server or another device.

A regular high-speed broadband connection usually has a faster download speed than upload because most of the activities based on the internet require more substantial download speed than upload speed. However, if you want higher upload speed as well, you can further increase by choosing fibernet broadband connections with a proportional download and upload.

Which is more important?

Depending on your online activities, you may choose any one of the best broadband plans that offer either high download speed or upload speed. If you use your broadband internet connection for activities that depend more on download speed such as watching Netflix movies or YouTube videos, then opt for a broadband plan that guarantees a good download speed. Generally, most people require a higher download speed as per their usage.

On the other hand, if you engage in online activities with higher upload bandwidth such as sending emails, video calls, uploading videos on social platforms, then you can choose a high-speed broadband plan that offers a reasonable upload speed.

What speed should I have?

It would help if you always chose a broadband plan that suits your daily data consumption. You can select a policy that offers a speed of 4-6Mbps if you want to share audio and video files without any interruption.

If you are a gamer, 6-10 Mbps is the preferred speed. Business professionals usually opt for a broadband internet connection that offers a speed up to 50 Mbps to enable multitasking among employees and better internet connectivity on different devices.

How to check your internet speed?

There are many free internet speed test tools available online. To check the download speed on your connection, you will need to download a file of a specific size from the test server to your PC, and the test tool will measure the total time taken to make the transfer. Similarly, upload speed is measured by uploading a file from your computer to the test server and measuring the time taken to complete the same.

If your internet speed is slower than what was guaranteed by the service provider, you can check out a few simple hacks to improve your broadband connection here, or maybe contact the internet service provider.

How to secure your broadband connection?
December 2019

Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet, desktop or even smart TV, an internet connection is vital. Did you know that your Broadband WiFi connection signals are not only limited to the walls of our homes and offices? WiFi signals are broadcasted out into the streets and cybercriminals are in a constant lookout to access a free broadband internet connection. It is always better to secure broadband connection and to stay safe from the illegal and fraudulent activities that take place over the internet.

Follow these few easy steps to stay safe and maintain a secure WiFi connection:

  • Encrypt your WiFi connection:

    For a stable internet connection, you should encrypt your WiFi access points, so that only designated people can use your internet connection. There are a few standard types of protection in-built in a WiFi router including WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), which is rudimentary encryption and is least secure, WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2. WPA is the most used encryption, suitable for homes and office spaces where the residents or the employees can have access to the network through a shared password key.

  • Pay attention to your password:

    While setting up a secure WiFi connection, do not forget to enter a long password which is random and hard to guess. Also, please change the default username and password of the new WiFi router as soon as you start using it to reduce the risk of being hacked and maintain a secure broadband network.

  • Hide your SSID:

    You can further maintain a secure WiFi connection by restricting its visibility to your family members or employees. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) also referred to as the network name, can be set to ‘hidden’ so that strangers cannot trace it, and only those who know the name of the network can get connected to it.

  • Set up MAC authentication:

    Just like every laptop and mobile device has a specific IP address, they also have a unique MAC address. To secure internet connection, you should add the MAC addresses of all your devices to WiFi router’s settings. This way, only those devices whose MAC address you have added to the router can access your broadband Wifi connection.

  • Limit the range of the wireless signal:

    If you are using your WiFi for a smaller area, whether at your residence or office, you can limit the scope of the WiFi signal by switching the router from 802.11b or 802.11n to 802.11g. Another way to physically secure WiFi router signals is by painting your room with WiFi blocking paint. The paint contains chemicals that absorb WiFi signals, thereby not allowing them to penetrate beyond the walls.

These simple steps can help add layers of protection to your broadband internet connection. They can also help you control the access for your broadband connection so that hackers do not abuse your internet and you get the best deal out of your internet package.

How to fix the common issues of your Broadband Connection?
December 2019

Are you frustrated by various issues related to your broadband connection? Do you quite often come across an unresponsive webpage, higher page loading time and excessive lagging while video streaming or gaming? There might be a high possibility that your broadband connection requires troubleshooting.

However, before you contact your service provider, follow these easy tips for fixing your broadband internet connection:

  • Check the cables and the extensions:

    One of the easiest ways for broadband troubleshooting is to check if all the wires connected to your router and Ethernet Ports are undamaged and are in place. Check the wires outside your home as well, since the weather or even overeager birds or other animals might damage the cables, affecting your internet connection.

  • Power cycling and decoding the blinking lights:

    You can fix broadband connection through power cycling as well. Power cycling means disconnecting the cables from the primary power source, waiting until the router has undergone the usual boot-up sequence and then plugging the wires in again. There is a higher chance for your broadband connection to start working after power cycling.

    Also, check the light indicators on your modem or router. If, after plugging in a few lights are flashing or not glowing, then it might indicate that there is no internet connectivity or that the WiFi button is turned off on the modem.

  • Check the micro-Filter:

    Another option If you face an issue of broadband not connecting to the internet is checking the micro-filter that connects to devices such as telephone, fax, and modem that might interrupt the flow of the internet. Disconnect each of the devices from the micro-filter and try reconnecting them one at a time. Remember to check your broadband connection every time you connect new equipment.

  • Scan for Viruses:

    Apart from damaging your computer, viruses can affect your broadband connection as well. Your broadband connection might get infected with malicious spyware present on your PCs which, in turn, will affect your browser’s performance and surfing speed. It would be best if you scanned your computer regularly to avoid damage from viruses.

  • Check your Data Pack:

    One of the everyday situations of broadband not connecting to the internet is when you have used all your data or subscribed to a pack that provides a slower connection. Visit your service provider’s website and check the data usage history. If you are still experiencing a slower connection than what was promised by the provider, then contact the operator.

  • Update your Firmware:

    Firmware is software in your router or a modem which needs to be installed in your PC before you start using the internet. If you face an issue of broadband not working, then you might try reinstalling or updating the firmware.

If you still face problems troubleshooting your broadband internet connection even after trying these tips, you should contact your service provider. The problem could be at their end and solving it might require replacing or adding new equipment.

3 easy ways to pay your Hathway broadband bill
Feburary 2020

We have made your Hathway broadband bill payment a breeze. With secure technology and various methods you can easily pay for your broadband connection for hassle-free and uninterrupted service. Here, we have listed down ways for you to recharge your broadband connection:

Simply click

  • Online Payment: Make a Broadband online payment by simply clicking

  • Collection box: Deposit the cheque at your nearest Hathway Drop box / Relationship centres between 10am- 6pm between Monday to Friday. For the list of locations simply click

  • Payment pick-up at door step: You could make the request by clicking on "Cheque Pick up" at

  • Alternatively, you can send an SMS by typing ISP_Renew Acc No to 575759. We shall send a collection executive to collect the payment. A charge of Rs.100 + taxes will be levied for the pick-up.

Apart from the above you may pay your broadband bill online via various third party trusted portals. These days there are many options available for your convenience.Also, you may pay bills online on our bill payment portal using your credit card or by using net banking safely. Once you go on our website you can easily click on the box which will take you to the enter details page where you can choose to feed in your account number or registered mobile number along with a CAPTCHA code for security reasons, next you need to simply click on the submit button to pay your broadband bill.Earlier people were a little hesitant to pay bills online, but now as times and technology has changed people are paying all kinds of bills online. The online payment trend has become prevalent due to its many benefits. First and foremost when you pay your broadband bill online you save money both on postage and late fee along with time. Broadband recharge online is much safer than snail-mail method. Your personal information is much more vulnerable to theft when on paper and physically moving. Apart from this when you pay your broadband bill online using your credit or debit cards you get many offers and cashback opportunities.

We recommend that you take full advantage of the digital methods of payment and make your broadband bill payment a cakewalk while availing the best advantages.

Choosing your router as per your Broadband Plan: Things to keep in mind 
Feburary 2020

A broadband router is a central node of your home network. It either connects directly to the network cable or through a modem. The modem then acts as a medium through which all inbound and outbound traffic is passed. Your WIFI router for broadband also acts as first line of security in protecting your home network from malicious online attacks.

Speed is crucial when it comes to choosing your router for home broadband. If the router transmits data too slow then you will experience lag, your broadband WIFI router specifications should match your broadband speed. The speed of your broadband depends on what type of data you use and how you use it.

For example if you need to transfer or download huge files or stream movies and videos you will need higher speed. Also broadband speed is heavily dependent on the number of people who are using the broadband at your home.

No let’s understand broadband WIFI router speeds and how it affects your home broadband. The speed of your router for home broadband depends on the router’s bandwidth. Both bandwidth and speed are interchangeable terms which technically mean the same thing. Broadband routers can have different speeds ranging from 150 mbps, 300mbps to 1900mbps. However, your actual internet speed is determined by your Internet Service Provider where the speed of the router has little role to play in the speed you receive. The actual role of high-speed routers is in managing the flow of data and creating the network where you can enjoy interruption-free streaming of videos, music and file transfer.

Routers are essential in establishing your network security as well. The router is the first line of defence when it comes to hackers and malicious activities on your network. Different routers use different protocols for security such as WEP, WPA and WPA 2. Out of the three WPA2 security protocol is the best and most modern routers offer it, routers come in handy if you wish to block some websites or content from getting accessed by anyone at home.

Antennas of the broadband router are very important and they help transmit data. Most routers have an internal antenna, however broadband WIFI routers with external antennas are able to transfer data easily from one part of the room to another. Hathway broadband is one of the few service providers that gives its customers a top notch router along with their subscription absolutely free.

An important thing to note is that there are multiple appliances at your home that might create disturbances if kept near the high speed broadband router as their frequencies are same. To avoid this you must choose dual-band routers that allow connections at frequencies exceeding 5GHz.

Relocating to a new house? Things to keep in mind before transferring your broadband connection
Feburary 2020

Home re-locations are an important part of our lives. But when we change our home our broadband connection should not suffer. Relocating Hathway broadband connection is very easy and hassle-free. We have listed down a few steps that you just need to follow to successfully shift your Hathway broadband connection to a new address.

Contact customer care on the number provided to you and make a shifting request. Share all your details and the new home address with our representative. We will first confirm if we are operative in and around your new address and if it is feasible to accept your broadband shifting request. Post that we will get back to you within 7-10 working days. Our customer care number as per your city is provided on our website.

Although the above are the main points for anyone but there are certain other factors also that you should consider before you plan to relocate broadband connection. You must always compare between various service providers and local connections and see which one is the best suited for your everyday use. Today, there are so many different brands and data providers each selling something different, unique offer or price. We suggest you consider all points that are required for you to make an informed choice.

The next thing in the list would be the speed of the broadband connection. Again, there are multiple options available when it comes to data speed. Download speed on broadband internet can range from as low as 2mbps and can go up to 1 GB. So deciding what speed whether you want a fibre optic connection or not is important.

A plan that offers speed up to 50 mbps is great for a household that requires streaming videos, entertainment, games and download of large files. Sometimes having many options can confuse us all, that’s why we recommend that you use any of the available online broadband speed checking portals. This way you will get to know what speed you are at currently and how much of a boost you really need. Also, it’s always better to do a comparison before settling for something.

Lastly, if you observe today majority of broadband packages are unlimited, which means one can download as much data without hitting a cap. So, if your home uses limited data just for basic browsing and no online gaming or watching videos, it’s beneficial to invest in a plan that’s cheaper and offer a caped data package.

What is fair usage policy and benefits?
Feburary 2020

If you are considering getting a broadband connection, do make sure that you check the fair usage policy or FUP. There are certain broadband services in India that do not have FUP.

You should make it a point that you check the Fair Usage Policy and other benefits of broadband.

So, what does Fair Usage Policy mean?

In simple words FUP means that even though you may have subscribed to an unlimited unlimited data plan, due to your usage being high if your data crosses a certain cap as decided by the broadband provider your connection speed will get reduced for the rest of the month. 

Broadband traffic management

If you are streaming a lot of HD videos, downloading and uploading large files you could be slowing down other people’s data speed and broadband connections. Therefore, if your home broadband is constantly affecting other users, your network provider may restrict your connection during peak times. 

This is called traffic management and network providers use this during peak hours so that all users have a consistent experience. 

To manage your data needs you should keep a check on how much data you have consumed and even before you go ahead and choose a plan for yourself you should consider referring to online broadband usage calculators. You can find numerous broadband usage calculators online that are simple to use and prove to be very beneficial in helping you understand your data needs. 

You can find Hathway broadband data usage details on our website under the broadband section. We have listed everything clearly along with the Fair Usage Policy. Hathway’s broadband plans are designed so that our customers avail the maximum advantage even in peak hours. 

Today, broadband internet has become our lifeline and people are choosing broadband internet as compared to dial up for many reasons. Broadband connection is up to 100 times faster than dial up connection. You can download large data, movies, files and pictures within seconds and minutes. 

Today youngsters are drawn towards online gaming. Modern high speed gaming is possible on broadband internet only.

Broadband internet does not affect the phone line. You are connected through cable while using broadband therefore your phone is not preoccupied while using broadband internet. One of the best advantages of broadband is that it gives you high-speed internet along with cheap phone services via VoIP technology. 

Today, due to many advantages of using broadband internet connection everyone is opting for it. Broadband internet can be kept connected continuously without attracting any additional charges. Therefore, this avoids frequent dialing or logging on to the service provider’s service while accessing the internet. 

Will additional devices slow down the internet connection?
Feburary 2020

Having additional devices connected to broadband internet does not slow down internet speed. However, when more devices are transferring data over the internet WIFI speed does slow down. This happens because the router can only transfer and manage a fixed amount of data per second and that data is shared with all users and devices. 

If you plan to connect more devices to your broadband connection here are a few tips you can follow to speed up your data and connection.

As your devices increase you wonder how to improve your internet speed?

  • As your devices go up in number the first and foremost thing you should do is to check your internet speed. There are a number of online portals that check your internet speed and show you the details of download speed, upload speed and ping rate. Once you are clear about the above, you can then think about how to improve your internet speed.

  • The biggest reason for slow internet speed is an outdated modem. Consider upgrading to the latest broadband modem which offers you maximum speed and network security as well. An easy way to boost your internet speed is to place the modem at a centralised location in your home. Most people place their routers at one corner of the house and that leads to limited signal reach. In addition to the above you may also consider getting a WIFI signal extender that can help you increase the speed of your broadband internet. 

  • Next thing you can do is scan for any potential viruses that may be slowing your broadband speed down. Sometimes malware and viruses can limit the power of your resources and slow your broadband speed down. Checking for viruses will definitely help improve your broadband internet connection’s speed. 

Check for external interference

Today, most of us have iPhones, iPads, sound systems and at least one other form of electronic device around our broadband modems. By removing any electromagnetic interference caused due to the above devices you can truly speed up your internet connection. 

Apart from the above if you still wonder how to boost your internet speed, simply plug in wireless wifi. However, it’s just a little bit slower than plugging into your modem, if you’re using your desktop then we definitely recommend plugging directly into the modem. 

Things to consider before choosing a broadband connection
March 2020

In today’s time, having a good broad band connection has become one of the most important utility for homes. A good broadband connection is a service that is being used by everyone be it young or old, for work, staying connected or binging.

Therefore, the broadband connection needs to be the best with great broadband offers, high speed broadband connection and broadband packages.

Homes look for a broadband connection that can take care of web surfing, games, emails, downloading of data and online streaming for entertainment purposes. There are a number of high-speed broadband connection brands that have a multitude offers. Here, we have listed the top things to consider before choosing a broadband connection:

We recommend that you take full advantage of the digital methods of payment and make your broadband bill payment a cakewalk while availing the best advantages.

  • Location and availability:

    One of the easiest ways for broadband troubleshooting is to check if all the wires connected to your router and Ethernet Ports are undamaged and are in place. Check the wires outside your home as well, since the weather or even overeager birds or other animals might damage the cables, affecting your internet connection.

  • Power cycling and decoding the blinking lights:

    The first factor to consider before choosing your broadband connection is the location and the availability of the service. Where you live matters the most and if the Internet service provider offers service there or not is a big question you should ask before choosing the brand. Do your research and get a list of local service providers.

  • Download and upload speed :

    is a very important aspect. The rate at which you download and upload data plays a huge role in the user experience. Many people pay for very high speeds that they don’t really need. For streaming a movie on some of the most popular OTT platforms, you need speed between .7 to 5.3 mbps (approximately). When it comes to upload speed, HD video calling requires 1.2 mbps (approximately). Although broadband connection speeds differ according to what and how you are using we recommend that you list out your use thoroughly before choosing your high-speed broadband connection.

  • The cost :

    The cost of your broadband package plays a vital role. There should be a good balance between speed and price. Many homes are using their broadband connection for working from home to things like shooting mails or simply surfing the web. Some homes have very high use of internet data with heavy upload and download of internet data. Therefore you need to clearly list out your exact use and then compare the high speed broadband plans and offers.

  • Reliability:

    Reliability is also a very important aspect when it comes to choosing your high-speed broadband connection. Having unreliable broadband connection is stressful. You must make sure that your Internet service provider offers a connection that does not face a lot of interruptions and that the customer service is good. If at all the broadband connection faces any problems then it should be addressed quickly

Hathway Broadband offers customized broadband offers and packages that add value to your life and Internet usage. Check out our website for more information about broadband connection plans.

Why is download speed always faster than upload speed?
March 2020

If you are wondering about your download speed being way faster than your upload speed, here’s where we will tell you all about it. The difference between Internet download speed and Internet upload speed is simple to understand. When you download, you receive data from the Internet to your system and when you upload, you transfer data from your system to the Internet. Speed is just the rate at which the data is transferred. Cable companies set the default settings as download speed being faster than upload speed. People generally download more data than they upload and with the above setting users are able to enjoy good download speed.

Some businesses may require good upload speed, there are not many people who require really fast upload speed. In most cases when data is uploaded it goes from one system to a specific site. The cables, connections and modems that maintain this difference are all designed to be asymmetric.

Your Internet upload speed and download speed will in most cases never match what your ISP advertises about the speed of your connection. It is but normal to get only eighty to ninety percent of the maximum that has been advertised. Most service providers play safe by using the word ‘up to’ to elucidate that you are not going to get the promised speed at all times.

The reason why you don’t get consistent speed and why service providers advertise in the above way is because when you’re broadband Internet Connection is shared by other people in your society or building generally there’s a slowdown. In such cases the servers are busy uploading and downloading data for multiple users at the same time and are not able to provide the best speed.

If you want to check the exact difference between your Internet upload speed and download speed you can try out a simple speed test. There are multiple online platforms to test your Internet broadband speed. This way you will be able to monitor the difference easily. Especially when it comes to homes, people generally consume data rather than sharing it which means homes stream movies, watch online series, download big files or even play heavy online games that require downloading of data.

That’s why you will see most broadband connections are configured to offer an asymmetric data speed. If you are looking for symmetric data transfer where you get consistent download speed and good upload speed you can explore fiber internet options that offer the above advantage.

How is fiber optic broadband different from traditional broadband connections?
March 2020

Today, data is the key and speed is a very important aspect when it comes to transferring data. Everything that we consume today online is data delivered from one computer to another through the medium of wired connections.

Traditional or standard broadband (ADSL) connection uses copper phone lines to transfer data, while fiber uses a newer network of high-speed fiber optic cables. Fiber is much better when it comes to delivering big data across greater distances.

Fiber optic broadband deals were once very expensive as compared to slower traditional options however, with the growing demand, coverage and decrease in prices are making fiber the new standard. Here, we have listed some prominent differences between fiber optic connection and traditional broadband connection.

These days both cable and fiber optic broadband connections are available in speeds fast enough for anyone to do most of their work however, they can vary depending on your location, the kind of building you live in, the technology used in your local cabinet, wires used at your home and many others.

Fiber optic connection offers speed up to 10Gbps with symmetrical upload and download bandwidth. Cable internet offers speed that meets the demands of most small and medium-sized businesses however it’s much slower than a fiber optic connection.

When it comes to reliability, fiber optic broadband connection is considered to be more dependable than traditional broadband connections. Fiber optic connection offers a number of advantages when it comes to consistency and performance. Fiber gives the users a dedicated line while cable shares the connection with other users. A dedicated line saves the user from delays in data processing and latency. Cable internet speeds tend to slow down during high-volume data transfer.

There is a noticeable difference in the pricing between copper and fiber cables. In general fiber internet connection is going to cost more than traditional copper cable connection. Although the price gap is decreasing but it’s always good to check and consider all options before investing your money. The cost also depends on the brand and Internet provider you choose.

These are some of the most significant advantages when you compare fiber optic broadband connection over a cable or DSL connection:

A business that uses fiber will be more productive and give a higher output. Fiber offers increased reliability and less downtime along with more dependable access to cloud based services. Last but not the least with fiber optic connection you enjoy uninterrupted streaming and conferencing.

Hathway broadband offers end-to-end fiber optic connection for users. We recommend that you do read up more on fiber Internet before making a decision.

Why is my download speed so slow when I have a fast Broadband Connection?
March 2020

When you use your high-speed broadband Internet and you experience that it is slow and does not offer what you have been promised, here are a few things to keep in mind to identify if you are actually getting what you are paying for.

  • Check your current broadband internet speed:

    The first thing you need to do is to test your current Internet speed. This way you will be able to tell if you are getting anything lower than you should be. You can check your broadband download speed by simply doing a speed test online, there are multiple platforms that are free and easy to use.

  • Upgrade to the latest router:

    The biggest issue that may be keeping you from getting fast Internet download speed may be your old and outdated router. Your broadband speed suffers greatly if you don’t update your router model. There are numerous advantages of purchasing the latest model of your WIFI-router. You don’t just invest in better internet speed but also a more secure network.

  • Throttling:

    Your Internet service provider may slow down your broadband download speed or throttle certain types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer traffic. Sometimes even when you have opted for unlimited usage the ISP may decide to slow down your broadband speed after you download a certain size of data.

  • Update your Internet browser :

    Updating to a faster internet browser offers many advantages for better broadband download speed. You will be able to see a magnitude of a difference by just updating your browser to a faster and a more powerful one. Try out different browsers and see which one gives you the best results as compared to your old browser.

  • Scan for viruses:

    This one is very important, you need to check that your computer or device is not infected. Viruses can also lead to slowing down your broadband download speed. Viruses can live on your device without you realizing and can suck away your resources. Update to the latest anti-virus programs to avoid losing data and speed and scan your system often.

  • Interference from home appliances:

    WIFI interference can be caused by a variety of home appliances like baby monitors and microwave ovens. Depending on the positioning of your wireless router, your networked device and the appliance, you may even have the wireless network cut out when the microwave or the baby monitor is in use.

    A simple fix to this situation is to just place the household appliance in such a way that it is not between the router and the device.

  • Time of the day:

    You may experience slow broadband download speed in the peak hours of the day when many users are online. Mostly evenings are when people are online and you experience slower speeds at this time.

How you can manage your broadband FUP limits
March 2020

If you are subscribing to any broadband service in India make sure that you check their FUP or Fair Usage Policy, if applicable.

So let’s break down the term Fair Usage Policy for you. In simple words even though you have subscribed to an unlimited broadband plan and if your usage is high and crosses a certain limit as decided by the Internet service provider, the connection will be reduced to a lower limit, much lower as compared to what you are paying for.

Fair Usage Policy has emerged so that service providers are able to manage many simultaneous users transferring data. During the peak hours of the day your Internet service provider will manage the flow of data by prioritizing the network by using bandwidth caps. This results in your Internet connection becoming slow. Here, we list out some ways with which you may avoid experiencing slow Internet due to Fair Usage Policy.

Choosing the right broadband plan is the most important thing you can do to avoid FUP limits. We recommend you to identify your broadband Internet use in a month and selecting a package that serves you well. Many providers will offer you to go for an add-on, even though and add-on will increase your download limit but this won’t take you out of the traffic management world where broadband Fair Usage Policy speed is decided by the ISP.

If you have to use your broadband connection to download large files or stream a couple of movies one after the other without any disruption, you must choose a time of the day other than the peak hours. Rush hours are when people tend to experience the FUP limit of their unlimited broadband plan. Consider using the middle of the day or late night for all your heavy downloads as this might prove beneficial and you might experience a faster broadband speed as there will be less network traffic at these hours.

One of the other way to bypass FUP limits is to use a bandwidth monitor. A bandwidth monitor helps you stay within a certain limit that’s conducive to best user experience. You can monitor your data usage and accordingly map your activities before you reach the FUP speed.

How a VPN can protect your broadband connection from viruses
April 2020

As you browse through the online space you are always being watched. This may not be malicious all the time however, it is definitely intrusive. Networks track browsing habits to acquire data for better targeting. Simply put, it’s like someone monitoring the public WIFI hot-spot. To avoid being watched all the time, you should consider getting a VPN home network or a VPN for broadband.

  • What is a VPN?

    A VPN home Network allows you to use your computer as if you were on a secondary network. VPN for broadband connection curbs any eavesdropping or unwanted monitoring activity while you are online.

    VPN broadband connection is used by a number of businesses so that their employees can access local files and data even when they are far away. Their laptops are connected to the corporate network via VPN technology therefore they all appear to be on a local and secure network.

  • How does a VPN work?

    A good VPN home network allows you to browse and surf online anonymously by connecting your device to a secure private server and hiding your true IP address. A VPN home network uses a process called tunneling which encapsulates and encrypts your data. VPN broadband connection hides and makes your data unreadable so that no one can access or discover it.

  • Choosing your home VPN router.

    There are many routers available in the market however; there are very few VPN home routers that support VPN client or Client Mode. Since there are only a few routers for home that offer VPN support you need to compare and choose very carefully to avail maximum advantage and security of the highest standards.

  • Ways you can use VPN to protect yourself from potential threats.

    After you select your trustworthy VPN broadband connection provider for your home, you need to make sure of the following:

    Your VPN technology for home streaming allows you to enable a kill switch which is a feature that helps you protect your home broadband connection through VPN technology. When you enable the kill switch, your VPN for broadband connection automatically cuts off the broadband connection if the VPN broadband connection is lost.

    To get the latest bug fixes and robust protection against viruses and threats your VPN broadband connection should be up to date with the latest security protocols.

    To make the most of your VPN broadband connection, go to encrypted sites only. Being a little cautious along with having a robust VPN technology for home streaming helps you protect your data successfully.

    We want you to have a safe and secure broadband experience, therefore apart from the above information, you can always count on our dedicated technical support professionals to help you with other information. Do check out our broadband deals online.

Fiber broadband: WIFI range takes a leap.
April 2020

Tiny strands of plastic or glass not thicker than human hair, bound together, transmitting coded signals in pulses of light. Fiber-optics are as fascinating as they sound and they can probably give you the fastest broadband speed in the world.

Fiber optics use binary signals. Binary number system consists of zero and one where zero being off and one being on, creates a world of complex symbols and instructions to make fiber broadband speed the fastest.

  • What makes fiber optic broadband download speed so fast?

    Broadband speed depends on how much data the setup can handle. Fiber broadband connection uses modulated light which has much higher bandwidth capacity. When we talk about fiber broadband speed every second matters because fiber broadband connections work at speeds up to one gigabyte per second.

  • Long distances? No problem.

    There are issues with copper cables when it comes to signal strength.

    Copper cable links are limited to 328 feet or less however, fiber-optic cables can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose any signal strength.Fiber-optic increases WIFI speed and also makes the whole system very robust.

  • Ready for a different modem?

    Fiber optic broadband connections use two distinct technologies.

    FTTC: Fiber to the cabinet is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fiber optic cable and copper cable. The fiber optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point, hence the name fiber to the cabinet. From this distribution point a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the fiber broadband connection.

    FTTH: Fiber to home technology is by far the best for fiber optic broadband speed and fiber broadband connection. The fiber cable directly reaches the customer’s house rather than a central location and dramatically increases the fiber optic broadband download speed.

    The above two technologies have a slightly different WIFI router for the fiber optic connection:FTTC connection happens exactly as on ADSL modems which means connecting a copper pair to the telephone socket of the house. In FTTH technology the wire is replaced with a fiber optic cable that enters directly into the router or from a wall distribution box, which converts the signal to Ethernet (the modem/router will, therefore, be connected via Ethernet). This increases fiber broadband speed. There are various brands making the best WIFI routers for fiber optic broadband connection.

  • Improve WIFI connection speed and durability.

    Fiber broadband lines are very small in size but are much harder than copper. Fiber broadband connection line can withstand up to 100 to 200 pounds of pressure as compared to copper that can only take 25 pounds. For those who are looking at data efficiency and reliability while downloading and uploading at super high-speeds, fiber is the way forward. With fiber broadband connection you can improve WIFI connection speed.

Broadband and fiber optic internet - difference and benefits.
April 2020

With the rise in demand of broadband connectivity and services, customers are looking for new technology to improve their quality and get speed that’s unprecedented. Amidst this, the constant war between copper and fiber broadband continues to be in the spotlight. However, the benefits of fiber network are more powerful. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between copper and fiber lines and why does fiber stand out?

  • What’s the basic difference?

    Fiber optic cable is considered more advanced. Fiber broadband uses tiny threads of glass to transmit information as light. Cable broadband uses copper lines to transmit data in the form of electricity. Copper cables have been in the market for decades. Fiber is considered to be the fastest broadband connection.

  • Which one’s easily available?

    Fiber broadband was earlier not very easily available but now with the advent of corporate revolution and more companies demanding powerful and high-speed fiber broadband technology, fast fiber broadband connection is now available in most markets. However, to bring fiber to your selected location you might need to pay extra. Copper cable networks are more readily available and most businesses and home locations have pre-installed cables in the building and societies.

  • Which one’s faster?

    One of the most prominent benefits of fiber network is that it offers amazing speed. Up to 300 Mbps symmetrical download and upload bandwidth is definitely a feature that differentiates fiber broadband.

    Cable broadband is slower however; it serves well for the small and medium-sized businesses. Standard cable download and upload speeds may vary from 1 Mbps up to 50 Mbps.

  • Which one’s more reliable?

    When it comes to reliability, fiber connection is considered to be more dependable. There are many advantages of fiber broadband technology and it promises consistency and performance.

    Fiber broadband connection has a dedicated line whereas copper lines are often shared. A dedicated line safeguards you against latency and helps you get a consistent home broadband speed.

  • So, before making a decision on settling for a particular technology, do consider your usage and requirement. Fiber broadband technology is definitely faster and better however, it is flat out high-priced and you will need to check the service availability in your location. As compared to fiber, copper broadband connections are affordable and available. Consider all the above before you decide to invest. You can always call up our customer care number to enquire about more details about home broadband speed, technology and availability.

Getting good broadband speed for streaming- things to consider
April 2020

Broadband connection and speed is a very important element when it comes to streaming movies, TV shows and playing online games. Today, almostall broadband providers are providing high broadband speed for streaming. However, there are a few things you must consider before you invest in your next broadband streaming plan.

Today, content qualities on various OTT platforms are quite high. To enjoy the full depth and scale of content available online you must know the basics of what broadband speed for streamingis required. To watch impeccable standard definition content you can opt for a broadband connection for home that’s above 2 Mbps. The speed requirement will further increase if you want to enjoy 3D content, high definition and 4K streaming.

If you are going to watch lots of online media, then you might need a plan with higher data caps. We suggest you choose one of the high-speed broadband service providers who offerat least 200GB data per month. You can also start with an affordable plan and scale upyour broadband speed for streamingas per your usage.

  • Broadband speed tests

    are a useful tool to assess your broadband speed for streaming and identify any broadband speed issues. There are multiple free online platforms and websites available for free on which you can check the speed of your home broadband connection.Youshould conduct speed tests and take a note of your broadband connection’s quality.

    Your broadband connection’s speedis measured by how much data it can transfer in a second. Mega bits of data per second or Mbps is the more familiar acronym that almost every user knows.Data travels in two directions; you can download and upload information to and from your computer. Every computer has a different broadband download speed and broadband upload speed. Usually download speed is much faster than the upload speed. But this also depends on your connection and the high-speed broadband service provider you choose.

    If at all you are facing a slow broadband connection, then there are a lot of ways in which you can fix this situation. First thing to do is to check your broadband connection cables any lose end can lead to a drop in your broadband speed for streaming. Next thing is to check if there is any interference from any household product like the microwave etc. certain household devices absorb WIFI signals and create interruptions.

    Lastly, you can check if you have the latest WIFI router or modem. By simply upgrading your modem to the latest model you will be able to get a good boost in your slow broadband connection and scale up to a comfortable broadband speed for streaming.

5 ways to avoid frequent disconnection of your broadband connection
April 2020

If your broadband connection drops frequently and you are experiencing issues with your home broadband connection it could be due to multiple reasons. Here we have listed a few solutions on how to fix alost broadband connection. First and foremost, if you have multiple devices connected to the same broadband connection you can check the connection of different devices. In many cases it could be a device or a hardware issue rather than a connection problem. Test your broadband connection on your devices separately. If all devices on the network have the same problem then this indicates an issue with the cable, router, DSL modem or the ISP.

  • Cable or DSL modem

    If the cable modem is having trouble maintaining a steady connection and you are facing frequent disconnection of broadband connection, power cycling might resolve the issue as it might be overheating.

  • Restart the modem

    The first thing to do to fix a lost broadband connection is to turn off the cable modem. The modem can be disconnected by removing the power cord from the back. Keep your modem unplugged for at least 60 seconds before putting the power cable back and turning it on. A cable modem requires a little time to run self-checks and reconnect. You will see the broadband connection light indicator in front of the modem, when you see it’s illuminated, plug in your router. Check if you were able to fix broadband connection problems doing the above.

  • Network issue from the side of your ISP

    Your ISP is a good resource to check if your computer is experiencing frequent disconnection of broadband. The technical and support team can run system checks and line checks to determine if there are any issues between your computer and the broadband connection that might be causing frequent disconnection of broadband. You should also ask for suggestions on how tofix broadband connection problems.

  • Virus or malware infection

    A virus or malware infection could cause frequent disconnection of broadband. If the infection is severe enough then you will experience broadband connection drops frequently. You need to remove the virus or spyware from the computer to fix broadband connection problems. Check if your virus protection is up to date so that you experience a stable and secure broadband connection.

  • Upgrade your modem

    After multiple attempts at trying to fix your lost broadband connection, if you still face the same problem then you might want to look at getting a new modem or upgrading it to the latest version. Modems have in-built security cards which not only provide you with home broadband security however; it also upgrades your broadband speed to a considerable degree. Updated modems can easily fix broadband connection problems.

Hathway broadband offers end to end customer service & support. So, if you opt for any of our plans you can rest assured that we will be there for any technical support. Check out our website for customized plans for your city

More binging, less buffering please!
May 2020

With binge-watching your favorite shows becoming the new Saturday night, it’s imperative for your broadband connection to keep up.

The world of Mbps or Megabits per second can be a tad confusing for those of us who just want something fast that lets us watch without interruption and download without a long wait.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect broadband service to fulfill your sitcom watching dreams.

  • How fast is fast enough ?

    While OTT services like Netflix, Amazon, and others recommend that your internet speed for streaming needs to be at 5 Mbps to watch high-definition shows and movies that does not take into account the number of users using the connection or the quality you want to watch your videos in. For multiple users, a high resolution, and a seamless, non-buffering viewing experience, go for a high speed broadband connection that is higher than 15 Mb/s. For HD, 3D, or 4K, that speed is sufficient on most OTT platforms like Hotstar, Prime Video etc.(Netflix recommends a 25 Mbps speed for streaming 4K, while Amazon Prime Video says you’ll need at least 15 Mbps for the highest-quality video.)

  • Do a Speed Check

    Not sure if your connection is up to speed? There are several websites and applications like, to name a few that offer free speed checks and give you a good idea about your current broadband internet speed for HD streaming. Do keep in mind certain factors that could hamper speed , no matter your choice of connection. The location from where you are streaming for one, certain geographical areas fall under the low end of the connectivity spectrum and may not be able to provide the optimum connection speed you are looking for. Blog Another factor is the distance of your WiFi Router from the device , the farther you go, the signal strength varies. Also, if your household has a separate 4K video streaming in every room, things may slow down no matter how fast a connection you have to your Internet Service Provider.

  • Wireless or Wired ?

    The next point of debate when it comes to a broadband connection is to go for wired or wireless. Broadband speed for HD streaming is always better with a wired broadband connection as compared to wireless broadband (Mobile internet or WIFIdongles). If possible, configure your system to stream HD videos over a cabled broadband connection for maximum transfer rate and uninterrupted entertainment.

Now that you’re armed and ready to get the best broadband connection out there, check out these Hathway Broadband plans: find what’s best for you. it’s time to get that popcorn popping and let the binge-watching begin!

Take the winning shot without any lag
May 2020

The simple days and games of Donkey Kong and Super Mario have been PUBG’d into a sophisticated gaming universe that connects gamers from around the globe. Thanks to high-speed broadband, professionals and kids from all over the world can connect and compete with each other online.

A fast broadband connection and a high broadband speed are the game-changers that are required today to make the most of your gaming experience. It’s very important to understand the broadband bandwidth and Mbps required for gaming before choosing your broadband plan.

  • Latency/Ping Rate:

    Network latency is how long it takes for data to travel between its source and destination. The lower the latency, the better,it’s also called the ping rate.) A low latency number means the network is running well and your connection to another computer is fast. Higher latency means there is a lag somewhere in that link. Ping rate is measured in milliseconds (ms) and a high-speed broadband connection should ideally give you a ping rate of below 50 ms . There are many websites online where you may check your current ping rate. As you may have guessed, low latency or lag is imperative for a seamless gaming experience.

  • Speed:

    The faster the broadband speed for online gaming, the lower the risk of lags. Faster broadband upload speed and download speed widens your broadband bandwidth needed for gaming. The Broadband speed required for gaming varies from different consoles to different games and some consoles like Xbox One clearly indicate the speed and ping rate required. But, on average, the majority of online gaming sessions require a broadband connection with an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps and download speed of nothing less than 3 Mbps for single players. If multiple players are using the same broadband connection, multiply the speed by the number of users, who are playing at the same time.

    If other people in your household are going to be doing other internet-based activities (such as streaming movies, video chatting and downloading/uploading) at the same time, it can strain the bandwidth. Activities like streaming videos and downloading files are particularly big as they require a lot of data - a lot more than gaming, in fact. This can significantly slow your internet and game down if you don’t have enough bandwidth to support it all.

  • Wired vs Wireless:

    For online gaming, fixed-line broadband generally works better than a wireless connection. Wireless connections are susceptible to disruptions in gameplay.

  • Data Limits:

    Downloading, streaming and games takes up an enormous amount of data, so it is best to opt for an unlimited data plan.

The future of gaming is changing at a lightening pace, so it is important that your broadband doesn’t lag behind. Check out the Hathway plan that is best for youat and let the games begin!

Is your home broadband connection ready for the new normal?
May 2020

As millions set up their home offices and working from home becomes the new corporate culture, internet connections are being put to the ultimate test. While Zoom calls in your PJ’s sound blissful, the frequent interruptions of “Can you Hear me now?” and “I got disconnected again!” are all too familiar.

To make sure things run smoothly while working from home, here are a few things you can do to make the most out of your home broadband plan

  • Check Your Broadband Speed

    An easy way to check your home broadband speedis by running a speed test online. This will help you decide if you need to take steps to save the bandwidth of your home broadband connection or change your plan altogether. 
    The speed you need depends on the kind of work you do, if you mostly need the internet to check and send mailsthen a speed of 10 Mbps is sufficient, but if your job includes video calling or downloading and uploading large files, then you might need to be a little more strategic in using your data in case you aren’t planning to change your plan.

  • Streamline your computer

    Program updates, security scans, media player pop-ups, media-rich web pages and chat notifications could all be affecting your home broadband speed by using up the bandwidth unnecessarily. It’s essential to make sure you quit these applications/windows on your computer that could be slowing it down or utilizing your home broadband connection’s bandwidth. This will free up your home broadband connection and make things faster. 

  • Proper Router Set-Up and Placement

    To make the most out of your home broadband connection you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the best Wi-Fi signal. Firstly, make sure your home broadband router is plugged into your master socket and not an extension (this should be the largest socket in your house).

    Secondly, make sure your router is positioned correctly, upright and facing towards you, and that it’s in the best possible location. The best place for your home broadband router is in the middle of your home and unobstructed by walls or furniture as much as possible. Avoid placing it on the ground.

    Electrical devices can also disrupt your Wi-Fi connection for home, so keep it away from cordless phones and microwaves.

    Finally, check that it is set up properly, with all the wires connected securely and a micro-filter connected if you need one.

Take the above measures and you’ll be zooming through those video calls, emails and files without any hassle. In case of any further questions, you can always contact Hathway’s customer care .

Get your broadband up to the speed you need.
May 2020

Over the last fifteen years, broadband has become one of the main technology components of our daily lives.The broadband connection speed at our homes needs to be at least at a certain level in order to keep us in sync with the world, entertainment, and other important things so it is imperative you get the quality and speed you require without the disruptions. The actual connection, the placement, the devices that you connect to all play an important role in optimizing your broadband connection speed.

  • Check Your Broadband Speed

    An easy way to check your home broadband speed is by running a speed test online. This will help you decide if you need to take steps to save the bandwidth of your home broadband connection or change your plan altogether. 
    The speed you need depends on the kind of work you do, if you mostly need the internet to check and send mails then a speed of 10 Mbps is sufficient, but if your job includes video calling or downloading and uploading large files, then you might need to be a little more strategic in using your data in case you aren’t planning to change your plan.

  • How to conduct an internet speed test ?

    Anyone who wants to test their internet bandwidth speed can find access to multiple free online platforms that will do it quickly and simply like, to name a few.
    Broadband connection speed is typically measured in megabits per second or Mbps. When checking internet bandwidth speed at your home, there are two measurements to look at download Mbps speed and upload Mbps speed.
    Download speed checks how fast you can get something from a separate server onto your device, and upload speed measures how fast you can send something to a server.

    If you find you aren’t getting the speed you signed up for, make sure you have the following best practices in place for getting the maximum speed.

  • Keep your Router and connected devices up-to-date:

    Like your laptops or TV’s, it's a good idea to replace your router every five years or so to make sure it can cope with advancements in broadband technology. 

    Update Your Browser:

    Check whether you're using the latest version of your web browser - newer versions not only provide better security but should also work faster.

    Password Protect Your Broadband:

    If you don't keep your wireless router secure with a unique password, anyone nearby could latch on to your broadband. Not only could this slow down your internet speeds but your online security could also be at risk.

For further information on anything technical you can always connect with ourcustomer service and they will be happy to put you through our dedicated team of technicians.  Click the link below:

Why GPON broadband technology is the next big thing.
May 2020

Passive optical networks (PON) technology was available in the middle of 90s. Since then, it has constantly been evolving and various standards have been established and matured.

Gigabit passive optical network, or GPON, is the next evolution in structured cabling technology. GPON use a fiber-optic broadband connection to create a point-to-multipoint network, granting individual users’ all-fiber access to any Ethernet end-point.Gigabit PON (GPON) brings great improvement in data transmission distance and bandwidth. Let’s take a look at all its


  • Greater range: GPON systems, can transmit data over 10 to 20 kilometers. On the other hand, conventional copper is typically limited to a range of 100 meters. This makes it possible for the GPON broadband technology to deliver high speed in spite of the distance from the service provider.
  • Faster speeds: The Fiber optic network provides high-performance bandwidth of 5 gigabits per second (Gbps) downstream and 25 Gbps up to the hub. Such speeds are inconceivable for copper wires, especially over a great distance.
  • Space-saving benefits: GPON fiber is a fraction of the size of traditional copper cables, meaning less space is required to run the cabling through your building.
  •  Environmentally friendly: As a more efficient and powerful fiber to home network technology, it requires considerably fewer active components to remain up and running, and it doesn’t have strict operating temperature requirements. This means it uses less electricity and air conditioning at the backend and hence save on energy.
  •   Security: The level of security that GPON broadband technology  offers is a great attraction. Because GPON uses fiber, it creates a closed circuit meaning it cannot be hijacked or tapped. Not only that but it is encrypted to keep the user data secure.
  •  Sophisticated Technology: Some of the features of GPON are more advanced than other technologies, such as the ability to employ burst-mode (high-speed) transmission with statistical usage capabilities, allowing dynamic control and sharing of bandwidth, using committed and excess information rate parameters. This means that providers are able to offer users a minimum guaranteed bandwidth at peak times and superior service during less busy times.
  • STABILITY: Optical fiber is unaffected by electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency interference, which can disrupt traditional Ethernet networks, particularly at high speeds.
  • FUTURE PROOF: GPON speed is future proof to 1.6 Tb/s per fiber.

Take the above measures and you’ll be zooming through those video calls, emails and files without any hassle. In case of any further questions, you can always contact Hathway’s customer care .

How optical fiber technology helps bring you fast internetg.
june 2020

With the concept of work-from-home and the subsequent increased demand for reliable and high-speed internet, many of us are searching for a solution. What you’re looking for might be an alternative technology called optical fiber which has proven to be consistently faster than older methods like DSL or cable internet.

How doesoptical fiber technology work?

Optical Fiber consist of long strands of pure glass, around the diameter of human hair which transmit information..

The thin glass strands use bending light flashes, technically known as total internal reflection, to set up a relay system that results in an incredibly efficient communication system ensuring that there is negligible interference, minimal breakage, and the transmission is faster, reliable, and less error prone thereby delivering high-speed internet.

How can optical fiber technology provide faster internet?

Traditionally, DSL, and other broadband services were intended for voice communication only and are therefore hampered by the vast amounts of data we transmit today. Fiber Optics allows for faster downloads and faster access to various larger file sizes. In fact, a fiber internet connection functions 100 times faster than a regular broadband internet connection, downloading at 1 gigabit per second! Blog
Such benefits are essential to our lives today to not only allow for a smooth working experience from home but also to satisfy all other leisurely pass times.

What are some other benefits of a fiber to home broadband connection?

Apart from providing faster internet, fiber optics also allow for a more reliable broadband internet connection.

  • Other (technology) signals using electricity to form a connection are always negatively affected by long distances. The longer the distance a signal has to travel, the weaker it’ll be when it reaches. However, fiber optic cables run to a distance of 25 miles with easeand thus, provide a higher speed internet.
  • Fiber broadband, being made of durable glass, are much harder than traditional copper which softens with increased heat. This makes your fiber broadband connection less prone to damage and increases its longevity.
  • Lastly, the glass or plastic used in fiber optics secure the signal and prevent any unwanted interfaces in your connection.

All of the above undoubtedly makes a fiber broadband connection the best option for all of your communication requirements as it allows for increased productivity with the most efficient high-speed broadband connection.

Here’s how the Internet is revolutionizing education.
june 2020

One of the biggest impacts of the internet is in the field of education and learning. The lockdown in fact is a testament to the possibilities of online education made possible through a great broadband connection. Virtual schooling and learning are now the new normal. Kids these days learn online at a super-fast pace and in an engaging way. In today’s world, families have the option of homeschooling, supplementing their child’s education, providing unlimited research material and data, encouraging self-education, fueling one’s curiosity and more all in the comfort of their home thanks to the power of the Internet. Let’s dive in a bit more to see how.

Learning through Video

Visual devices are generally more effective when it comes to learning.The access to video streaming services that broadband provides means a teacher can host a virtual classroom where each student is visible. Concepts can be easily demonstrated through online videos that can be created by the teacher or curated from the internet.
Recorded lessons for students can be sharedonline requiring a lot less intervention from parents who don’t have any formal teaching training.

Online Testing

While online testing centers are not uncommon, this format is now the new normal for schools conducting lessons virtually.

Customised Learning


Not everyone can learn at the same pace, In a traditional classroom, it is not possible to customize lessons as per the needs and abilities of the students. Online education offers the freedom to customise lesson plans and focus on filling learning gaps.

Supplemental and specialized learning:

Online courses allow students facing certain challenges to participate in schooling without falling behind in a traditional classroom setting. Students who have disabilities or social anxiety might not find success in the traditional classroom, but they might excel in a virtual one. Similarly, students falling behind in their grades can supplement their learning with virtual classes or learning apps. All they require is a broadband connection and they can learn from the comfort of their home or anywhere where they are connected.

Online Education is truly opening up new possibilities for kids. It’s time to embrace the world of knowledge and information that a simple internet connection can unlock, check out these Hathway Broadband plans: and find what’s best for you.

It’s time for you to let your kids fly with your broadband connection.

What is latency and how it affects your internet connection.
june 2020

It’s now more than ever that we are dependent on our internet, whether it is video calls or video games, if your network has high latency, it will result in slow internet. No, we aren’t talking about bandwidth here which is different from latency. Do your video calls sometimes get disconnected abruptly? Does a video start buffering while steaming content? That is due to a high latency rate. Latency affects your internet speed. Bandwidth is the amount of data that transmits over a connection in a leased amount of time.
So let us get to know exactly what latency means and what we can do to address it.

What is Latency?

Network latency is the time it takes for data to travel between the source and destination. The lower the latency, the better it is. The Unit to measure both Ping and Latency is milliseconds. While ping refers to the signal sent from the device to the server, latency is the time it takes for the ping to return to the device. A high-speed broadband connection should ideally give you a ping rate of below 50 ms.

The first thing you need to do to check whether you are getting a low ping rate; is to do an online internet speed test. There are many free websites where you can do that, for example

In case you find your network has a high latency rate, don’t fret, there are a few things that might be causing that and if you tackle them, you can reduce your ping rate.

  • Using Wireless Internet connections cause a higher latency than wired connections. When possible, use a wired connection.
  • Old equipment: Routers can wear out from heat-stress so make sure you change your router every three to four years.
  • Too many devices using the same network at the same time for doing things like downloading and streaming can cause a high latency rate.
  • Bad or poor network drivers. Drivers may need to be updated or replaced.

While you can take certain measures to reduce latency, the biggest factor in determining your latency is the choice of your ISP and the technology they use to offer broadband services. Hathway offers versatile packages that can suit your work and entertainment needs so you can get the kind of low latency you want. Visit to learn more about our plans.

How Fiber broadband is the earth new BFF.
june 2020

While in the past, internet and the systems supporting it have been notorious for contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, Fiber optic broadband has changed things for the greener.
Here are a few ways in which Fiber Optic broadband is better for the environment.

Made of eco-friendly material

The copper wires used in DSL or cable internet come from copper mining. Copper mining produces toxins like Sulphur Dioxide which is detrimental to the environment as it leads to acid rain. Acid rain have a devastating effect on everything from vegetation to animals as well as posing serious health complications for humans. On the other hand, fiber optic cables are made of glass. Silicon Dioxide, which creates glass, does not lead to the production of harmful chemicals and by-products, and has no harmful effects.

More Energy Efficient

Fiber Optic cables use up to 12 times less energy in data transmission using light than any other alternatives such as copper cables. This is because very little electricity is required for fiber optic cables to function as opposed to coaxial cables requiring up to 3.5 watts to carry data even up to 100 meters. More electricity means more heat produced. In order to avoid overheating and lower the temperatures, air conditioners are used. Using Fiber cables decreases the need for air conditioners, thereby reducing energy consumption once again. Blog

Sustainable Option

Using FiberOptic cables reduces the dependence on heavy metals like lead and mercury making it an environment-friendly option. In case an up-gradation is required, no changing of cables is required, companies can simply upgrade the technology. Fiber Optic cables are more resilient and require less repairs than copper cables therefore last for decades.

Lower Emission of Green House Gases

Because it requiresless energy consumption, FiberOptic cables lower the emission of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
So, it’s up to us to choose FiberOptic broadband and help the environment and create a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. We at Hathway are equally concerned for the environment and hence upgraded our network for Fiber to home at most of the places. You can start by checking out these Hathway plans:

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Gamer Should Have A Fibernet Connection For The Best Pro-Gaming Experience.
july 2020

Choosing the correct internet plan is one of the most important decisions as a gamer. High speed, fast downloads and a lack of latency are all key elements that should be there in your internet ser-vice. Luckily for you, all of this and so much more is jam-packed into a Fibernet internet connection. Fibernet is basically an advanced fiber optic internet connection that brings you lightning fast speed among various other major perks so that you can play World of Warcraft with zero interruptions. Here is why all gamers should have a Fibernet connection for the perfect gaming experience-

No Lag

Everyone knows that one of the most annoying things that can happen is a lag or delay in gameplay, especially at crucial moments. It’s frustrating and completely avoidable. With Hathway’s Fibernet technology, the time between a command pressed and the action actually happening is invisible. This allows for a smooth game and increases the quality of your overall experience, ensuring the best gameplay possible. This is probably the most important aspect of gaming because latency is truly the biggest downfall of any gamer looking to go pro. Now other players won’t sideline you for your constant ‘dc’ and you can truly master the world of Fortnite.

Higher Quality Connection

Fibernet does not have the same weaknesses of a copper based wire connection and instead allows for faster speed and a more durable connection. As a gamer, one of the most important requirements is a stable and reliable connection. This is something that fiber optics aces in, allowing you to ace in GTA. In fact, even during weather extremes (like we see everywhere in India), your fiber internet connection is completely secure from any interferences. Even physically, the connection could only be disrupted if the wires were manually cut. So get ready for all-day and year-long, uninterrupted gaming.

Sustainable Option

Using FiberOptic cables reduces the dependence on heavy metals like lead and mercury making it an environment-friendly option. In case an up-gradation is required, no changing of cables is required, companies can simply upgrade the technology. Fiber Optic cables are more resilient and require less repairs than copper cables therefore last for decades.


Pro-gaming without a high bandwidth means slow speed, lags, and an overall boring game. With a Fibernet bandwidth you’ll be able to connect multiple devices to the Fibernet connection but you’ll also have zero loss of internet connection or speed. Fibernet doesn’t create any lags when sharing bandwidth and this is what makes it the best option for gamers as you can play online games and stream without any fear of losing internet speed. It is the speed that plays a critical role for shared usage which means that a higher speed will give better a browsing experience on the connected devices. Moreover, this becomes especially important if you live in a big house-hold with one home internet service which several people use or even if you intend on connecting various devices to one connection.

It’s clear that for gamers, a Fibernet connection is the smartest option and changing your internet plan to this is the best move for any gamer. It is truly the best technology that exists to suit a gamer’s needs and does so while also being environmentally friendly, reliable and super fast. Check out Hathway’s Fibernet plans at so you can properly master your gun skills in PUBG.
What is OTT? Here’s everything you need to know.
july 2020

We live in a world dictated by our streaming platforms. We might wake up and watch something on Amazon Prime, eat lunch with a Hotstar special and finish the day by binging a new Netflix original. In this age of constant video, it’s easy to get confused by terms like OTT, VoD and SVoD. For constant video streaming, a good broadband connection is absolutely crucial. If your internet is slow, check out Hathway’s various broadband plans to find one that matches your OTT needs. This is a comprehensive explanation for what technical terms like OTT really mean and a few tips on maximizing your binging experience.

What’s OTT?

OTT refers to over-the-top video content provided using high speed internet instead of traditional cable or satellite providers. So basically, OTT means consuming content through Hulu instead of using a TV channel. OTT’s sharp growth over the past few years is mainly due to Netflix and the various perks it provides. These being, original features as well as a large selection of titles to choose from. Now you may watch OTT content through an actual TV, but the connection isn’t satellite, it’s through the internet and this is what makes it different. Any OTT provider is one that supplies video content through an internet connection and includes Disney, Hotstar, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Voot,etc.

What’s VoD?

VoD is just a short form for Video on Demand and refers to the way most of us get our content now. Being an on demand service, it aims to provide all users quality content, usually educational or for entertainment, by using the internet. The difference between OTT and VoD is that VoD refers to literally any video that you require and thus, also includes a service like YouTube under its umbrella.

What’s SVoD?

SVoD is basically any subscription video on demand. Netflix, one of the biggest SVoD’s, began as a subscription mail service that would let you rent DVDs before expanding to online streaming in 2007. In fact, Netflix’s fame came with ‘House of Cards’ which premiered on the service in 2013 and became instantly popular due to the fact that all episodes of the first season were uploaded together. Today, it seems like a given to have an entire season and even entire shows within the touch of a finger, but back in 2013, it was a revelation. Thus, a SvoD is a transactional VoD because for a fixed monthly rate, you can access a platform.

How can you stream faster

  • Take a speed test to figure out how fast your internet currently is.
  • Move closer to the router to get the least interference.
  • Turn off competing devices.
  • Get a high speed broadband connection. If yours is severely lagging, check out Hathway’s fast broadband connections here and choose the best plan for your OTT needs.
An Easy Guide To Pay Your Hathway Bill Online.
july 2020

Online payments have been the norm for a while now and this proves to be increasingly true day after day. Easy to do, flexible and always convenient, it’s clear that online payments are the way to go. Given this, here is a guide on how to make a Hathway payment as well as some other options such as upgrading your broadband plan or changing your account details.

How do I pay online?

To begin, click on Hathway’s selfcare section here, this can also be found on Hathway’s main page on the top middle section. Fill in your details like either your registered mobile number, email or account number to login. Now you’ve accessed your account from where you can make all payments, get information and update your personal details. From here, you can easily pay all of your monthly Hathway bills, for your broadband connection and internet leased line. You can also do the following things

To renew your plan?


go to ‘My Dashboard’ on the left, in the Menu Bar. Over there, click on ‘View More’ under the current plan section. Then click on the ‘Renew” button on the top right hand corner. After checking the renewal amount, select your preferred method of payment and proceed to pay. You will be redirected to the payment page from where you can complete your payment.

To upgrade your renewal plan


once more go to ‘My Dashboard’ on the left, after signing into your account from Hathway’s self care page. Then select ‘View More’ under your ‘Current Broadband Plan’. You will then see an ‘Upgrade’ button on the right corner, click on that to see the best plans according to your needs. After perusing the plans best suited to your upgrade, click on the one you want and proceed to payment. Again, you will be redirected to the payment page from which you can complete the upgrade. And then you’re done! Sit back, relax and enjoy your new plan upgrades.

To change your registered email id


after signing into your account, go to the ‘Profile’ section in the left menu bar to get your account details. Click on the concerned account (if you have multiple accounts) and then select the ‘Change Email’ option at the bottom of the page. After entering the new email id that you want, fill in the OTP sent to the new email. To complete the process, just go back to the ‘Profile’ option to see if your new email id shows.

To change your registered mobile number


once more go to ‘Profile’ on the left to see your account details. Click on your account to then find the ‘Change RMN’ button on the bottom. Enter your new number, fill in the OTP sent and re-login with your updated details.

Now that the basics are cleared up, you can sit back and easily pay your bill in two minutes from the comfort of your couch. You could even opt to pay from the Hathway broadband and digital TV app, available on Apple and Android. For any other doubts, you can contact Hathway’s Inquiries page to further clarify any questions you may have

How to Grow Your Online Business With A Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Broadband Connection..
july 2020

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their online business grow and the grassroots level of this growth simply lies in your internet connection. What anyone is obviously looking for is increased internet speed, faster downloads, and a clear transmission that is free from external interferences. With work-from-home, the necessity of a well functioning online business is even more important. All of this and more can be easily found in a Fiber to the Home connection (commonly known as FTTH). Here’s how FTTH can transform your business and increase its productivity and success:

A High Upload & Download speed ?

While download speeds are more commonly talked about when listing the advantages of a broadband provider , upload speed is just as important, especially as a business. Whether it’s cataloguing, re-working your website, or simply just adding new features to your business, a high upload speed is essential for you to fast-pace your business.

Zero Delays

The lag time between when you press a command and when the action occurs is greatly reduced with a fiber connection. While other broadband connections may lose up to 94% of their signal, FTTH may lose only 3%. This makes running a business from home more efficient and productive than ever before

High Level of Security

Hacking into a fiber optic is virtually impossible and the only way to penetrate such a connection involves physically cutting the wires themselves (which are also incredibly strong when bound together). This means that your online business and your internet connection will be completely secure and safe. In fact, FTTH is one of the most sure ways to ensure that your company is completely protected against cyber crime.

A High Bandwidth

Most businesses need a high data transmission and this is much easier with fiber optics because it allows for a significantly higher internet bandwidth without compromising on your speed. Activities like web conferencing and file sharing which are essential to an online business are much easier, faster, and smoother with FTTH.

Sturdy and Reliable

While other broadband connections are susceptible to interferences from weather conditions or even human activity, a fiber connection is completely reliable. To build a fast-paced and successful business, a stable and reliable broadband provider is a must.

Whether you’ve always been an online business or have had to transition into one recently, it’s clear that fiber to the home connection is the best option. Now you can have all the benefits of an office wifi from your own home wireless broadband, so get ready for fast pacing your online business. To get started with your own FTTH connection, check out plans for your fiber optic connection options

Is Fibernet the Best Option for E-Learning from Home
july 2020

Remote learning has quickly become the standard for every student all over the world. With this increased dependence on the internet, now’s the time to choose the best broadband plan for your home to ensure that you’re keeping up with all assignments and are still able to excel in school. Here are a few essentials for e-learning so we can find out if Fibernet is for you.

The Need For Speed

Writing school papers means hours upon hours of heavy research that requires multiple tabs and lightning fast internet speed. Even switching from video classes to accessing school documents requires speed. A Fibernet connection is known to be much faster than even the fastest copper wire connections and works up to one gigabyte per second.

Video Learning

Blog Need For A High Bandwidth - Online learning means having all classes through video which can be frustrating with lags and buffering. The last thing you want is to miss a crucial moment of a seminar/class just because your video stopped loading. It’s true that today, your bandwidth availability and capacity will determine your academic understanding and hence, your academic performance. To prevent falling behind, you need to make sure that you have a high bandwidth.

The Importance Of Reliability

Reliable broadband is essential to the e-learning experience not only when it comes to being able to learn but also to be able to test properly. With assessments and exams moving online, a reliable connection is one of the most important internet needs. One benefit of a Fibernet connection here is that it is completely free from external interferences. This means that even if there’s a raging storm outside, your internet connection will not be disturbed.

Access To The Cloud

Cloud computing is basically being able to access data and programs that are stored on the cloud instead of on your computer’s hard drive, which would occupy large amounts of storage space. Access to the cloud for schools is becoming increasingly important as most academic files for students and teachers alike are stored in this space. Now why is accessing this easier with a fiber optic internet plan? It’s simple - It’s easier to access because the cloud is an internet based server so it relies on your internet connection. Therefore, because fiber optics allow for faster speed and high bandwidth, it makes accessing the cloud easy.

Now that you know what you need to find the best broadband plan for you, check out Hathway’s broadband and fibernet options here so that you can successfully complete this school year.

10 simple steps to secure your home wifi connection.
August 2020

Securing your home internet through a reliable wifi provider is as essential as securing wifi at work. Did you know that an unsecured wifi connection can provide access to al-most all the devices that use that wifi? In such circumstances, it is best to enable wifi broadband security. Regardless of whether or not you have an unlimited wifi plan, it’s safer to secure your connection.

Here are a few simple steps for a secure wifi internet connection:

Enable encryption

Choosing a type of encryption is the foremost step while setting up a wifi internet connection. You can choose from WEP, WPA, or WPA2 to secure your wifi. WEP is an outdated wireless encryption standard that can be hacked within seconds whereas WPA is a comparatively newer version of wireless encryption standard and more secure than WEP. WPA2 is the current and most reliable wireless encryption standard which is compatible with all wireless networks.

Change the SSID name:

To get a secure wifi internet connection, changing the name of your home wifi network, also known as Service Set Identifier (SSID), is essential. Having a name to your connection makes it difficult for hackers to see the type of router you are using.

Disable SSID broadcast:

Your SSID broadcast is enabled by default, but you can disable it. Once you deactivate your SSID broadcast, only those people will be able to access the wifi who have already have the SSID name. Disabling SSID broadcasting is one way of securing your network.

Enable MAC filtering

MAC filtering enables you to provide access to your wifi to certain selected people. Though it is a tiresome process, it will help make sure that unauthorized persons and hackers cannot use your wifi connection.

Disable administrative access through the web

It is essential to disable the default administrative access to ensure a secure broadband connection. Disabling it will ensure that no one from outside your network can manage your router

Enable MAC filtering

MAC filtering enables you to provide access to your wifi to certain selected people. Though it is a tiresome process, it will help make sure that unauthorized persons and hackers cannot use your wifi connection.

Change the password for web access

It is imperative to change the default password to a strong and unique one that only you would know. Ideally, a strong password should consist of characters with upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols. This is one of the most important and basic steps for ensuring a secure wifi internet connection. Moreover, if you have an unlimited wifi plan from one of the best wifi providers, chances are that hackers are going to try harder to access your connection.

Check for rogue wifi access points

A rogue access point is installed on a secure network without authorization from the system administrator. Rogue access points can pose a significant security threat as they can permit access of the network to anyone.

Provide a separate name for guests

Calling guests over to your place? You must enable 'guest wifi'. This wifi broadband is different from your primary network and provides internet access to guests but maintains your broadband internet security.

Provide a separate name for guests

Calling guests over to your place? You must enable 'guest wifi'. This wifi broadband is different from your primary network and provides internet access to guests but maintains your broadband internet security.

Hide your network name

A hidden network will never broadcast its SSID. By hiding your wifi network name, you can prevent hackers from connecting to your network, thus ensuring a secure wifi connection

Install firewall

Firewalls are equipped with preventive features that can help in securing your wifi network, protecting it from hacking. It is advisable to never disable the firewall to keep your home wifi connection safe

Follow these steps to ensure your wifi broadband connection is safe and secure. Also, remember to turn off your wifi router when not in use. To learn more about a safe and secure broadband connection, check out Hathway's home broadband plans that always ensure safety while never compromising on quality.
If you are a gamer, opt for the best broadband plan in Chennai
August 2020

If you are one of the 300 million gamers in India, then gaming is everything to you. It’s not just a hobby, it becomes your faith. You probably have the latest console at home with hundreds of games, on which you spend hours playing. You play with friends and strangers, and have a large community of pro gamers. You probably have the perfect set-up, with a large screen and multiple controllers, but one aspect that gamers often overlook, is that you also need the best broadband connection to play

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a gamer is if your game is unable to load or has numerous lags, resulting in your losing or your character dying. It’s even more frustrating when this happens at a crucial moment in the game. At a time when more and more people are gaming as a serious profession, broadband provider in chennai are catering to the needs of a gamer.

For a seamless gaming experience, you need a great broadband connection which allows the best gaming experience. Fibernet internet broadband connection allow faster internet speeds, are more consistent and reliable, and have a lower latency rate. Latency is the delay which happen while data is processing over any internet connection. Latency is significantly decreased with fiber optic internet connections, making them ideal for gamers.

Hathway Broadband takes into consideration all of these needs with the best wifi broadband connection in Chennai , Hathway Broadband is leading as the perfect broadband connection for gaming.

Hathway Broadband gives gamers the best internet connection in Chennai. It has multiple unlimited wifi plans for gamers at affordable prices to give you an amazing gaming experience without any lagging. For more know about broadband plans in chennai check here.

Make online learning easy with the best wifi connection in Bangalore
August 2020

Due to the pandemic, learning from home has become normal. Whether it is school students or young adults pursuing their undergraduate or masters degrees, classes are now being conducted online through various applications. Many teachers and professors have also taken to streaming their lectures online. Apart from institutional learning, there are also a variety of part-time courses and educational videos, all of which require a good internet connection. With everyone using the internet, and even multiple people using it in one home, you may go over your daily or weekly data amount and have trouble uploading files, downloading files, and streaming videos. It’s vital that you have a good internet connection, as not having one can impact your education and learning.

With an unlimited wi-fi plan, you won’t have to worry about how much you are using your internet or about using up your plan before the billing date and then having to pay extra for more. To understand the need of the hour, Hathway Broadband has introduced unlimited broadband plan in bangalore, which let you stream videos and allow you to have video calls without you having to worry about the data limit of the internet plan. With an unlimited wi-fi plan bundled with high speed upto 150 Mbps, this means you can attend your online classes and watch as many videos as you need to for your understanding.

As online learning is expected to last at least for the next few months, you must have an unlimited broadband connection from the best broadband provider as soon as possible to ensure that all your school from home activities happens seamlessly. Hathway Broadband services recognize the need for an unlimited wi-fi plan and offer unlimited data at affordable prices. If you’re currently using another broadband service, you can easily switch to HathwayBoadband without any hassle. Having the best broadband provider will be worth the time and investment for your kids learning as well as yours. For more know about broadband plans in bangalore check here.

Unlimited data download with the best broadband connection in Mumbai
August 2020

Life in Mumbai moves fast- shouldn’t your internet connection be fast too? With the COVID-19 scenario, most people are opting for work from home and students are learning from home. So how are people keeping themselves occupied post their routine jobs/classes? These days people are exploring new ways to have fun at home like watching movies, browsing games, and binging on their favourite shows. So you can’t really afford not to have an unlimited broadband plan for your home in Mumbai. Internet speed is important as well- high-speed internet broadband makes your life stress free.

A high-speed broadband plan means your videos won’t buffer and your games won’t lag. Providers like Hathway Broadband use fibre optic technology to give you the fastest broadband plan in mumbai,. Fibernet connections use modulated light which has a much higher bandwidth capacity than other connections. A fibre optic internet connection also has cables which can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose any signal, making them not just speedy, but also strong. They are perfect for the rate at which we are all using the internet at home right now. With a fiber optic connection, you will not have to worry about pixelated videos or garbled phone calls either.

Having a plan with unlimited data will mean not having to worry about how much data you have used on a daily or weekly basis. You can binge-watch as many episodes as you want without fearing that you will go past your monthly limit and then have to use the internet at a lower speed because you have crossed your monthly FUP.

Hathway Broadband uses fibre optic technology to provide high-speed broadband connections with unlimited data at affordable prices in Mumbai, recognizing that the internet is not a luxury, but a necessity, in the new normal. If you are currently using another broadband connection, switching over to Hathway Broadband won’t be difficult at all. Switching over to the fastest broadband connection in Mumbai will be worth it.For more know about broadband plans in mumbai check here.

A Guide To Getting The Best Broadband For Your Home
August 2020

Getting a good broadband plan that allows large amounts of data use while keeping costs low is as important as food and water these days. While the concept of selecting and installing a broadband setup for your home seems daunting, it can actually be really simple! Just follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to get the best broadband for you.

Time For Research

  • Wired or wireless? - A broadband connection is any medium that connects your device to wifi. While this can be wireless, it can also be wired. Some examples of a wired connection include a dedicated LAN cable, optical fibre, and DSL.
  • Figure out your needs - There are various types of broadband plans available these days and a lot of them can be customised to your requirements. There are often a variety of tiers which offer different internet speeds according to different prices. Go through these and then make a decision on the best plan for you. To help kickstart this search, check out Hathway’s extensive broadband plan options.

Why do I even need a Broadband Setup at Home?

  • The age of WFH - Even before 2020 started, work from home was increasing in popularity with more and more professionals going remote. With the stress that WFH causes on your broadband, having a proper setup in place is essential. Things like heavy office files, constant zoom meetings and even the upkeep of your work softwares is draining your WiFi constantly. That’s why having a proper high bandwidth broadband setup is necessary for today.
  • It’s easier and cheaper - While previously you may have been happy with simply just the data packs offered in your mobile plan, the rise of internet streaming has made watching things from a laptop much easier. While you can still watch Netflix on your phone using a data plan, a broadband at home is more convenient and cheaper in the long run, especially with large data volume uses
  • The ability to do more - A home broadband setup includes having a router at home which basically means that you can connect multiple devices to your WiFi. So now, you can answer work emails on your phone, while in a zoom meeting on your laptop, with your Smart TV waiting for you to finish.

Making the final move - How do I do it?

  • Changing your broadband plan- The first step would be to shift your existing broadband plan to the new one that you chose. This is a fairly simple process as all you have to do is put in a shifting request. If you don’t have an existing broadband plan, just subscribe to the new one.
  • Look out for a good broadband service provider in your area - Most residential colonies already have existing broadband lines that have been laid. All you have to do is call up your service provider and then pay for that line to be extended to your house.
  • Setting it up - The installation of the broadband hardware won’t take long but you can plan the router placement ahead to save time. The main thing to keep in mind when placing your router is to make sure there aren’t any concrete or glass walls blocking the router from reaching the rest of your house.

Thus, researching the best broadband plan for you and the actual installation of it isn't as daunting as it seems. With Hathway’s expertbroadband plans, the effort will be worth it.

Choose the best broadband with fibre connection in Aurangabad
September 2020

As this is a time when everyone needs the internet more than ever, it’s vital you ensure that you have the best internet provider in Aurangabad . The internet is a necessity now as we use it for work, entertainment, browsing, and to connect with the outside world. If you are finding your internet too slow or do not have the data to do everything you want to, it might be time to reconsider whether the plan you currently have is fulfilling all of your internet needs or not.

If you are finding your connection too slow, you will want a broadband connection that uses fibre optic and GPON technology and here’s where Hathway broadband can help you. Fiber technology uses optical fiber, which consists of long strands of pure glass. The thin glass strands use bending light flashes, known as total internal reflection to set up a relay system that results in an incredibly efficient communication system ensuring that there is no interference, minimal breakage, and that the transmission is faster, more reliable, and less error prone. Other technology uses electricity to form a connection and so is negatively impacted by long distances. The longer distance that a signal has to travel, the weaker it will be when it reaches. Fiber optic cables run a distance of 25 miles with ease and provide a high speed internet.A high-speed broadband plan means your videos won’t buffer and your games won’t lag. Providers like Hathway Broadband use fibre optic technology to give you the fastest broadband plan in mumbai,. Fibernet connections use modulated light which has a much higher bandwidth capacity than other connections. A fibre optic internet connection also has cables which can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose any signal, making them not just speedy, but also strong. They are perfect for the rate at which we are all using the internet at home right now. With a fiber optic connection, you will not have to worry about pixelated videos or garbled phone calls either.

More and more people are turning to connections which use GPON fiber optic technology as fiber optics allow faster downloads and faster access to various larger files. A fiber connection actually functions 100 times faster than a regular broadband connection. All these benefits are essential to our lives today, with work from home and online education, and with streaming and gaming being the major ways of entertaining ourselves.

Using this GPON Fiber optic technology, Hathway Broadband provides the best broadband connections in Aurangabad. You can opt for 500GB or 1000GB of data, depending on your need. With speed, you can choose either the 50Mbps or 100Mbps, depending on how much you use the internet. To choose which plan you need, think about how many hours you use the internet for, what you use the internet for and how many devices in your home are connected to the internet. Remember to account for the internet usage of anyone who lives with you as well. Every plan of Hathway Broadband uses GPON fiber optic technology, meaning whatever plan you choose you will have fast, reliable internet

How To Maximise your Home Broadband for the Best Work From Home Life.
September 2020

Everyone knows that for the foreseeable future, the new normal is still working from home. Finding time to focus on being as productive as possible set against the backdrop of a noisy house filled with distractions is getting increasingly difficult and the last thing you need to pull you down is a slow internet connection. Here are a few ways you can max-imise your Why every gamer should use a Fibernet connection to maximize their gaming experience.for home with the best internet plans to get ready for a long day of work, and then an equally long night of Netflix binging as a reward.

Rework your Router

A router placed close to other electrical appliances causes electromagnetic disturbances which negatively impacts your internet connection and broadband speed. For the least interference, you should place your router in an open space or hallway in your house so that signals can easily reach your device. Also, always keep your router antenna vertical!

If you find yourself getting increasingly frustrated with slow speed at crucial business mo-ments like during meetings or conferences, try troubleshooting your router. You can al-ways reset the router and if you’re brave, maybe even rework the settings. However, it’s important to always turn off your router for at least 10 minutes a day to let it rest. You could even use this time for a social distance walk, but remember your mask. Whatever you choose to do, call up your broadband services provider for more information and help.

Control your internet usage

With a whole family trying to juggle school, jobs, and friends all on one internet plan, it’s bound to slow down. Try planning your internet usage to ensure that it is available for critical moments. You could do this by not streaming in HD, reducing miscellaneous downloads, and ensuring that while you’re on an important work meeting, another family member isn’t trying to play PUBG.

This can even be done by shutting unnecessary windows or making sure that you aren’t on pages with media-rich files or chat notifications that will slow your speed. Even pesky media pop-ups take up unnecessary bandwidth that could be used somewhere else. If this still is a problem, try searching for an alternative broadband internet plan .

Buff up your Security

Another person could be unfairly stealing your high speed broadband especially if you haven’t updated your security in a long time or if your password is simple. To make sure you’re protected against this, change your wifi password to a complex one using upper and lower case, multiple numbers, and no personal details. With work from home, it’s also the perfect time to install an anti-virus software to further protect your device against hackers.

So make sure you take the above steps to maximise your internet and secure a high speed broadband and to make your work from home experience as smooth as possible. You can also check out Hathway’s internet plans for home to ensure that you’re getting the best possible plan

The best broadband plan in Pune for streaming
September 2020

Streaming has taken over television- now most things we watch are on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar. COVID-19 has made us all catch the latest movies or shows online, since the cinemas in Pune stay closed and films are released through various new mediums instead. In these times when multiple people from a single household are using the internet to stream their favourite shows, a good broadband connection is a necessity. You don’t want to wait half an hour for your episode of Masaba Masaba to load or have the internet suddenly slow down when you are nearly at the end of a thriller series that you are watching. You need a good wi-fi and broadban plan in pune to stream your shows, series and movies without any hassles.

You need about 1GB an hour to stream a movie in standard definition, and 3GB an hour to stream in high definition. You also need high-speed internet so that your video does not buffer.

Hathway Broadband is one of the best internet provider in Pune. With a variety of plans and data, ranging from 300GB to 1000GB, and high speed ranging from 50Mbps to 150Mbps, streaming is made easier with Hathway Broadband. With these amazing plans, you and the people sharing your broadband connection can stream for hours- you can watch movies, television shows, browse YouTube, or music without any interruptions.

A quality internet connection is really the need of the hour in Pune where millions of people are at home. Hathway Broadband’s plans will make sure you have a quality streaming experience. For more details on plans visit

The future is here with the best Broadband connection in Indore
September 2020

As we progress, so must technology. Especially the internet, which is now a requirement in every part of our life. It helps us keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, it’s how we work 24*7, and it’s how we entertain ourselves. Everyone, from senior citizens to young children, is now using the internet on some device or the other. Streaming, gaming, work, video calls, phone calls, social media, browsing the internet, it’s all done through the internet. We can’t afford to compromise on a medium that helps in our life every day. However, connections can often be unstable or slow, stopping or slowing down abruptly in the middle of an important phone call or work call. As we change, our technology must improve as well. A high-speed internet connection is the need of the hour.

A high-speed connection is important as it means your download speed is fast enough for webpages to load quickly instead of you getting frustrated as you wait for a single page to load. It also means your upload speed is fast enough to attach large files on your email to send.

That’s why people are making the switch to internet providers that give more data and higher internet speeds. One such leading internet provider is Hathway Broadband which provides high speed broadband plans in Indore - perfect for both entertainment and work at the same time. There are many different plans you can choose from, ranging from 15Mbps to 100Mbps depending on your needs. You would want to make sure that you pick a plan with your usage and internet speed in mind so that you can download files quickly and stream without any buffering. If you are sharing your connection with others, then every device will get the optimal speed and it will be a better experience for all of the people using the connection. This means multiple people can stream videos on different devices, and none of their shows or movies will buffer. Choose your broadband plan carefully.

The role of optical fiber in bringing you a fast broadband connection
September 2020

Tiny strands of plastic or glass as thin as human hair, bound together, transmitting coded signals in pulses of light. That is essentially what fiber-optics is. Fiber-optics are as fascinating as they sound and they can probably give you the fastest and best broadband connection in the world. Fibernet connection optics use binary signals. Binary number system consists of zero and one, where zero being off and one being on creates a world of complex symbols and instructions to make the fastest.

What makes fiber optic speed so fast?

Broadband Internet Connection depends on how much data the setup can handle. A fibernet connection uses modulated light which has a much higher bandwidth capacity. When we talk about fibernet connection speed, every second matters because a fibernet connection work at speeds up to one gigabyte per second.

Covering long distances easily

As compared to copper wire broadband connection technology, fibernet connection cables can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose any signal strength. Thus, fiber optic broadband plans not only increase WIFI speed, they also make the whole system very robust.

Ready for a different modem?

A fibernet connection uses two distinct technologies.

  • FTTC: Fiber to the cabinet broadband connection is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fiber optic and copper cables. The fiber optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point, hence the name fiber to the cabinet. From this distribution point a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the fibernet connection.
  • FTTH: Fiber to home broadband connection is by far the best fibernet connection. The fiber cable directly reaches the customer’s house rather than a central location and dramatically increases the fibernet connection and download speed.

The above two technologies have a slightly different WIFI modem/router for the fibernet connection: an FTTC connection happens exactly as on ADSL modems which means connecting a copper pair to the telephone socket of the house. In FTTH technology, the wire is replaced with a fiber optic cable that enters directly into the router or from a wall distribution box, which converts the signal to Ethernet (the modem/router will, therefore, be connected via Ethernet).

Speaking of routers, the placement of the router is a key factor in determining how much broadband coverage you’re able to get. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while positioning your router to ensure you get the high-speed broadband connection you paid for -

  • Place your router as high as possible to ensure that the wifi can spread across the area evenly and without obstructions.
  • Concrete walls, metal, fish tanks, and even mirrors blocking the router severely hamper your high speed broadband connection.
  • Devices that use a small signal strength like microwaves also dilute your internet connection. Place your router away from all of these appliances to maximise your broadband connection

Fiber broadband plans offer a high speed broadband connection to users. Fiber optic broadband plans are subject to availability as per the city where the Internet service provider offers the technology. Hathway Broadband offers fibernet connection in various different cities in India that you can view here.

Improve WIFI connection speed and durability

Fiber broadband connection lines are very small in size but are much sturdier than copper. A fibernet connection line can withstand up to 100 to 200 pounds of pressure as compared to copper that can only take 25 pounds which makes it a safer bet for you to choose. For those who are looking at data efficiency and reliability while downloading and uploading at super high-speeds, fiber optic broadband plans are the way forward. To further improve your fibernet connection, use the tips given below to enhance your connectivity -

  • Don’t coil your fiber optic cables as this damages them and can adversely impact your fibernet connection.
  • If your router is placed between several walls or other obstructions and cannot be moved to a better location, try investing in WiFi mesh nodes. These essentially function the way a wireless router does and can extend your internet connection.
  • If you need a high-speed internet connection in a room where the signal strength is weak, look at WiFi extenders or boosters. These can be fitted into the desired location and boost the signal strength to ensure that you get the high speed broadband connection you need.

Now that you understand the science behind fiber optic broadband plans and know how to improve your signal strength, let me direct you to one of the most reliable fiber optic providers, Hathway. To view Hathway’s various plans, click here.

Top fiber broadband plans to make Work from home easier in Vellore
October 2020

Work from home sounds easy in theory. You wake up, move to your desk, and start working on your laptop. You don’t have to wake up super early and spend an hour travelling to your office. When your working hours are over, you can simply shut your laptop and be done with the day. But in actuality, working from home has plenty of challenges. There are several distractions like interruptions from flatmates or family members, and there’s that feeling that work never truly ends. Often, there’s also the challenge of trying to get work done with a shaky internet connection. The others are difficult to solve, but the latter can be solved by ensuring you have a great internet connection.

It’s important to opt for the best broadband plan especially when you are living in a city like Vellore. Hathway Broadband offers a plan which will work for your work from home needs. For less than a thousand rupees, you can get 500 GB of data at a high speed of 100 Mbps. At this affordable price, you have a fast and reliable connection. Hathway Broadband uses fibrenet connections, which has optic cables to transmit data directly to your home. Fibre connections are able to transmit data faster and can carry large amounts of data in a single line, making them perfect for working from home.

Nowadays, with the number of coronavirus cases increasing and work from home becoming the only option for many , it’s necessary to choose the best internet plan from the best broadband provider in Vellore . We do not know how much longer work from home is going to last, and you do not want to spend months using an internet connection which is not giving you everything that you need.

To purchase an internet plan which will make your work from home life easier, try out Hathway Broadband’s plans-because speed is the real need nowadays!

Why every gamer should use a Fibernet connection
October 2020

Choosing the correct internet plan is one of the most important decisions as a gamer. High speed internet, fast downloads and a lack of latency are all key elements that should be there in your in-ternet service. Luckily for you, all of this and so much more is jam-packed into a Fibernet internet connection. Fibernet is basically an advanced fiber optic internet connection that brings you high speed internet among various other major perks so that you can play World of Warcraft with zero interruptions. Here is why all gamers should have an internet plan for home that offers a Fibernet connection for the perfect gaming experience

No Lag

Everyone knows that one of the most annoying things that can happen is a lag or delay when gaming, especially at crucial moments. It’s frustrating and completely avoidable. With Hathway’s high speed internet, the time between a command pressed and the action taken is invisible. This allows a smooth gaming experience and increases the quality of gaming. This is probably the most important aspect of gaming because latency is truly the biggest downfall of any gamer looking to go pro. With this 100 mbps internet plan, other players won’t sideline you for your constant ‘dc’ and you can truly master the world of Fortnite.

Higher Quality Connection

Fibernet does not have the same weaknesses of a copper based wire connection and instead allows for a high speed broadband connection which gives you faster speed and a more durable connection. As a gamer, one of the most important requirements is a stable and reliable connection. This is something that fiber optics aces in, allowing you to ace in GTA. In fact, even during weather extremes (like we see everywhere in India), your fiber internet connection is completely secure from any interferences. Even physically, the connection could only be disrupted if the wires were manually cut. So get ready for a broadband internet plan that allows all-day and year-long, uninterrupted gaming. This is truly the internet plan for home for any gamer looking to go pro.


Pro-gaming without a high bandwidth means slow speed, lags, and an overall boring game. With a Fibernet bandwidth you’ll be able to connect multiple devices to the Fibernet connection but you’ll also have a high speed broadband with zero loss of internet connection or speed. Fibernet doesn’t create any lags when sharing bandwidth and this is what makes it the best option for gamers as you can play online games and stream without any fear of losing high speed internet. It is the speed that plays a critical role for shared usage which means that a higher speed internet will give better a browsing experience on the connected devices. Moreover, this becomes especially important if you live in a big house-hold with one home broadband internet plan which several people use or even if you intend on connecting various devices to one connection.

It’s clear that for gamers, a Fibernet connection is the smartest option and changing your internet plan for home to this is the best move for any gamer. It is truly the best technology that exists to suit a gamer’s needs and does so while also being environmentally friendly, reliable and super fast. With a 100 mbps internet plan, there is no game you can’t master. Check out Hathway’s Fibernet plans at so you can properly execute your fighting skills in PUBG.

Work from home becomes easier with Hathway broadband plan in Delhi
October 2020

The streets of Delhi have fewer people on them these days, as people continue to stay at home because of COVID. For many months now, thousands of people have worked from home, and we can predict, as the number of cases are rising, that people will have to continue to work from home in the coming months as well.

If you are working from home, you must have a good wifi plan. You will need to have enough data for video meetings, phone calls, emails and other miscellaneous work-related things. You may have found that because you are using the internet so much more, you don’t have enough for all your new needs. If your internet speed is too slow, and you want to browse, download, upload, or stream, then you may want to switch a faster broadband provider. If you are confused in choosing the best broadband plan in Delhi, then Hathway Broadband is your answer as there are several plans to choose from according to your needs and the new fibernet technology speaks volume about the speed that you might need for your day to day activities.

The plans range according to your wifi needs and offers different amounts of data depending on how you use the internet. If most of your work is done over the internet, you can get the plan with the highest amount of data, 1000GB and that too, at an affordable price. It’s important to consider how many of your devices are connected to the internet and if there are other people using the same connection. The plan you choose should be enough to accommodate everyone’s needs comfortably, without you worrying about consuming too much and having to pay more. So if you are still working from home for another couple of months, then switching to Hathway Broadband is the best decision. Make your life easier with the best broadband connection in Delhi.

Work from home got easier in Hyderabad with the new fibre technology
October 2020

As everyone is working from home due to COVID-19, an unlimited wifi connection for your home is essential. In Hyderabad, where thousands are employed in the IT sector, it is especially required. With work from home becoming the new normal for at least a few more months, you can’t afford a slow internet connection. You need to invest in the best broadband connection.

It isn’t rocket science to understand why there is a need for high-speed broadband connection. You should have enough data in your plan for video calls, phone calls, browsing the internet, online streaming, and uploading and downloading large files, so that you can deliver your work efficiently and on time. If you don’t have a good broadband connection, you may not have enough data to upload and download files, browse the internet, or stream. If you go over your data, your speed might get hampered. You don’t want such problems while working.

With the best broadband connections in Hyderabad , like Hathway Broadband, you won’t have to check daily or weekly to see if you have gone over your data limit. Hathway Broadband provides 1000 GB of data a month, more than enough for working professionals. You can purchase a 3 month, 6 month, or year-long subscription. It’s time to think again about your broadband connection. In a city filled with youngsters, talking about the best broadband provider is inevitable. Check out Hathway Broadband’s plans here

3 things that may slow down your Broadband connection
November 2020

If you randomly find your wifi connection slowing down, there could be multiple reasons why. It’s important to figure out the reasons and solve the problems so that your high speed internet connection isn’t compromised. Here are 3 common reasons why your wifi connection might be slowing down:

Your router is out of range

You may experience a slow connection if your router is situated in a room far away from where you are. Wifi signals become weaker as the distance between the router and device increases. The further the distance, the weaker the signal, and the slower the wifi speeds. If your router is far away, relocate it as close to your device as possible. You can also get a range extender if multiple people need to use the wifi in different rooms at once.

Limit the devices on your wifi connection

Make sure your internet is password protected so that only you and your family members or friends are using it, and not your neighbours as well. Disconnect the devices that you aren’t currently using from the internet. Even if you’re working on your laptop, your mobile phone or tablet could be updating in the background, consuming bandwidth and ultimately slowing down your network. So disconnect all devices that are not being used from the wifi for a faster internet connection.

Low speed internet connection

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a wifi plan is the speed. The speed determines the pace at which you can perform each task, how many tasks can be performed simultaneously, and the number of devices that can be connected at a time. It’s important to opt for a high speed internet plan that will allow you to do all your tasks without slowing down if you’re using multiple devices at once or if more than one person is using the same connection. If you find your pages taking very long to load and your videos buffering, you should upgrade to a high speed internet connection.

Hathway Broadband provides a range of high speed internet plans. Check them out here:

5 ways to get a faster online gaming connection
November 2020

A reliablehigh speed internet connection is essential for everyone who takes online gaming seriously. Whether you are playing yourself or online competitively, you must optimise your wifi for gaming so that you can play without any lags and interruptions. Here are five tips to help you maximise the efficiency of your broadband connection.

Limit the number of devices connected

For online gaming, your wifi connection at home should not be too crowded. If you have several devices connected to the internet at once, it could result in a drop in internet speeds. The more your smartphones and tablets are doing while connected to your WiFi connection, the less bandwidth your gaming console has to use while playing. If others are engaging in bandwidth consuming activities such as streaming videos or even gaming themselves, it could lower your internet speed. When you are gaming, disconnect other devices from the wi-fi for a high speed internet connection.

Reposition your router

The location of your router has a big impact on the strength of its signal and the speed of your connection . Make sure your console and router are as close to each other as possible. Keep your router as high as possible as well, as signals travel downward and sideways, but not upwards. Placing your router at the right place will help in the internet speed.

Stop downloads and updates

You may think that if other devices aren’t being used, then they are not using your wifi connection. However, downloads and updates can be happening on your devices without you knowing it. They can be happening on your console or computer too, which can seriously affect your gaming performance. For an uninterrupted, fast online gaming experience, close all downloads on your console or computer, and ensure that only necessary devices like your mobile phone are connected to the wi-fi.

Reset your router

If your router has been on and in use for a long period of time, it can become strained. Restarting your router can help to refresh your internet connection and can improve latency.

Upgrade your broadband connection

A better broadband connection which provides high speed internet can be the best and easiest way to reduce lag and increase internet speed. Upgrade your wifi plans for home that has better advantages for gaming. The best broadband providers have plans tailored to different internet uses. Hathway Broadband, is one of the best broadband providers, with high speed broadband connection ideal for online gaming. Check the plans here

Hathway Broadband provides a range of high speed internet plans Check them out here:

Fibernet connection has improved the way we choose our broadband internet connection
November 2020

Fiber optic technology can improve our broadband connection in many ways. It guarantees a much faster and secure internet connection, and is much more reliable than the old technology. Due to their many advantages, more and more people are now finding that the best broadband connections are fibernet connection. Having a fibernet connection in your home can make your life much easier and give you much better access to the internet.

One of the biggest advantages of a fibernet connection is that it is much faster than even the highest speed copper internet connection. Fiber internet uses thin bundles of optical fibers to transmit data, while copper connections use copper wires. Fiber optic technology uses photons, which make them faster than copper technology, uses electrons. Copper wires are also less durable and as they are designed to conduct electricity, making copper Internet vulnerable to power lines, lightning, and deliberate signal-scrambling. On the other hand, fiber optic cables do not conduct electrical currents, making them fully resistant to fire, lighting, and radio signals. All these attributes mean that fiber optic technology provides high-speed internet and is more durable compared to copper technology.

Fiber optic cables go straight to your home, rather than going first to a central location and then dispersing like copper cables. This enables fibernet connections to provide more bandwidth, which is crucial for activities such as web conferences, streaming videos, and online presentations. When your connection is only being used by you, it means your connection can’t be compromised when too many of your neighbours are using the same connection. Your broadband connection will be steady no matter what.

The advantages of fibernet connections make them ideal for both business and home usage. Whether you are using the internet for work, online learning, gaming, streaming, or just browsing, fibernet connections will greatly improve the quality of all these activities. Hathway Broadband is the best broadband connection and has some of the best fibernet connection plans across India.

How has high speed internet helped leverage technology in a classroom
November 2020

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives today, and education is no exception. The fact that today’s students will enter a workforce which is digitised is prompting many schools to change what and how children should be learning. The traditional approach where the teacher is lecturing the students cannot be carried on as new technologies impart information to students in ways that are often more interactive and easier for them to understand.

New technologies such as digital smart boards, digital labs, and digital libraries are driving learning in classrooms making it easier for students to learn and teachers to teach. With high speed internet and digital technology, teachers can project diagrams, documents, and videos onto boards to aid their explanations. Many subjects, such as the sciences, require such methods, as for example, how an engine works is much easier to understand when students can see the theory come to life.

Digitisation means having an endless supply of knowledge at your fingertips. It means no topic has to be restricted to students- if they wish to write about an exotic plant for biology, they can simply search up the information on the internet and so expand their knowledge of the world.

Technology also enables a more interactive experience. With large classrooms of more than forty students, it’s impossible for the teacher to gauge how much each student understands. The quiet ones are unlikely to put their hands up to answer questions or ask for help when they need it.

However, through online quizzes, assessments and polls, teachers can privately check to see that each student is on track, without the effort of having to separately mark each student’s worksheet. With applications such as Google Classrooms and Edmodo, collaboration between students is also easily possible in real-time. Students can edit the same documents, create presentations together, and see the teacher’s learning plans and resources so that they are on the same page. Teachers can efficiently monitor the student’s participation through technology as they can see who wrote something and who didn’t.

Technology goes beyond the classroom, aiding students in their homes as well. Teachers can record their lessons on podcasting applications such as synth as share the files with students to view whenever they need to brush up on the topic. This ensures students have access to resources while completing their homework, and don’t feel lost or behind.

A technologically advanced classroom will greatly benefit both students and teachers. In order to harness the power of online learning, schools must ensure that their classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and high speed broadband connections. Broadband providers like Hathway Broadband provide high speed broadband for homes and schools. Check out broadband plans here:

Take online consultations easily with this high speed broadband connection
November 2020

Rather than risking yours and your loved ones health by meeting a doctor in person for a consultation, these days you can opt for an online consultation. Most hospitals are now providing online consultations for non-emergency situations. In fact, since April there is a 50% increase in the number of patients seeking virtual appointments. Virtually seeing a doctor means lowering your risk of contracting COVID significantly. Whilst most people are donning masks, keeping a six foot distance, and sanitising frequently, you can never be sure that everyone is complying with the rules. Even the briefest contact with someone who has the virus can result in you contracting it, and passing it onto your family. At a hospital there are also always other diseases you can easily contract. To avoid infection, taking an online consultation is the best option. For a proper consultation though, you must have a high speed broadband connection.

Doctors are doing their best to make online consultations as helpful and thorough as in-person consultations. They have set up platforms where you can first book an appointment, and then share your concerns and receive your diagnosis over telephone or video call. Patients are also sending descriptions, pictures, and videos over WhatsApp straight to doctors. In order to get the most out of a consultation, it is important that you have a high speed broadband connection. You do not want your video or sound freezing while you are in the middle of explaining your condition to a doctor or hearing back what your diagnosis is and what medicines you should take. Such an experience would be a waste of time for both you and your doctor, who must have several other patients who require consultation. Check out good broadband plans in your area.

If with your current broadband plans your video is not clear and your voice keeps getting cut off on call, then you should upgrade to a high speed broadband connection . A good broadband provider, such as Hathway Broadband, has varying plans depending on your internet needs. Find out your current internet speed, and then head to Hathway Broadband website to see broadband plans which provide higher internet speeds.

The importance of a fast internet speed cannot be underestimated, in the new normal, especially when it comes to your health. It’s high time that you opt for online consultations instead of heading straight to a clinic or a hospital.

Your broadband connection can power your smart home positively
November 2020

Having a smart home can drastically change your life. Smart homes use devices that are connected to the internet to enable the management of appliances and systems, such as lighting, air conditioning, gadgets, and television. With a good broadband connection, smart home technology can provide you with security, comfort, and convenience as you can manage your home from a remote or by voice, without moving a muscle.

The security of your home is one of the most significant aspects of your life that can improve with smart home technology. With devices that connect your phone to your home’s gate and camera via the internet, you can monitor who leaves and enters your home ever when you are out of town or on holiday. You can choose who to let in, and be alerted if anyone is trying to break into your house.

With smart home technology, you can also save a lot of time and effort by managing your devices without leaving your spot. All of your devices can be connected to the internet, enabling you to direct them through voice control or a remote. Instead of getting up to switch off the lights and close the curtains when you’re about to watch a scary movie, you can just command the light to switch off while you relax on your couch with popcorn. Many other appliances such as your oven, shower, and vacuum cleaner can also be operated with smart technology.

While it is not yet common to operate most appliances with smart technology, many of us do have smart home gadgets such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. These can also be connected to some appliances and voice activation can be used. Smart home gadgets also mean that you can access thousands of songs and plenty of knowledge in a second. You can tell your device to play the music you like and it will find the song and play it for you. If you want to know in what year that song came out, instead of searching it up on your phone, you can just ask your device the question and find out the answer.

The other most common form of smart technology in our homes are smart TVs. Fewer people are purchasing cable TV these days as everything is now available on video streaming applications.

With all of these smart devices available and with how much easier they make our lives, adopting smart technology for our households is necessary. Instead of different controls, all we need is a good wi-fi connection to make our smart homes a reality. For using all of this smart technology, using the best broadband connection that you can find is important, or else your technology will suffer. Hathway has a great broadband plans with which you can power your smart home.

How to optimize internet speed for your home network?
December 2020

As an increased number of people are working from home right now due to the pandemic, the average number of devices connected to the home wifi has grown as well. This can lead to slower internet speeds, which can cause garbled phone calls, pixelated conference calls, and large files taking several hours to download. It is important to know how to optimize your internet speed for an easy and ideal work from home experience. Below are 6 ways to maximize your wifi connection and internet speed of your home network.

Disconnect unnecessary devices

Since there may be an increased number of people in your household using the wifi connection, many more devices will be connected to the wifi. Some, like a laptop or computer will be necessary for work, but others such as tablets, gaming consoles, wifi TVs, or even phones should be disconnected from the wifi when not being used, as they can have downloads and updates running in the background, taking up valuable bandwidth. Only the essentials should be connected to your network, as the higher the number of devices connected to the connection, the slower the connection is.

Upgrade your router

Technology is always advancing. A router from a few years ago may not be the best or fastest one now, especially if you have added more devices to your home. If you’ve switched to a fibre optic connection or find that despite a high speed internet plan your connection is still running slow, it’s likely you need a new router. Internet service providers such as Hathway have the latest wi-fi routers that are compatible with high speed internet plans.

Change your frequency channel

There are a few different channels within each frequency band and you can choose which one to use. Most routers automatically choose this for you, but you can change it if necessary. Frequency channels can get crowded with you and your neighbours all on the same frequency band, causing you speed to be slow. To change your wi-fi to the best channel, you’ll need to log onto your router’s online interface.

Subscribe to a high speed internet connection

It could be that your current wifi plan doesn't provide the high internet speed that your home requires. Tips and tricks such as disconnecting your devices and placing your router closer to your location may work for you, but if they don’t, chances are you need to upgrade your internet plan to one that provides a faster connection. Hathway Broadband provides high speed internet plans across India at affordable prices.

Use a fibre optic technology/ GPON connection

These days, the fastest connections use GPON and fibre optic technology. GPON systems can cover larger distances and transmit network faster than the standard copper wire connections. With a fiber optic connection, you could download a movie within seconds compared to the several minutes it would take a cable connection. Hathway Broadband provides fiber optic connections in several cities across India.

Upgrade your security

Use the best security practices for network settings to ensure there aren’t people from outside your home connecting to your network and slowing down your speed. Ensure your wifi is password protected and that your router has a good network firewall.

5 tips for safe Broadband Internet browsing
December 2020

Browsing the broadband internet is easy- but so is hacking and other cyber-criminal activity. Hackers are always on the lookout for personal information so they can access your bank account, emails, and other important things. It is important to take the necessary safety precautions to protect your privacy and have a safe and enjoyable browsing experience. Below are 5 broadband internet browsing tips for a safe and enjoyable browsing experience.

Create strong password passwords

Don’t choose easy passwords such as 1234, your name, or any part of your email address, because they are easy for cybercriminals to guess. Select strong passwords, containing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Write down your complex password somewhere where only you can see it, and make sure it is not accessible to anyone else.

Install the latest antivirus software

While you can avoid malware by avoiding suspicious sites, malware can also be hiding in social media sites and downloads. A good antivirus program is crucial to keeping your computer or laptop free from malware. Be sure to regularly update your antivirus software for the latest security measure and firewalls as well.

Be careful what you download and visit

A common trick of cybercriminals is to get you to download malware through programs, websites or apps that carry malware and try to steal your information. Avoid any site or app that looks illegitimate and suspicious. Avoid websites that don’t have SSL certificates and unwanted downloads. Often, you will get warnings from the security tools on your device.

Use a secure VPN connection

When you go online in a public place using public wi-fi, you have no control over its security. The internet was originally made so everyone could access everything and communicate with everyone, but now this is what makes it unsafe. If you’re connecting to public wi-fi, such as at a restaurant, cafe, or library, create a VPN. VPNs hide your data and your IP address from everyone else on the same wi-fi network, ensuring safe browsing.

Clear your cookies every now and then

Cookies are small packets of data sent by websites. They contain information useful to websites such as the contents of your shopping cart or your preferences on a certain website. This information can be used to target you for advertising and more. Essentially, cookies violate your privacy. You can’t be 100 percent free of cookies as most sites require you to accept them when you visit, but you can clear your cookies regularly for a faster and safer internet browsing experience.

For more internet tips, including the best wi-fi tips and check out the best internet plans

5 tips for safe Broadband Internet browsing
December 2020

We use internet browsers everyday in our lives. Today, there’s almost nothing that you can’t Google and find out. Through internet browsing, the whole world is available to us. Because we use the internet so much, we feel as though we know all there is to know about internet browsing, but there’s lots of small tips and tricks that can make the experience even more enjoyable. Below are 5 internet browsing tips for the best browsing experience:

Reverse image search

Maybe you found an interesting image in your computer but you can’t remember where you got it from, or there’s a painting in front of you and you want to know what it’s called. In this situation, you can try Google’s reverse image search. Visit and upload the image onto the search engine. Click search by image and find out what the image is.

Jump between tabs without moving your cursor

If you need to flip between multiple tabs at once, moving the cursor each time can get frustrating. Instead, if you have a Windows computer, simply click Ctrl+ PgDn to open the next tab. If you have a Mac, click Command + Option +Right Arrow for the next tab.

Clear your browsing data

Websites you visit send your device cookies to find out your habits, likes, and preferences. They store this data and use it to target you for advertisements. As cookies build up on your computer, they can make your browser run slower. Deleting cookies can lead to faster overall access. To clear your cookies, clear your browsing data regularly. On Windows,click Ctrl+Shift+ Delete to clear your data, and on Mac click Shift+Delete. A pages will open up with the option to clear your browsing data.

Create bookmarks

For sites that are your favourite and that you frequently visit, create bookmarks. On Chrome, there will be a star at the extreme right of the address bar. Click on the star to save the page you are currently visiting as a bookmark. Press Ctrl+D on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet explorer to save the page you are currently on as a bookmark.Bookmarking your personal email, work email, Netflix, and more can save you the time it takes to search a site up.

Block out your distractions

The internet’s endless information can be endlessly fascinating. Even when you have more important things to do, you can find yourself watching yet another episode on Netflix or scrolling through your Instagram feed again. Downloading apps such as Cold Turkey can help with this problem. Cold Turkey blocks out websites you shouldn’t be visiting. For example, during work, you can select to block out Facebook. You can enter a time for how long you want the site blocked, and then no matter how much you try to access Facebook, the site will remain blocked. Cold Turkey cannot be cheated.

To find out more internet tips such as the best wifi tips and the best internet plans, visit Hathway Broadband’s website.

What is the difference between internet speed and data? Get the best plans with Hathway Broadband
December 2020

Consumers are often confused about the difference between internet data and speed. They’re often interchanged or taken to mean the same thing, but speed and data are two different and equally important parts of any data plan.

Everything you do on the internet uses data. Some activities use less data, such as browsing the internet, while others, such as streaming and sending large files can use a lot of data. Your internet plan will specify how much data you can use per month. You normally have to stay within the limits, or pay extra or have your internet speed reduced if you exceed your monthly limit. How much data you require will depend on your personal internet usage. If you live alone and only use the internet for browsing and social media, you can subscribe to a lower data plan. On the other hand if you stay with multiple people, you will need a bigger data plan for you all. Many internet service providers now provide data up to 1000GB and even give unlimited data.

Internet speed relates to how quickly the data within your bandwidth can be transferred. The speed of data is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). You need a fast internet connection with high upload and download speeds to be able to video call, stream, browse, and send and receive big files without your internet taking hours to load one page of a movie. When you subscribe to a plan, it will normally specify the speed that your connection will run on.

A few years ago, a good internet speed would have been 5 Mbps, but now, with increased digitization, and work and entertainment from home, a good internet speed for most would be much higher. With new technology and fibernet connections, companies are able to provide even faster internet connections. Hathway Broadband provides speeds ranging from 150Mbps to 300Mbps using new fiber optic technology. With fiber optic broadband plans you don’t need to worry about any interference in your internet connection either, as fiber optic wires are much more stable and reliable than normal cable wires. For those who need high speed broadband connections , fiber optic broadband plans are the best.

Hathway Broadband has varying plans for all of your internet needs. Check out our website to see which broadband plans are the best for you.

What’s the importance of internet software for your home PC?
December 2020

For the best internet browsing experience, you need more than just a good broadband internet connection. You need protection for your devices as well. Most Windows and Mac computers normally come with in-built anti-virus software, but they aren’t strong enough to keep the device free from all viruses. Internet security software is a necessary tool in keeping your data and your network safe. Not having one can put the health and safety of your computer at risk.

Internet security softwares provides protection in several ways. They provide advanced firewall management, which monitors inbound and outbound traffic feeds, and automatically stop your sensitive information from being sent to cybercriminals through leaks in your networks. All URLs are also monitored by internet security software to ensure that they are not dangerous websites. The best internet security softwares now block dangerous websites from stealing your information, protect your private data from leaking on the web, stops ransomware from locking up your device, manages passwords, and provides parental controls, restricting your children’s access to unsuitable content.

The three top user recommended internet security softwares are McAfree Total Protection, Norton 360, and Total AV security.

  • McAfree Total Protection has everything you need to protect yourself. It protects wifi networks from cyberattacks, allows you to use VPN to connect to 22 countries, secures sensitive files with encryption, permanently deletes dangerous files, and has a browsing extension which blocks potentially dangerous websites. You can get McAfree’s Family Plan, and cover lots of devices at once.
  • Norton 360 provides devices advanced security against viruses, phishing, and other online threats. Norton’s technology is powered by AI and machine learning, and it monitors online threats across the globe to help protect the device against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. It also provides a VPN for online privacy, a password manager, a SafeCam feature which ensures no one can access your camera, VPN in over 25 countries, and cloud storage back-up up to 75GB to keep your files safe. Its parental control is ideal for families with children, as it easily filters content and allows parents to block websites their children shouldn’t see.
  • Total AV’s full security package includes a real-time antivirus which eliminates viruses, adware, spyware, ransomware and more, ensuring you are protected against the latest threats. Its safe site extension blocks malicious phishing URLs, and its safe browsing option feature keeps browsing anonymous with with VPNs.

Apart from the best internet technology, your router and internet connection also play a role in keeping your internet experience safe. Hathway Broadband’s routers provide extra security from malware while giving you a fast fibernet connection and the best broadband plans at the same time. Check them out here:

How Band Steering can give you an uninterrupted, seamless internet experience
January 2021

Band Steering is the latest, most advanced technology for a smooth, uninterrupted internet browsing experience. As this is a new technology, you may have many questions surrounding Band Steering, such as what is the band steering technology and how it works with router, and what is band steering in Wi-Fi. Clearing your doubts and learning about Band Steering is essential- it’s the technology that guarantees you a world-class, seamless internet connection today.

At any given time, there are several devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You and the people who you share the WIFI-Connection with have phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, TVs, smart home devices and more. It is necessary that all of these devices are well connected to the internet, but connecting so many devices can lead to your network becoming congested, which can impact internet speed on each device and performance. Even if you have a high-speed internet connection but there are too many devices which are connected on the same frequency band with the Wi-Fi router, this may cause poorer performance, which could be why your pages and video are still taking too long to download. This is where frequency bands and band steering comes in.

Wi-fi Routers use two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz Band Steering threshold is used by older technologies. It provides the furthest reach but has the lowest speeds. In contrast, the 5GHz band provides a shorter reach, but higher speed and a better performance. Devices with newer technology work well on this band because of its superior performance. The wifi routers which are commonly used, are not equipped with Band Steering technology, hence your devices by default connect on the 2.4GHz band, congesting the network, while the 5GHz band lies unused and under-utilized. With most Wi-Fi routers, you will have to move devices to the 5GHz band manually.

Dual-band access points can alleviate over-crowding, by creating a separate 5 GHz network that has a higher capacity and less congestion, and a 2.4 GHz network available for legacy devices that don’t support 5 GHz.

But, have you ever wondered what happens in a network when you have a mix of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz devices? Or what about your new phone that’s capable of connecting at either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz? Are your newer, faster 5 GHz devices ever slowed down by the older 2.4 GHz devices?

So what does Band Steering do? With Band Steering Wi-Fi routers, such as the one Hathway offers to its Customers, your 5GHz devices are automatically connected to the 5GHz frequency band. When a new device connects to the network, Band Steering Technology determines whether it is compatible with the 5GHz band. If it is, the device will be connected to the 5GHz band, ensuring that these advanced devices can have high performance without being slowed down by other devices on the 2.4 GHz band. With Band Steering, you achieve a seamless connection as your networks aren’t congested anymore. This helps improve end user experience by reducing channel utilization, especially in high density environments.

Band steering technology automatically connects your devices to either the 2.4GHz network or the 5GHz network to ensure your device’s optimum performance and an uninterrupted, smooth, seamless internet experience for you. Hathway Broadband is now introducing this advanced Band Steering Technology to its customers.

Fibernet connection has improved the way we choose our broadband internet connection
January 2021

Rather than risking yours and your loved ones health by meeting a doctor in person for a consultation, these days you can opt for an online consultation with Doctors which requires a high speed broadband connection. Most hospitals are now providing online consultations with doctors for patients for non-emergency situations. In fact, since April there is a 50% increase in the number of patients seeking virtual appointments.

Virtually seeing a doctor means lowering your risk of contracting COVID significantly. Whilst most people are donning masks, keeping a six foot distance, and sanitizing frequently, you can never be sure that everyone is complying with the rules. Even the briefest contact with someone who has the virus can result in you contracting it, and passing it onto you, your family and many others. If you live in a big city, there are always people coming and going who could bring the virus with them. At a hospital, there are also always other diseases you can easily contract which can be harmful, or can make you more susceptible to COVID-19. You could potentially contract a worse disease that you already have. To avoid infection from people at the hospital, taking an online consultation is the best option.

If you have a cold, the flu, COVID-19, or symptoms of other diseases that don’t require physical check/ diagnosis by doctor but only medicine, online consultations are ideal for you. Doctors are doing their best to make online consultations as helpful and thorough as in-person consultations. They have set up platforms where you can first book an appointment, and then share your concerns and receive your diagnosis over telephone or video call. Patients are also sending descriptions, pictures, and videos over WhatsApp straight to doctors.

An online doctor consultation works in a very similar way to a face-to-face in-person consultation. The way that online consultations work is that as with a face-to-face consultation, you have to book your appointment online or through phone with the hospital. You can check out on each hospital’s website when and what time each doctor is available. Before you choose your doctor, you should do a little research to ensure that you are choosing the right doctor for your problem. Once you have booked your preferred time slot with your preferred doctor, you will receive an email or text message confirming your online consultation along with the process to attend the online consultation. Your slot will be reserved for you- no other patient can attend at that time. That is why if you do choose online consultation, you must, just as in the case of a face- to-face- appointment, show up on time. The doctor will then hear out your symptoms, concerns, and problems and make notes as always. They will advise you on the best treatment for your ailment and prescribe any medicines you may need. You will be able to download your report and your prescription from the hospital’s website afterwards. If your disease or problem is more severe, it is likely that you will have to come in for a face-to-face appointment after your online consultation.

For a proper consultation though, you must, among other things, have a high speed broadband connection . In order to get the most out of a consultation, you must show up to your appointment on time, explain your symptoms to the doctor fully, and have a high speed broadband connection. You do not want your video or sound freezing while you are in the middle of explaining your condition to a doctor or hearing back what your diagnosis is and what medicines you should take. Such an experience would be a waste of time for both you and your doctor, who must have several other patients who require consultation.

If with your current broadband plans your video is not clear and your voice keeps getting cut off in phone calls or video consultations, then you should upgrade to a high speed broadband connection. A good broadband provider, such as Hathway Broadband, has varying plans depending on your internet needs. You can find out the internet speed that you need by calculating the number of devices in your household that need the internet and listing down all the things that you and the people in your household require the internet for. Activities such as gaming, streaming videos online, and taking online consultations will require a large amount of data and a high internet speed as well.

The importance of a fast internet speed cannot be underestimated in the new normal, especially when it comes to your health. It’s high time that you opt for online consultations instead of heading straight to a clinic or a hospital.

Best online meeting or video calling platforms
January 2021

Due to the pandemic, most people are working remotely, from home. During the first few months of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies hurriedly looked to find the best online meeting platforms for their employees to use. Months later, there is still a need for the best online meeting apps and high speed broadband connection, as COVID-19 cases continue to surge and the new strain of the virus is proving to be even more contagious. In these circumstances, it is best to keep working from home. In order to work from home efficiently, you need the best online web meeting tools/software/platform/apps as well as the best broadband connection for online meetings. Here’s a list of 5 of the best online meeting platforms for work from home.

Zoom app for online meeting

Zoom is one of the most popular online meeting platforms today. When the pandemic started there was a major increase in the number of Zoom downloads. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux. Zoom allows up to 1000 participants to video call and chat together. The service is free for up to 40 minutes, after which users have to subscribe to a paid plan. The app is popular for work, for teaching and education, as well as for social and recreational purposes. Its features include screen sharing, plugins, browser extensions, one-on-one meetings, group video conferences, and the ability to record meetings and have them automatically transcribed. It is easy to use even if you are not the most tech savvy and is great for multiple uses.

Google Meet app for video conferencing

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. During the pandemic, it became the second most popular video conferencing device after Zoom, getting 100 million users a day. It works for upto 30 participants at a time and its apps work on Android and iOS systems. The app’s features include two-way and multi-way audio calls with a resolution up to 720p, call encryption between users, and a noise cancelling audio filter. Users have the ability to chat during an audio or video call, and are also able to screen share and present presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. If you have a Google account, any scheduled meetings will appear on your Google calendar, making it easy to remember when you have meetings and sign in on time.

Skype for online meetings

Skype specialises in providing video and audio calls between computers, tablets, phones, and smart watches using the internet. Founded in 2003, Skype was a popular audio and video conferencing platform long before Zoom and Google Meet were. At the end of 2010, there were over 660 million worldwide users. During the pandemic, Skype was regularly used alongside Zoom and Google Meet, averaging a 100 million users daily. Skype’s features include audio and HD video calling, call recording and live subtitles, instant messaging, the ability to call phone numbers abroad, screen sharing, and private conversations. Skype is perfect for one-to-one meetings, group meetings, socialising, education, and more.

Say Namaste video conferencing app

Most Indians use internationally developed online meeting platforms, but there are plenty of online meetings apps in India as well. Say Namaste is an online meeting app developed by an Indian-based company called Inscripts. Inscripts is a software product development company specialising in real time communication. Currently, 700,000 people are using Say Namaste. It is a secure, private, and encrypted 1:1 multi-party text, voice, and video conferencing platform. It is available on both android and iOS. At one time, up to 50 users can join a video conference. Its features include screen sharing, chatting, and file sharing among all participants.

Blackboard Collaborate App

Blackboard Collaborate is the best online meeting platform for educators, students, and office workers. The tools creates a classroom environment for students’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones. On Blackboard Collaborate you can join a live web conference, communicate via audio and video, break out into rooms to participate in smaller groups, share screen, and transfer documents. The app also lets teachers’ record grades and share it with their students and conduct assessments. Currently, Blackboard Collaborate has millions of users.

Once you have decided the best online meeting platform to use, your next move is to look at the various best broadband connection for web meetings and broadband plans for video conferencing and pick one which is right for you and your work from home/business/education requirements. Before you decide which internet connection for online meetings to use, you have to consider the internet speed requirements for online meeting apps and the internet speed for video conferencing. Hathway Broadband offers a range of plans perfect for using online meeting platforms. For the best broadband plans for online business meetings and more, check out Hathway Broadband plans here:

Know the difference between Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi modem.
January 2021

The terms modem and router often get thrown around when talking about the internet connection. They are taken to mean the same thing, but it’s important to note that they both actually provide different functions.

To put it simply, your router creates a network between the devices in your home. When you connect to the WiFi, you are actually connecting to the Router. A router connects multiple networks and routes network traffic between them. It sits between your internet connection and your local network, letting you connect multiple devices to the internet through one physical internet connection . It also lets these devices communicate with one another over the network. In this way, the router keeps track of what traffic goes to what device over the network. Your router is important as it distributes the internet signal to all of your devices. It also acts as the first line of security against any malicious malware.

On the other hand, the modem connects your local network to the internet connection from your service provider. Modems connect to whatever type of internet structure you have, such as cable or fiber, and give you a standard ethernet cable output that can be plugged into any router for an internet connection.

You cannot have an internet connection without either. Modems make signals readable. Their job is essentially to modulate and demodulate data (carrier signal) from a digital format, intended for communication directly between devices with specialized wiring from the internet service provider, whereas routers have the capability to determine the best path and direct data packets to the correct nodes.

Some internet service providers have modems with integrated routers that perform the functions of both the modem as well as the router. They are made with advanced technology but are easy to use and compact. These hybrid wifi routers are not always the best option, as if one part breaks, the whole thing stops working.

It is crucial to have a good modem and router for the best broadband connection. Many people don’t realize that the reason that their broadband connection is slow is that they don’t have the latest, updated, Wi-Fi router. In India, Hathway Broadband has the fastest, most technologically advanced, routers. Get your Hathway broadband connection.

How to ensure a safe broadband internet experience for your children
January 2021

The internet has made so much possible. If there had been a pandemic at any other time, schools would have to have shut down. Today, thanks to the internet, children can continue their schooling even though they cannot attend schools in person. Through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google, Teams, and Skype, students are able to learn from teachers remotely. There are many online learning platforms that supplement school teaching and provide unique and specialized courses for students to learn from.

Beyond those, the entire broadband is available for children to learn from. Simply googling a question brings up thousands of results from thousands of websites. Children can search up anything and everything on the internet. While this unlimited access can be a great benefit, allowing children to expand their horizons and learn more, it can also be dangerous for children. Along with informative content, images, videos, and shows suitable for children, the internet also gives children access to the content not suitable for them. This can be violent and explicit content, as well as content promoting consuming alcohol and drugs, and engaging in other types of risky behavior. Often, children may not even realize that they are seeing content that is not at all suitable for them, which is why while as parents we can warn our children against viewing websites they shouldn’t, we have to take strict actions to restrict what they can do on the broadband for their own benefit.

While the broadband internet is essential to our children’s learning and development today, we must ensure that they are restricted from viewing content that is not suitable for them. Internet safety for kids/teens is crucial.

There are several ways to stay safe online for your children. Some of them are:

Use parental control:

Parental controls are easy ways to ensure that your children do not visit websites that have inappropriate content on them. If you have a Windows computer, you can create a locked account using the Child Account feature. This feature lets you restrict access to apps in the Windows store, see what your children are doing on the computer, and limit their screen time. If you have a Mac computer, you can create a new controlled account in System Preferences. There are also internet parental controls and browser extensions that enable you to control what your child does on the internet. On Chrome, you can try getting WebFilter, and MetaCert Parental Controls. Browser tools such as Kiddle can also help prevent your child from visiting harmful websites. Kiddle is a kid-friendly browser powered by Google. Once your child makes a search, Kiddle only displays highly- ranked kid-friendly content.

Use Antiviruses and Applications

There are a lot of antiviruses and applications which provide parental control features. They include mobile apps like mSpy, which allows you to monitor their incoming and outgoing calls, see their location and text messages, and monitor their social media chats. Other apps include AppLock which locks photos, messages, and social media on phones so children can’t do as they wish on their parents’ phones. Antiviruses such as Norton 360 Deluxe also help keep children safe by letting parents supervise and control the amount of time their children spend on the internet, by filtering content appropriate for them, by location tracking, and by setting Youtube restrictions.

Guide your children

Apart from restricting your children through tools, you must also guide them when they use the internet. It is important to try and teach them tips for safe internet browsing- what are safe websites that they can visit, what is content that they should be looking at, what websites are dangerous, and what content they shouldn’t be searching up or looking at all. Show them how to check whether a website is secure or not by checking the website’s URL and certificate. Explain to them why they should not be viewing inappropriate content, and direct them to all the enjoyable child-friendly content they can view.

Discuss their internet usage

Have a casual conversation with them about how they spend their time on the internet. Ask them about what games they play, what videos and shows they watch, what websites they spend their most time on, and whether they spend time on chat platforms and student boards. There are many games that young children play that have gory violence, explicit language, and other content unsuitable for children. There may also be adults playing the games who may try to talk to your child in the game. Children don’t realize how dangerous this is and can share details about themselves, their families, addresses, and more without understanding they are exposing themselves and possibly putting themselves at harm. Ask to watch your child play their online games to ensure that they are having a safe gaming experience. Make sure that the comedic videos they laugh at have appropriate jokes for their age group, and that the shows they watch are made for your child’s age group. Chat rooms and student boards can also be dangerous places as children can give away too much information or talk to adults much older than them without realizing it.

Limit Wi-Fi access time

Restricting broadband internet access to your child will be beneficial not just for their broadband internet usage, but for their overall health as well. If you are wondering how to limit broadband internet access at home, it is easy. Set some time for them to spend on the broadband internet, such as an hour, and then after the allotted time is over, tell them to pursue another activity such as crafts or playing outside. This way, the limited time that your children do spend on the internet is likely to be spent wisely by them. They won’t have extra time to search up random things and find themselves on harmful websites if they’re only allowed one hour on the internet.

For more home wifi safety tips, check out our other blogs.

Why Your Internet Keeps Disconnecting and How To Fix It
February 2021

Frequent disconnection of the internet is one of the most infuriating aspects of digital life and seems to always happen at crucial moments. Perhaps, you were making a payment, speaking in a zoom call, or even at the climax of your favourite Netflix TV show. Either way, disconnection of broadband connection is a common problem, and luckily, it's easily fixable! To begin to fix it, let's first look at the reasons that your broadband connection may be disconnecting:

Slow Speed::

Often, if your internet speed is too slow, your device won’t be able to pick up the connection, causing it to disconnect. This is especially likely if you live in a household where multiple people use the same broadband connection.

Old WiFi Router:

An out-of-date router uses old technology that is incompatible with newer types of broadband connections available today. This is probably the culprit if your router is 5 years old, or even older!

Broken Cables:

Common cables include coaxial, phone, and ethernet cables, each of which indirectly or directly connect your device with an internet connection. A glitch in the physical cable or a wire tear may cause frequent broadband disconnection.

ISP Issues:

ISP stands for internet service provider and includes all major networks from which you might be subscribing to the internet. Often, there will be maintenance work going on in your locality or city-wide glitches, all of which cause a disconnection of broadband connection. Unfortunately, there is no direct method for you to fix this other than calling your ISP provider, understanding the issue, and inquiring about the time frame.

Now that you know a few of the most common reasons behind a frequent disconnection of broadband, here are methods of fixing it:

Resting your Modem

Just like all other devices heat and malfunction with overuse, your modem also can slow down its functioning as it heats up. To fix this, simply plug out your modem, let it cool, once it has rested enough, plug it back in. Now, your WiFi should be connecting again, and the speed should also have increased.

Update your Router

As mentioned above, old firmware tends to be incompatible with new WiFi technology, causing frequent broadband disconnection. The only method of resolving this issue is updating your router with the current model, fixing the issue of frequent disconnection of the broadband, and allowing for fast and stable WiFi.

Virus Elimination

Harmful viruses that may have been downloaded onto your device can bog down your internet speed, causing disconnection of broadband connection. To prevent this from happening, download anti-virus software that eliminates all bug prospects and allows for your internet to run smoothly. If you suspect that your device may already have a virus, you can still download anti-virus software that can then scan your devices for harmful agents.

Faster WiFi Speed

If you have multiple people using the internet or you have multiple devices connected with your WiFi, it's better you upgrade your plan to a higher speed plan. As you can see, more often than not, the disconnection of broadband connection can be boiled down to slow internet speeds. To fix this, update to a faster broadband connection that is also more stable. One such example includes the broadband connections offered by Hathway, which are fast and reliable!

Now that you know why your internet keeps on disconnecting, and how to fix its frequent broadband disconnection, hopefully, your issues are resolved. If you are looking to update your WiFi to a faster speed, a decision that will strengthen your broadband connection and prevent disconnections, click here to see Hathway’s various broadband options.

You Should Know about Common Internet Terminology – Hathway Broadband
March 2021

The internet revolution has us grappling to keep up with all the new concepts and terms brought about by it. As the digital world expands into our personal and professional lives, it’s important to stay on top of the new terms and lingo, so we understand what’s going on around us. While some terms are well known, others are often misunderstood or less known. Below is a list of internet terms which are important for you to know:


In telecommunications, broadband  is wide bandwidth data transmission which transports multiple signals and traffic types. The medium can be coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair. In the context of Internet access, broadband is used to mean any high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than dial-up access over traditional analog services.


An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides a myriad of services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet. Internet service providers can be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned. Internet services typically provided by ISPs can include Internet access, Internet transit, domain name registration, web hosting, Usenet service, and  colocation . An ISP typically serves as the access point or the gateway that provides a user, access to everything available on the Internet


The term bandwidth means the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted over a connection in a certain amount of time. Although it is often confused for internet speed, it actually refers to the volume of data that can be sent over an internet connection. It is calculated in megabits per second, (Mbps). Understanding bandwidth is vital when subscribing to an internet connection. If you have multiple devices that need to be connected to the internet, or you frequently engage in activities such as streaming or gaming, then you will need a higher bandwidth internet connection.

Modem and Router

People are often confused about what these two are and about the difference between them A modem is a network device that both modulates and demodulates analog carrier signals (called sine waves) for encoding and decoding digital information for processing. Modems accomplish both of these tasks simultaneously and, for this reason, the term modem is a combination of "modulate"; and "demodulate."; A modem is a small box that connects your devices to the Internet using cables. Unlike a router, a modem doesn't provide your home with Wi-Fi connectivity. A modem acts as a digital translator, taking an information signal from your cable, fiber or phone lines and making it accessible to your computer. A router is a device that communicates between the internet and the devices in your home that connect to the internet. As its name implies, it “routes” traffic between the devices and the internet. With the right kind of router in your home, you may be able to enjoy faster internet service, help protect your family from cyberthreats, and avoid those maddening Wi-Fi dead spots. A typical home has a range of internet-connected devices — personal computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, thermostats, smart TVs, and more. With your router, these devices form a network. A router directs incoming and outgoing internet traffic on that network in the fastest and most efficient way.

IP Address

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. IP stands fo,Internet Protocol; which is the set of rules governing the format of data sent via the internet or local network.

An Internet Protocol address (IP address)I is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

The IP address space is managed globally by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and by five regional Internet registries (RIRs) responsible in their designated territories for assignment to local Internet registries, such as Internet service providers (ISPs), and other end users.

Internet of Things

The term internet of things refers to all the things, the objects and smart devices that connect to the internet. These devices can all talk to each other, collect data and exchange it over the internet. The term most commonly refers to smart homes, including devices and appliances such as lighting fixtures, thermostats, home security systems, cameras, and other home appliances. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention.


Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive details by impersonating oneself as a trustworthy entity in a digital communication. Phishing is a crime where cyber criminals use fake but convincing emails, web pages, and pages like PayPal screens to get you to type your passwords and PINs.


Malware is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. A wide variety of malware types exist, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, rogue software, wiper and scareware Malware is software that is designed to corrupt, damage, disrupt, or gain unauthorised access to a computerised system. Malware includes computer viruses, spyware, and ransomware. The best ways to prevent malware is to install anti-virus and anti-spyware software, use secure authentication methods, and keep your software updated.


Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send multiple unsolicited messages to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising, for the purpose of non-commercial proselytizing, for any prohibited purpose, or simply sending the same message over and over to the same user.


A firewall is a network security device. It monitors incoming and outcoming network traffic and permits or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. It establishes a barrier between your network and incoming traffic in order to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers. For more on broadband technology, use of broadband, and internet of things, check out our other blogs and website.

Choose Fastest Internet Connection to Sell your Products Online
February 2021

The transaction of selling and buying digitally is known as e-commerce, and it is booming. For most sellers, e-commerce forms a large portion of their sales. At times, the difficulty with beginning to sell products online is navigating the abundance of sites and finding a few that fit your brand aesthetic, with only the best broadband speed required for ecommerce websites. Before you get into the different places to sell your products in India, here are some of the biggest benefits of selling products online:

Fast launches - Instead of being weighed down by the details of a physical store launch, you can make your appearance to sell products online at any time, and because all marketing will be digital, chances are that it will be much faster as well. This ensures that only with the fastest broadband internet speed for ecommerce websites, products can reach customers as soon as possible!

Larger customer base - With e-commerce, any user of the internet is a potential customer. This is vastly different from physical selling that is intensely limited by geographical constraints. With only a internet broadband speed required to sell online, everyone is a customer.

Benefits of established marketplaces - People are more likely to trust a product that is offered on an established platform like Amazon or Flipkart than they are to trust another site. The benefit of this is that you can start to sell products online individually and on a platform, increasing the probability of sales while also building customer trust.

Now that you know the various benefits of online selling, how can you go about it? Using e-commerce portals - As mentioned previously, mass product marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, 1mg, PayTM, etc. have the reputation to back your products. Moreover, once you get started on them, your brand identity will also build, driving traffic towards your own site (if you have one) and towards your social media. All you really need is the best broadband speed required for ecommerce websites for your business to boom.

Selling Socially - Social media consumes much of our time and targeted ads are a lucrative way to identify and cater to your customer base. Virtually all social media platforms have a targeted ad feature that you, as a seller, can use to reach your customers. Further, Instagram and Facebook have shop features that allow buyers to shop directly through a brand’s social media page. FB has a marketplace section, where anyone can upload their product, select the region that they want to sell in and start to sell products online.

Building your Site - Creating your own website offers the most advantages - crafting a perfect aesthetic, keeping the full revenue, being in direct communication with customers, etc. Several sites like Wix allow anyone to build a virtual shop easily, making it accessible to all sellers who have the best broadband speed required for ecommerce websites. This is the fastest and most direct way of selling to your customers. Even Google allows you to build the sites within minutes with their templates, all you need is a fast broadband speed required to sell online.

To summarise, here are the key steps to start selling online :

  • Decide what products to sell. 
  • Identify your target market
  • Pick an all-in-one e-commerce platform
  • Build your online store
  • Advertise and market your web store

For more tips to sell products online and general tips for the internet, check out Hathway Broadband’s other blogs. As a broadband service provider, we know how important the internet is in furthering your business. We also know you can’t use the internet to its full potential without the required fastest broadband internet speed for your ecommerce website. For speedy, reliable, and durable broadband internet connections, visit our website. We have a variety of plans for each city, depending on your personal internet broadband needs.

Best way to manage your Internet connection – Download Hathway App
March 2021

Once you have subscribed to Hathway broadband connection, all you need to know is how to manage your subscription. With Hathway Broadband, you do not need to check data usage on the Wifi router or call to find out how much internet data you have used, to renew your broadband plan, or to upgrade to a fastest broadband plan with faster speed or more data. Unlike other broadband service provider, you do not have to spend time on the Hathway Broadband’s website either. Instead, you can just download the Hathway Broadband App to manage your internet connection.

Apps make everything easier. You download and install an app once, enter your account number or registered mobile number, and then everything is right there, just one tap away when you need it. Hathway Broadband’s app makes a whole gamut of services possible with just a click. From renewing your internet connection to paying your bills and choosing the best broadband plans, you can do it all from Hathway Broadband’s app.

The first step is simply to download Hathway Broadband’s app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can find the app on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store. (provide the link for easy access) You can use the Hathway Broadband internet connection app:

  • To track broadband data usage 
  • To check your internet speed
  • For paying bills
  • To change your broadband plan
  • To top up your plan
  • To raise a service ticket
  • To change your mobile number and email id
  • To download your invoice
  • To update your GST details
  • To Register/track all inquiries related to service, address change, shifting, payment etc.

Below are the answers to how to use the Hathway Broadband app for specific services:

To view the current plan:

Your current plan, its expiry date and how much you paid for it, and how much data you have used will be visible on the ‘Home” tab.

To check broadband usage:

After logging in, you will see the “Data Usage” tab on the sidebar of the app. Click the tab to view your day-wise data consumption. You can even choose the date range to check the data consumption.

To renew your plan online:

On the “Home” screen you will see the “Review and Pay” button. When you click this button you will get to see the details like your account number, plan name, pay term and amount. Below the total amount you will find different payment options to proceed for payment.

To upgrade your plan:

At the bottom of the “Home” screen you will get three tabs: change plan, compare plan and offers. At the bottom of the “Change Plan” tab, you can see all of the plans available to you. Click any of the plan’s names to see the plan’s details. Comparing plan function allows you to compare two specific plans. Click on “my dashboard’”, and then “view more” under ‘“current plan”. Click on the “Upgrade” option in the corner. You will see a list of plans best suited for you. Choose your preferred plan and click on the “Pay Now” button to proceed.

For more on the Hathway app, to know the best Wi-Fi plans, reliable broadband internet connections, and how to pay Hathway Broadband bills, check out our website. To pay Hathway bill online, download our app now.

How to Fix Wifi Connection and Common Router Problems
April 2021

Router issues are pervasive to all kinds of WiFi systems and are universally annoying. Luckily for us, there are usually easy fixes for these troublesome yet common disturbances. To know more about router problems and solutions, keep reading to learn how to fix WiFi problems of all kinds.

Update the Model:

Often with age, routers stop working, or at the very least slow down their functioning, causing interruptions in your wifi connection. If this happens, first check the make of your router. The model may be too old and require change. Then try switching your router off, leaving it off for two minutes, and then switching it on again. Place the router in a position where nothing is obstructing it, and it is near where you are using your devices. If you still don’t get the promised speed of your router, you’ll need to change routers, to a new and updated model. If you are already using the latest model of the router, reach out to the customer service team of your service provider. They’ll help you solve the issue.

Try a Different Device

To rule out the possibility that your router problems have less to do with your WiFi connection and instead lie with a specific device, it’s safe to try connecting through a different device. In case it does connect, try bringing the problematic device closer to the WiFi internet source or conduct a software-assisted troubleshoot programme, as is offered by Mac and Windows.

Reset the Router

While knowing how to troubleshoot a WiFi internet router varies according to different kinds of models, some basic information should stay the same. The first being pressing the reset button for an extended duration of time. This differs from simply turning it on and off as it involves a system reset and can be done through either a physical button or by accessing the router settings. If the router is not working after reset, contact your local WiFi service provider for more custom advice.

Reassessing who has Access

We often share our WiFi password with neighbours and guests without much of a second thought. However, if those around you have all been accessing your WiFi, chances are that the problem is less with your Wi-Fi router not working than it is with how many people are clogging your signal. You can try viewing the DHCP client list of your WiFi connection to get an idea of how many devices are connected to it, and if this isn't available, try accessing the attached devices tab. Alternatively, if you want to share your Wi-Fi, you can provide others temporary access to it instead of simply giving the password. Regardless, if your Wi-Fi is still slow, consider changing your WiFi password to avoid any future unwanted disturbances like this.

If you have tried to troubleshoot your WiFi router and it still has problems, connect your laptop directly using a LAN cable with the modem or router and do the speed test. If you get the desired speed which your plans promise to deliver then surely the router is faulty and you need to change this device.

Using a different wifi connection and router could help. One such option for speedy and stable WiFi connection with readily available router assistance comes in the form of Hathway’s broadband options. To view the varieties offered and to learn more about the details of Hathway routers, click here.

How to educate your children about internet safety
April 2021

Our increasingly digitized world allows us to connect and learn more than ever, but it also brings about new dangers with it, especially for children. It’s important to ensure your kids are using the internet safely to avoid scamming, cyberbullying, and other problems. To ensure your children’s safety on the internet, you must educate them about how to stay safe online. You can install child internet safety software on your children’s devices, but your children can always find other ways to access the content they shouldn’t be, such as on their friend’s device or on the computers at school. What’s crucial for child internet safety, is explaining to your children how they can ensure that they are safe online themselves. Below are 5 ways to educate your children on internet safety:

Explain why it is important to keep personal information private

Often with age, routers stop working, or at the very least slow down their functioning, causing interruptions in your wifi connection. If this happens, first check the make of your router. The model may be too old and require change. Then try switching your router off, leaving it off for two minutes, and then switching it on again. Place the router in a position where nothing is obstructing it, and it is near where you are using your devices. If you still don’t get the promised speed of your router, you’ll need to change routers, to a new and updated model. If you are already using the latest model of the router, reach out to the customer service team of your service provider. They’ll help you solve the issue.

Teach your kids how to safely use social networking sites

This is especially important for teenage safety on the internet. Young adults may post pictures and information about their lives online for the world to see without realising the consequences. Their pictures, opinions, and any information about themselves can be visible forever, even if they delete it. In the future, employers will be able to search them up and see what they’ve put out there. Teach your children to post content online that will not reveal anything about themselves, damage their image, or potentially cause them harm in any way.

Have a discussion about cyberbullying

This is one of the most important child internet safety tips. If your children post something and receive hurtful comments from strangers online, it can make them feel terrible about themselves. People say the most horrible things behind a screen, as they are anonymous. Tell your children this. The internet world is not the real world. There will always be trolls on the internet for whatever you post. It’s best to block these trolls and report them, rather than to engage. Tell your children to focus on the love and support they get from their friends and family, rather than to rely on strangers.

Talk to them about the content online

Kids often view content that they shouldn’t simply because they have been told not to, and whenever you tell a child, or even an adult not to do something, they’re naturally very curious about doing it. Explain to them why they shouldn’t be viewing certain content, rather than just telling them not to view it. They’ll be less likely to try and see something that they know is harmful to them..

Remind them you’re always on their side

If your children do reveal their personal details, post a picture or video they shouldn’t, or face cyberbullying, tell them that they should always come to you with the problem and you’ll help them solve it. Don’t be harsh and judgmental- kids these days are growing up in an entirely different world than you did. Help them report the bully or get the picture taken down, and remind them how to be safe on the internet again.  For more on how to protect my child on the internet and internet safety for children/kids, see the rest of our blogs here:

Can Digital Learning Become the New Normal?
March 2021

Although the world’s sudden and forced exposure to digital learning in 2020 wasn't the best introduction, the past year and a half have illuminated serval merits of it that can be transferred onto our regular, non-remote lives as well. However, one key element is the need for a stable broadband connection for digital learning, making the idea of digital learning as the new normal a step after ensuring that there is adequate global access to Wi-Fi conection and digital learning platforms.

While one of the biggest advantages of digital learning is the self-paced approach, it also has a few negatives in comparison to in-person learning. Primarily, the lack of social contact that at a younger age is deemed to be essential to learn adequate social skills and to adopt peer information and social cognition. Conversely, the individualistic approach that digital learning platforms provide inculcates a level of responsibility at an early age, ensuring that children learn to be responsible for their education. This is also seen to be a huge benefit for children with ADHD and Dyslexia who may not cope well in the comparatively high stress and crowded atmosphere in regular schools.

Ultimately, it is a choice of personal preference. And as of now, the return back to in-person learning seems to be the trend. However, the inclusion of digital learning has made certain advantages unignorable. Additionally, digital learning has promoted education more, as regardless of the location, all you need is the best Wi-Fi plan for digital learning to be able to participate effectively in a classroom and access information that previously may have been unreachable. The relative inclusivity of digital learning is something that can be adapted into a new learning method after the pandemic - this is now being known as hybrid learning.

Hybrid learning involves a digital learning platform that is combined with certain in-person activities to ensure the most fruitful education experience for children. By creating a blend of online course material access and assessment processes with in-person and social team-building activities, schools can custom create a new type of learning style. One key factor that is expected to continue is the need for the best broadband plans for digital learning as this is what the education experience hinges on. Even for schools reopening, a broadband connection is required for learning as every class will undoubtedly include online videos and tests.

While no conclusive statement can be made, the overlap between digital learning and in-person learning seems to be increasingly undeniable. This makes the need for the best Wi-Fi plan options to promote education essential. To access one such fast and reliable broadband connection that is required for digital learning, click here  to view Hathway’s various broadband options.

How To Exercise From Your Desk During Work From Home
June 2021

Even before work from home, most of us were bound to our desks and chairs for large stretches throughout the day. The work culture of today necessitates this kind of stationery life but with a few tweaks, you can still get a great workout throughout the day using your desk and chair! If you think exercise isn’t important enough to hold a high priority for you, consider this - our productivity, health, focus, and mental health are fully tied to exercise. Sitting for long durations has also been tied to a myriad of health issues like undue weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Keeping active while always using the internet connection for work from home life will also help you balance your energy levels to ensure that you don’t suffer from any mood dips. To get started, let's look at us some simple stretches you can do anywhere.

Neck Rolls

Looking down at your laptop can cause serious stiffness in your neck and may even begin to hurt your back. To prevent this, take time to relax and slowly roll your neck from one side to the other, and switch the direction halfway.

Shoulder Stretch

By lifting both arms up into the air and locking your hands together, you can get a great back and shoulder stretch that strengthens and relaxes your muscles simultaneously. For maximum effect, you can even hold the stretch until you feel your arms beginning to tire.

Hand Stretch

Typing and writing for large parts of the day can lock your fingers, often resulting in painful joint pain that you don’trealise until much later. To avoid chances of this happening, take time to stretch out your fingers and palms, flexing continuously. Another method is to stand, place both hands palm-down onto your desk, and reverse your hands so that your fingers point towards you. This will help release tension locked in your wrists and should make you feel much better!

It's also important to note the while you may be wrapped up in your unlimited broadband plan for work from home, it is still important to break a sweat - and this goes beyond stretching. So, to juggle managing between picking the best wifi plans for work from home and staying healthy and fit, here are a few upper and lower body exercises you can do with no equipment.

Arm Circles & Pulses

Extend your arms straight out the sides and maintain a straight back as you begin to move your arms in a circle. Do one side until you feel your arms begin to burn, and then reverse! For pulses, stand straight with your arms down at your side, palms facing behind you. From here, simply move them back and forth in a pulse formation for a good tricep workout.

Chair Squats

When you’re preoccupied with the best internet service for working from home, even your break times can often be watching Netflix or Youtube. While doing this, all you have to do is place your chair slightly behind you as a reference, and then squat down - stopping just before you touch the seat.

Calf Raises

To work on your calf muscles, simply raise your heels and stay on your toes repeatedly. If you find balance to be an issue, just hold onto the chair for support!

With these simple exercises in mind, you can focus on projects from your internet connection for work from home while still getting a great workout. This will not only make you more productive but will also boost your mood! To not get bogged down by a slow speed that ruins your workflow, click here to view Hathway’s broadband options for the best wifi plans for work from home.

Tips To Keep Kids Actively Engaged at Home During the Pandemic
April 2021

You might be struggling to find ways to ensure that your kids remain actively engaged throughout the day during the pandemic. Finding ways to keep kids entertained, mentally and physically, while you work, is now an essential part of every parent’s planning. To make your planning easier, this list gives you a few ideas to help keep your children productively engaged. One factor on which all of the suggestions hinge is a fast, stable, and reliable internet connection. So, if you need a broadband connection, your first step is to get a broadband connection at home as soon as possible.

Online classes

Virtual classes are often the simplest and most effective method of ensuring that children stick to a routine that benefits them, as well as you! You can find extracurricular classes such as arts and craft, music, dancing, and science online. Their classes need not be only academic as you can ask your child what hobby they have been interested in pursuing lately and sign them up for a month-long course on that particular hobby. This is a great way to keep your kids engaged throughout the day, online classes give them purpose and goals, and the skills they acquire will also be helpful in the future!

Mentally stimulating gameplay

Modern games that are specially designed to challenge kids and promote fun and learning are growing increasingly popular, making them easy to find, with only a broadband connection needed. Such games might appear playful to draw the children in but include arithmetic, grammar, and logic skills that require intense focus and wit. Thus, with these games, your child can learn various important skills taught while still feeling like they’re playing! Another benefit of these games is that they teach children to focus, as the games often require long durations or a levelled approach that takes patience..


With school, playtime, and hobbies being stationary activities during the pandemic, children need to find a way to exercise. This is not only essential for maintaining health but also for helping children get rid of excess energy, allowing for more focus and attention during study periods. There are various exercise programmes available for kids on the internet, some of which also veer towards a calmer approach like meditation and yoga, and others that increase energy like Zumba and cardio games. Once you have a broadband connection at home, you can ensure that your child is exercising as per the daily requirement for children and having fun while doing so.

With the variety of the internet, children can do so much more including learning new skills and hobbies, educating themselves in ways they previously couldn’t, and having fun in an online space. All you need is a broadband connection to ensure that they’re always productivity preoccupied, even when they’re stuck at home. To get started with these activities, you must first find a strong and fast broadband connection. Click here to view Hathway’s broadband options for your home.

Easy Ways to Extend your Home WiFi Connection
May 2021

With the increased wifi connection dependency because of work from home, online classes, video calls you may find yourself in a situation where your broadband wifi signals simply isn’t extending far enough. Perhaps your designated workspace is too far from the router or your house has thick walls that block the signal, whatever the case, this article will list out different types of wifi extension options so that your wifi for home is the best it can be.

Mesh Wifi Network

A mesh network extender is a type of wifi connection extender that works through distributing broadband through the house using several different routers, each of which act as nodes. By creating a multitude of hotspots for your wifi connection, a mesh network can be an effective tool to ensure that all parts of your house are getting equal access to your wifi plans.

Reposition the Router

Even if you have the best wifi plans available, your wifi connection is only as good as the placement of your router. Since the router is responsible for the dispersal of your wifi connection, a slow and weak connection is often an indicator that there might be something wrong with the positioning of the router instead of the quality of broadband. Ensure that your router is placed in a location free from obstructions like walls or heavy furniture, preferably out in the centre of the room. Also, consider moving your router’s antenna so that it lies perpendicular to the device instead of pointing in a random direction.

Wifi Repeater or Extender

A wifi extender is also known as a booster or repeater and helps strengthen your wifi connection by rebroadcasting the signal. This repetition helps increase the range of your wifi connection while still adhering to the same wifi plans. Getting a wifi repeater is one of the easiest and most economical ways to boost your wifi for home without hunting for different wifi plans.

Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a method of boosting your broadband and works through a simple attachment to your router through an ethernet cable. The ease and accessibility of power line adapters make them a great choice for those looking to get a wifi connection in specific areas that are difficult to get a signal in.

Even the best wifi plans need equally good router placement. If a clear and open space isn’t possible, or the signal remains weak, you have plenty of options in the form of a mesh network, wifi repeater/extender/booster, power line adapters, and access points. For more information on the best wifi plans and broadband options, click here to view Hathway’s wifi services.

How to have a successful virtual summer internship
May 2021

As exam season is ending, the summer internship season is upon us. While in the past, summer internships were in-person, allowing students to fully immerse themselves into the role and the organisation, summer internships 2021 are online, because of the pandemic. This is probably not any student’s ideal way to do a summer internship, but there are still ways to have a successful one and make the most of it. Below are five ways to have a successful virtual summer internship for students:

Apply early

To get the internship that is the best fit for you, start applying early. Begin looking for internships even before you finish your exams, if possible. After you finish them, speed up your search. Look for opportunities that require the skill set you have. You needn’t have all the skills they require- you’ll learn a lot on the job- but for most positions, having a degree in that field and some experience or training is important.

Browse the right internship sites

To get a good internship which teaches you the ropes of the profession and introduces you to potential future employers, you must search for internships in the right places.

Below are great places to find the internship you want:

  • LinkedIn
  • Internshala
  • InternWorld
  • stuMagz
  • Twenty19
  • LetsIntern

You can narrow down your search by years of experience, industry, timings, and expertise on these websites to find the role that is perfect for you.

Create a good CV

To stand out from the rest and get hired, you need to present your skills and accomplishments the best way you can. Millions of students get the same degree and thousands will have similar past work and internship experiences. You need to show recruiters why you’re special. For example, if you want a coding internship, write about how you taught yourself all the computer/coding languages. If you want to work in publishing, tell them about how you’ve interviewed authors before, or have written really good book reviews.

Here are a few things you must include on your CV:

  • Name and contact information
  • Education: the schools you went to, the college you’re attending, the subjects you are taking
  • A summary: of who you are, what you aspire to do, what you bring to the table
  • Work experience: any internships you have previously had
  • Volunteer experience: including volunteer experience shows that you are a well-rounded candidate and someone who gives back to the community
  • Skills: any computer languages you know, Microsoft suite, Adobe applications, design, UX, machine learning
  • Awards and certificates: include any awards and certificates you have received. They’ll show your hard work and determination: any computer languages you know, Microsoft suite, Adobe applications, design, UX, machine learning

It’s vital to ensure your CV is grammatically correct, concise and easy to read as well.

Have the best broadband plan for internships

A broadband connection is required in order to have a successful summer internship from your home. The best broadband plans for students are those that have high-speed internet and unlimited data. As a college student with an internship, you could be using your internet connection for your summer internship, streaming from OTT platforms, gaming, social media, and more. Your family members will also be using the same internet connection. If you’re going to work all day, you must ensure that your connection is high-speed and unlimited so everyone can have a smooth, uninterrupted experience. You don’t want to be unable to download a large file for work or have your internet stop working in the middle of a conference call with your boss. That’s why you must ensure that you have the best broadband plan for internships. Hathway Broadband has the best internet plans for college students in every city. Check them out on their website.

Ace the interview

Once you have been accepted on the basis of your CV, most companies will schedule an interview with you. The key is to be prepared. Be ready to:

Talk about your background, current studies, and general interests: explain where you grew up, what subjects you studied, what your professional interests are

Your future aspirations: if you’re applying for a marketing internship, tell the interviewer whether you wish to be a senior copywriter some day, or an account executive, or content planning head

The work you have done at previous roles: often employers choose you because your previous work experience has given you work that prepares you for the role. Explain specifically what you did in the role- what tasks you completed, how you did them, how you acted as a leader, what you learnt from the experience overall.

What special skills you bring to the table: if the role requires knowledge of computer languages, tell the interviewer all the ones you know. If you’ve taught yourself anything or taken a special course, mention that as well.

What you hope to gain from the position you are interviewing for: explain why you’re interested in this particular position. If you want to copyedit books in the future, how will this role develop you so you can reach your aspirations? What will it teach you?

Ask questions about the role and company: when the interviewer asks if you have any questions, always have a few already in mind. This shows genuine curiosity about the company.

Work hard and build relationships

Companies often hire students for full-time roles from internships. The thing is, many companies have several interns and only a few full-time roles. You must make yourself stand out among the sea of interns. This means working extra hard and smart and building meaningful relationships with your supervisors and co-workers. You want the company to remember you as someone who had a good impact on the company’s work as well as the people in it. This is hard to do online, but all the more necessary. When the world opens up, you want to have a good job lined up.

Ways to build relationships:

  • Always greet employees when you enter in the mornings
  • When you both have time, ask employees what their role is and what they do in their roles
  • If you have extra time, ask someone who in not your direct supervisor if you can help them with their projects
  • Be reliable with your work
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Always be willing to learn new ways of doing things
  • Take feedback and constructive criticism well, and use it to improve your work
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Don’t come late, complain, or have a negative attitude towards anyone or anything

Be a leader

Not just in summer internships, but in the larger world right now as well, leaders are needed. In your summer internship, be the positive one when no one feels like working because of the situation around us. Lift the spirits of other interns and inspire them. If someone is going through something difficult, be there for them, and show others how to empathise as well. And when there's a big project due, take the initiative to lead, dole out responsibilities, and have everyone work together as a team. Showing that you can be a kind and effective leader will go a long way.

For more on the best internet plan for college students and the required broadband connection for work from home, click here.

What Internet Broadband Speed Do You Need For Live Streaming At 1080p?
June 2021

Much of our activity on the internet is tied up with streaming. Most of our leisure activities, in the form of listening to music, relaxing with your favourite comfort series, or watching a new and exciting movie revolves around streaming speeds based on your broadband plan. Luckily, while all modern devices such as smartphones, laptops, and desktops are well equipped mechanically to withstand such activities, a more fluctuating and trickier factor is that of your internet broadband speed. A high speed broadband connection determines everything from the speed, pixel quality, and preciseness of sound.

So what is the best internet broadband speed for streaming at 1080p? Ultimately, although websites can give you ballpark figures, it does vary from platform to platform and ultimately hinges on the reliability and quality of your broadband plan. It’s important to remember that whatever figures you ultimately choose for the highest quality streaming, the safest option is to also account for a 30-40% buffer. This helps you consider generally unaccountable variables like speed fluctuation, broadband hogging by other users, and unfavourable weather conditions, all of which can slow down your high speed broadband connection and may result in lower quality streaming.

For some of the most common streaming platforms that we use on a daily basis, here are the ideal streaming speeds needed so that you can choose your broadband plan accordingly:

  • Hulu functions best and provides high-quality streaming at a speed of 3-6 Mbps.
  • Spotify provides high-quality music streaming at a speed of 320 Kbps.
  • Netflix provides high-definition streaming at a speed of 5 Mbps.
  • For Facebook Live, the most recommended broadband speed is 4 Mbps to upload content and 5 Mbps to watch live streams.
  • For Twitch, to upload streams, you will need a broadband speed between 3-6 Mbps to upload live streams, and a speed of 4-6 Mbps to watch them.
  • For Youtube Live, the most recommended streaming speed is between 1-15 Mbps.

Now that you know the rough internet broadband speed figures for streaming, keep in mind that ultimately, your speed is only as good as the company that provides it. The reliability, stability, safety, and help in terms of customer support that your internet provider offers is of utmost importance as it will influence all of your broadband activity, including streaming. With these basic figures and tips in mind, you can get the high-speed broadband connection you’re looking for with Hathway’s internet plans. To view Hathway’s broadband plan options, click here.

The Best Apps for Tracking and Reducing Screen Time.
June 2021

Increased screen time is a harmful by-product of modern life and can seriously damage our eyes, deplete productivity, and cause stress. To learn how to effectively reduce this fatigue, check out this list of the best apps for tracking and reducing screen time.

With all of our lives synced to our phones, we all are facing the pitfalls of increased screen time. From strained eyes by night to extreme tiredness during the day, an excessive amount of time spent on social media can seriously harm our physical and mental health. To help find ways to reduce this fatigue and help you live a more fulfilling life, here are the best apps for tracking and reducing screen time.


One of the best screen time apps for Android and iOS is Space. Space claims to help you find the perfect phone/life balance by tracking your daily phone activity to see how and when you are wasting time. However, it is not only a screen time lock app as it also includes options to add screen time goals for you to meet and also helps you understand your current phone habits. By analysing why you are on certain apps, be it boredom or work, you can then learn more about yourself while also reducing time spent online through the best screen time app for Android.

Screen Time & Parental Control App by ZenScreen

If you are looking for the best app for monitoring screen time for your child or teen, try this one by ZenScreen. By including parental controls in a basic screen time application, you can learn when and how your child is wasting unnecessary time on their phone. It learns your average behaviour to then recommend periods during which you should put your phone away and ultimately, acts as a perfect screen time lock app..


YourHour is a digital wellness screen time app for Android that helps break phone addictions by controlling the amount of time you can spend on certain apps. By creating an average time per app, you can then see which app takes up most of your time and then set controls accordingly. Its easy interface and simple aesthetic make it one of the best screen time applications available.


If you have been struggling to focus because of the constant distraction of a phone, maybe this is the best app for monitoring screen time for you. Freedom is geared towards ensuring that you are as productive and focused as can be by locking certain apps to help block distractions. Freedom makes creating custom blocklists and a productivity schedule incredibly easy, making it the best app for tracking and reducing screen time.

Hopefully, this list has helped you find the best app for tracking and reducing the screen time according to your specific usage. Even if you don’t think that you are personally suffering from excessive phone usage, simply try a screen time application and see if your life feels better. With this list of the best apps for monitoring screen time in mind, download one to track how dependent you are on your phone! To read more, click here to view Hathway’s blogs.

The Best Fiber Broadband Plan in Mumbai for Binge-Watching Your Favourite Series
June 2021

As the weekend rolls around, and as summer heat makes all of us lazy and tired, there is no better way to spend your days than to binge-watch your current favourite series. With the endless options provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hotstar, Disney+, and YouTube Originals, there is more content than ever before for you to wade through. All you need to make your binge-watching days as satisfying as possible are snacks, comfortable couches, and access to the best wifi plans in Mumbai . Luckily, Hathway is here to help with the latter.

The importance of good internet broadband speed for streaming for binge-watching cannot be overstated, making the fastest wifi plans in Mumbai essential. However, some of you may be asking why you even have to search for fiber optic broadband plan in Mumbai to make binge- watching easier. To understand why let’s look at some quick facts:

  • There has been an increasing consumer shift to watching shows on laptops, or by syncing the TV to a laptop, because of the amazing access that the internet provides.
  • You need to be careful about which broadband provider you choose as some streaming can consume large amounts of data without you even realising it.
  • The quality of video and sound is directly related to the internet speed that your broadband provider supplies.

Despite the various factors to consider, there is no need for any panic. You are saved from hours and hours of research by avoiding Google searches such as ‘broadband services near me’ with access to the best wifi plans in Mumbai. Hathway’s prepaid fiber optic broadband plan in Mumbai are here to answer all of your binge-watching needs by providing you with fast speed, reliability, and a variety of options so that you always get the best possible deal.

Despite the various factors to consider, there is no need for any panic. You are saved from hours and hours of research by avoiding Google searches such as ‘broadband services near me’ with access to the best wifi plans in Mumbai. Hathway’s prepaid fiber optic broadband plan in Mumbai are here to answer all of your binge-watching needs by providing you with fast speed, reliability, and a variety of options so that you always get the best possible deal.

  • GPON SuperBlast that gives user 100 Mbps speed, unlimited FUP, and starts at the great price of Rs. 2,247.
  • GPON Premium takes it up a notch and provides 150 Mbps, unlimited FUP, and starts at the unbeatable price of Rs. 2,697.
  • GPON Super Premium gives users 200 Mbps speed, unlimited FUP, and starts at Rs. 2,997.
  • The last but most impressive option is the GPON 300 Mbps plan. As the name suggests, a speed of 300 Mbps is provided with unlimited FUP at a price of Rs. 3,750.

To get started with the best fiber optic broadband plan in Mumbai for a weekend of binge-watching, click here to learn more about Hathway’s broadband plans.

A Complete Guide to WiFi Network Security Methods
May 2021

With so much of our lives being dependent on broadband wifi for work , education, leisure, and communication, we simultaneously need to also learn how to protect our wifi network. The hidden danger of hackers who could steal information and exploit personal data is ever-present and even the best wifi connection can’t stop them. So how do internet providers make sure that the broadband wifi is safe and secure? To begin, let us first understand how wireless security methods work to help assess what kind of security is best for you.

Wireless security is a mechanism put in place to prevent unwanted users, in the form of hackers, from gaining access to your home broadband wifi. By limiting access to only you, and those who you give access to, you can safeguard your wifi network along with your personal data. There are four types of wireless security available for you to choose from:

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy.

This is the original wifi security measure and while most other devices have matured to more modern forms of wireless security, WEP works well for older devices whose broadband wifi still stands at risk. Unfortunately, it is also the least secure method as hackers over time have learned to crack it, making it important historically but a poor choice for consumers.

WPA stands for Wifi Protected Access

As loopholes and flaws emerged in WEP, WPA rose to fix them and provide a safer alternative. By creating a changing 128-bit key, known as the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), in comparison to WEP’s stationery key, the WPA proved to be a more modern security measure that was harder to break into, resulting in a better level of security for your home broadband..


As technology developed further, the WPA2 was introduced in 2004 and added more features to wifi security by replacing WPA’s TKIP with the CCMP - the Counter Mode Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol. Within WPA2 are two other broadband wifi security measures, the WPA2-PSK, and the WPA2-Enterprise.


As technology developed further, the WPA2 was introduced in 2004 and added more features to wifi security by replacing WPA’s TKIP with the CCMP - the Counter Mode Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol. Within WPA2 are two other broadband wifi security measures, the WPA2-PSK, and the WPA2-Enterprise.

The WPA2-PSK stands for Pre-Shared Key and it requires a security password in order to access the wifi network. This is what we now know as the modern password-protected wifi connection, it’s what saves us from sharing unlimited wifi plans for home with the neighbourhood! As long as you trust those with who you share the password, the WPA2-PSK is a safe residential security measure for you to choose. The WPA2-Enterprise authenticates all wifi network users through a RADIUS server. By authenticating all devices before they are allowed to access the broadband wifi connection, a safety tunnel is created that prevents unwanted users from entering. This makes it a very safe choice for consumers looking to protect their data.


However, the best choice comes in the form of the WPA3, the latest security measure that provides even greater password protection, increased security for enterprise networks, and individualised encryption to ensure that your data is always safe. The WPA3-PSK improves upon the previous method by strengthening the authentication process further. By ensuring interaction from the user during access attempts, the lengthy process discourages hackers by slowing them down significantly. The WPA3-Enterprise offers small changes by ensuring a process to confirm the identity of the server to which the device is connecting.

Now that you know the four big methods of network security, you can see the tiers of safety for yourself and can then weigh the features according to your specific security needs and decide on the perfect one to fit the best wifi connection for your home. With a valid security measure in place, you can be secure in the fact that your home wifi network is safe and protected, and so is your data. To learn more about broadband, click here , to go to Hathway’s safe wifi options.

Work From Home Internet Tips for IT professionals
July 2021

As the second wave of the pandemic has slowly begun to recede in India and the looming fear of the third wave remains, many of us continue to function within the confines of a work from home lifestyle. While the concern of finding the best wifi plans for work from home to ensure constant productivity is common to all, many may be struggling. IT professionals, in particular, have to heavily consider the internet speed they have and may even be contemplating switching to an unlimited broadband plan for work from home. If you ever need tips to make sure that your broadband connection can easily support multiple video calls, quick communication, and heavy files, you have this list to help you.

Assess Your Existing Internet Plan

While there are many connections claiming to be the best internet plans for work from home, is yours one of them? If you have ever struggled to connect to calls, had poor video and sound quality, and an overall slow experience when trying to quickly get through work, chances are you need to change your wifi plan. The best internet connection for working from home will allow you to seamlessly transition between juggling heavy work files to relaxing with a good quality streaming service at night without having to compromise on speed.

Consider Download and Upload Speeds

The best wifi connection for work from home will have a fast download and upload speed to make your internet experience as smooth as possible. Download speeds refer to how fast you can access information and helps you stream, load emails, and view websites faster. However, upload speeds deserve equal analysis when searching for the best internet connection for working from home. Upload speeds refer to how easily you can put information on the internet in terms of uploading posts, attaching files, and being visible during work video calls.

Analyse Data Plans

Given that every action on the internet requires data, it is an important factor to consider when trying to find the best wifi plans for work from home. While the most obvious and tempting option would be to invest in an unlimited broadband plan for work from home, do IT professionals really need it? For example, the most common video call app for work, Zoom, only has a recommended upload and download speed of 1.2-3 Mbps. This figure should fit well within other 100 Mbps plans that are more economical are still provide the best wifi connection for work from home.

Secure Connections and Home Networks

VPN connections are still vulnerable if access into the user’s home network is gained, making it important to create as many remote access gateways as possible. Consider educating clients on the easiest ways to reconfigure routers for increased security to protect their unlimited broadband plan for work from home. Depending on the specific router model, there are configurations in place to differentiate between home and guest users to ensure that their connection is secure.

Encrypt Data

The easiest way to ensure that all stored data is safe from the reach of hackers is to encrypt it at every stage. By encrypting data into specially segregated folders using an encryption software, all private information remains safe and secure. Even if you have invested in the best wifi connection for work from home and someone else gains access to it, your data will be safe.

Separate User Accounts

While there are methods of protecting your best internet connection for working from home, it still is ideal to separate business from recreation. For example, teenagers and children using the same account as adults who have stored private business information on the same device might be a risky move. By segregating information and accounts within the device itself, IT professionals can avoid the threat of hackers accessing information.

Stay Calm & Maintain Open Communication

Even with the experience that comes from over a year of living in a pandemic, and even with the best internet plans for work from home, it can be hard to focus and communicate clearly. By keeping regularly scheduled personal hours and avoiding work during these slots, you can recharge in a peaceful environment. Additionally, it can be hard to collaborate and work as seamlessly at home as one used to in an office but scheduling regular meetings and group check-ins is a good way to ensure effective communication and keep morale high for other IT professionals too..

Ultimately, no tip learned from any article will compare to the productivity and ease that comes from having the best wifi plans for work from home. Given that heavy internet usage is unavoidable as an IT professional, save your time and deeply consider either upgrading your existing data plan or switching to an unlimited broadband plan for work from home. To help you in your search for the best internet plans for work from home, click here to view Hathway’s broadband options to gain a head-start.

The Impact of Online Gaming in India on Internet Users
July 2021

With the increased time spent at home during the pandemic along with a general steady increase in the number of youth playing games, online gaming in India has boomed. Aided by the best broadband provider and broadband plans that market and advertise the best wifi connection for gaming , it’s now hard to think of a single person who doesn’t regularly dedicate hours to gaming. As per data from Sensor Tower, within the first four months of 2020 alone, India saw an increase of 7.3 billion game downloads on mobile phones alone. While lockdown has undoubtedly boosted gaming in India, there is no denying that even before stay-at-home mandates, India was the perfect market for online gaming to take off. Let’s look at exactly why:

India’s Youth

India is one of the most youth-driven countries in the world with over 75% of its population being under the age of 45. Not only does this often translate into increased leisure time for school or college students, but it also hints at a cultural shift towards gaming as a normalized everyday activity. With some of the best broadband providers in the country offering multiple and economical plans for the best broadband for online gaming, it seems obvious that the youth would steadily grow attracted to this online market. Coupled with the increasing urbanization of previously rural communities and philanthropic efforts to provide students with the best internet plan for gaming, education, and research, the massive advancement of the online gaming community in India seemed inevitable.

Mobile Gaming

When thinking of the best wifi connection for gaming, we often limit this to PC- run games, or those limited to laptops. However, our smartphones downloads also count towards gaming and there are many plans that offer the best broadband for online gaming geared towards mobile phone use. As smartphones become cheaper and a larger percent of the population relies on them, the amount of people exposed to online gaming will also proportionally increase. With the ease of Google PlayStore or Apple’s AppStore, there are hundreds of thousands of games waiting for those equipped with the best internet plan for gaming to start their journey into online gaming.

Adapted Content

Apart from online activity increasing through access to the best internet plan for online gaming, targeted and localised games that have been adapted to fit into the Indian cultural context have been instrumental in shaping online activity in India. Through games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and Indian Rummy, familiar Indian games are now made accessible online. More people are then willing to pay for the best broadband for online gaming available if they can play familiar games with family or friends who don’t live close by. Additionally, more game developers are creating multiple language options and including a variety of regional languages, and thus, through the help of this linguistic inclusion and with the best broadband provider, there is a steady increase in the number of people playing online games in India.

Large Base of Internet Users

Currently, India has an active internet user base of over 560 million individuals, making it one of the largest online markets in the world. With only China as number one, there will be more and more offers aimed at selling the best internet plan for online gaming. In fact, it has been approximated that the number of users will have increased to 650 million just by the year 2023, which’s only two years away! However, this user base has been predominately male-dominated with only 33% of females currently in the active user data. Thus, more needs to be done to include women into this market, either through plans offering the best wifi connection for gaming being directed towards women, or even some of the best broadband providers in India stepping in to make the internet more accessible.

There seems to be only an upward increase in the popularity of online gaming in India, fuelled by access to the best internet plan for gaming. While there still is work to be done to increase rural access to the internet and to include women in this gaming boom, India has some of the best broadband providers in the world, and a market that is constantly looking for the next best internet plan for online gaming. If reading about the popularity of online gaming is making your thumbs itch to play yourself, know that you can have seamless gameplay for hours with Hathway’s offer of the best wifi connection for gaming. To view Hathway’s broadband plans and to find the best internet plan for gaming.

A Guide To Internet Plans For College Students Studying From Home
July 2021

Everyone in college will always need to rely heavily on wifi plans for students . Be it hours of research for your next paper, attending Zoom classes that require your video to be on, or accessing online college portals, the lives of college students undeniably spin around access to good wifi. With such a dependency on the internet, finding the best internet provider for college students should be a high priority. To help you in your search for the best broadband plans for students, first assess what you use the internet for. Ultimately, you can consult all your college friends to find appropriate wifi plans for students but the best method to finding the perfect plan comes through understanding your usage. Usage varies according to each person and broadband plans for students will have different data amounts for you to use. Here are a few things to consult when trying to find broadband plans for students:


If your classes are still online and you have to attend multiple lectures a day, chances are that you will be using more data than usual. If your professor insists on keeping your video on, this will further deplete your data amount and you might want to consider unlimited internet plans for students compared to other regular wifi plans.


While most broadband plans for students will be well equipped to handle the hours of frantic research that writing papers and exams take, it is still an important factor to consider. Even the heaviest PDF downloads and large paper submissions should be easily doable with the best internet provider for college students.


Before the pandemic, regular internet communication was limited to emails and dotted with occasional video calls. However, now that a large chunk of socialization with peers happens over the internet, data amounts for communication also need to be considered when trying to find the best wifi for college students.

Leisure Time

It’s impossible to limit one’s internet activity to only work and thus, slotting in data usage for Netflix, YouTube, Spotify when considering the best wifi for college students is essential. Whether your hobbies include gaming, watching craft tutorials, or even uploading content yourself, chances are that you will be using a good chunk of data. When combining this with other academic pressures of online college, you might want to consider venturing into unlimited internet plans for students.


If you and your friends have been discussing the best wifi for college students, it’s important to note that some providers may not be present in your location. While discussing the intricacies and data amounts of different types of wifi plans may be beneficial, finding the best internet provider for college students will be a task undertaken according to what is available where you live.

If the points listed above haven’t guided you enough, here are some data recommendations to help assist you in your search for the best wifi for college students:

Wifi plans for students that provide 10 gigabytes of data, or more, are ideal to ensure that you never reach a situation where you run out. However, if you are still unsure of your data usage and want to always have extra data, there are many unlimited internet plans for students to choose from.

For speed, look for broadband plans for students that provide 6 Mbps or more. Slow internet can be one of the most frustrating things, especially when there are important deadlines to meet or classes to attend. The best internet provider near you should further clarify speed figures according to your usage. Most wifi options will also have various economical plans for you to look at, and while the allure of unlimited internet plans for students is tempting, it might lead to a waste of data and money that could otherwise be saved.

Now that you have a structure to follow when looking at wifi plans for students, you should be able to find the best plan in no time! Hathway is here to be the best internet provider for college students and to see if Hathway is near you, click here to browse locations.

Know the Difference between Mbps (Megabits) or MBps (MegaBytes)
July 2021

Internet lingo can be confusing, especially when researching different broadband providers to try and find a new high speed broadband connection. To help you understand more about your broadband internet connection speed and to get to the real difference between megabits (Mbps) and (MBps) megabytes, this article has listed it all. To begin to understand how the internet Mbps speed your broadband provider offers affects all aspects of your daily life, let us first look at what these terms, internet Mbps or MBps, even mean.

What do megabits (Mbps) and (MBps) megabytes mean?

To put it simply, Mbps refers to megabits per second while MBps refers to megabytes per second. Thus, the real difference between these two comes not from varying broadband providers or a different type of internet connection but are simply referring to bits versus bytes which are just different units of measurement. If you’ve never heard of megabytes before, that’s probably because megabits are more commonly used when talking about the details of a broadband internet connection. Internet Mbps for streaming, or even internet Mbps speed in general, are commonly used to refer to download and upload speeds in a broadband internet connection but it's important to remember that megabytes affect this too. To explain this further, download speed is how you can watch videos, load information, or view any kind of webpage using your broadband internet connection and this is why knowing your internet Mbps for streaming is important. On the other hand, upload speed is how you put information on the internet. Whether it’s turning on your camera on a Zoom call, posting an article, or a variety of other activities, your upload speed is very important to consider, making your overall internet Mbps speed a major factor when looking for a broadband provider.

While both internet megabits (Mbps) and (MBps) megabytes refer to units related to upload and download speeds, the immediate difference is that megabytes refer to the rate at which download and upload speeds function. If this still seems confusing, let us look at these two speeds in action.

How do megabits (Mbps) and (MBps) megabytes affect me?

Given that internet Mbps or MBps are both important in providing a high-speed broadband connection, they essentially affect all online activity. Whether you are using internet Mbps for streaming to relax with Netflix or general internet Mbps speed for work from home, download and upload speeds are essential for a broadband internet connection. However, if you find yourself in a situation where despite paying for a high-speed broadband connection, your internet connection is still slow and lags, consider the possibility that it is not bandwidth from your broadband provider that is the issue and instead lies in latency.

What counts as a high speed broadband connection?

If you’re confused about the units differentiating internet megabits (Mbps) and (MBps) megabytes, megabits and megabytes, and are looking to understand how much data can be downloaded with a particular Mbps, here are some figures to help put internet Mbps speed into context. To start simply with 1 Mbps, it would take over 8 seconds to load a basic 1 MB webpage and over 28 hours to download one 12 GB HD movie. Obviously, this is shockingly low internet Mbps for streaming and it is doubtful that your broadband provider even offers internet connections with speeds such as this. Switching to a more common speed, with a speedy 100 internet Mbps for streaming, it would take just over 17 minutes to download the same 12 GB HD movie and would load a webpage instantaneously, in under a second. Now that you have these figures as a guide when trying to understand internet Mbps or MBps, you can look at different figures when trying to find the best broadband internet connection for you and understand them completely. You just have to remember the simple fact that a larger file size will download at a slower speed. Thus, if your lifestyle calls for constant downloads of very heavy files, or you haveve made the switch to work from home, you need to ensure that you have a broadband internet connection with a fast internet Mbps speed.

To help you find a high-speed broadband connection from a reliable broadband provider, click here to view Hathway’s various broadband internet connection plans. With fast internet Mbps for streaming, you can now attend all the Zoom calls you need to and then relax with hours of binge- watching without ever having to face lags or delays in quality or speed.

Everything You Need To Know About 5G Routers & Dual Band Technology
August 2021

Different routers are designed to work with different types of frequencies. Depending on your radio wavelengths, also known as frequency or band, the type of router you need will change. The primary difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can be boiled down to the broadband internet speed they provide and the range covered. However, a dual-band wifi router lets you use both frequencies according to different needs, minimising overcrowding and resulting in a smoother and faster high speed broadband internet. To understand exactly what a dual-band router does, and how to access 5G technology in India, let’s first look at the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz speeds..

What is the difference between 2.4 and 5 GHz?

A high bandwidth router that transmits 2.4 GHz will provide access to wifi across a vast range but will not be able to do so at a high speed. Thus, 2.4 GHz gives a great range without high speed broadband internet. On the other hand, high bandwidth routers that transmit 5 GHz can provide ultra-fast speed only in a small and concentrated area. Another benefit of 5 GHz frequencies, and of 5G broadband routers that supply it, is the ability to cut through heavy traffic and other forms of disturbances to provide the best performing speed. With more channels for communication open, 5G router speeds can maximise your network performance.

How can I use both?

It’s clear that both 2.4 and 5 GHz have their advantages and disadvantages, but you can make the most of both with a dual-band wifi router. Dual-band technology essentially allows you to mix the benefits of different types of frequencies using a dual-band router 5Ghz, as it allows a mix of both types of frequencies. Using band steering, your 5 GHz devices will automatically connect to the 5G broadband router, freeing space for devices that need 2.4 GHz. This allows all devices in your household to use the dual-band router with ease without compromising on quality or range and still ensuring optimum performance of your 5G router speed. Thus, to lower the level of congestion and internet traffic that may be slowing down your internet speed, consider switching to a dual-band router 5Ghz.

Now that you know the difference between different types of frequencies, the use of dual-band technology, and how all of this can be channeled into a router, you may be wondering how you can get such 5G technology in India. To find the dual-band technology you’re looking for and to get a high bandwidth router, Hathway has you covered. To learn more about dual-band routers from Hathway, click here .

The Wings every home needs during the lockdown - Hathway
August 2021

With the home now being an office, a movie theatre, a school, and a fitness studio all rolled into one, we are more dependent than ever on our Internet connection and broadband plan .

For a lot of us, a basic broadband plan with average internet speed and data used to suffice but now, with infinite hours spent trying to juggle work, learning, and entertainment at home, nothing less than fiber broadband is enough. The ‘Wings of Technology” campaign launched by Hathway Broadband showcases a wide range of broadband plan delivering high speed internet connection and unlimited data in Chennai and Bangalore.

The dreaded static over zoom calls which have us going “can you hear me now?” or dropping off during that all-important online interview is something career nightmares are made of. That's not all, the anticipation of the new season of your favorite series coming out, only to have it buffer is enough to drive anyone up the wall. With the Hathway ‘Wings of Technology’ promise, one can experience lag-free video conferencing and buffer-free video streaming.

For fitness buffs as well, their online classes are sacrosanct, with a lot of gyms offering virtual personal trainers and celebrity fitness classes online, to have a live training session interrupted due to a bad network is worse than two consecutive leg-days at once! Now, thanks to GPON technology, one can keep up with their fitness goals, even during the lockdown.

But the real advantage of this network is for avid gamers or for kids attending virtual school on a daily basis.  Games these days require a network which gives more internet speed, more data and the lowest latency or lag. To keep gamers on a winning streak, they will be heavily dependent on a reliable and fast network like Hathway fibre-to-home broadband connection.

As for virtual learning, Hathway's fibre-to-home broadband connection has made it possible for learning to continue even during the lockdown. Be it online classes, homework assignments or alternate learning, a high-speed internet like that ensures that people can continue learning even when they can’t be physically present.

Whatever you need the internet for, an Unlimited data plan means you won’t have to keep track of data usage. You can upload and download heavy files; binge watch your favorite shows, play games, and attend online classes without having to worry about how much data you have used and how much is left.  Thanks to Hathway's ‘Wings of Technology’, every household now has a chance to soar in terms of happiness, productivity and health. That too, amidst a pandemic.

How Important Is A Good Wifi Router For Gaming?
August 2021

As gaming becomes increasingly popular in India, many people are looking to invest more time, energy, and resources into making their gaming as good as possible. One offshoot of this is knowing exactly what internet plans for gaming and what kind of wifi router for fiber optic internet you have, and how it may be working to your advantage or disadvantage. By analyzing exactly what factors should be essential in a router, this article will help you find the best wifi router for gaming and multiple devices.

What Is A Gaming Router?

Put basically, a wifi router for gaming and streaming is a more developed and sophisticated version of other types of routers that you may already be familiar with. To account for the tinkering and customisation that gamers like to do, the best wifi router along with the best wifi connection for gaming for long-range and gaming has user-friendly management so that you can customise and configure settings. Additionally, wifi routers for gaming and streaming are more heavy-duty than common wifi routers for fiber optic internet, making them a good choice for large households where multiple people are connected to a single wifi connection for gaming.

Why Do I Need A Gaming Router?

There are several advantages of a gaming router over other wifi routers for fiber connections, including:

Better Quality

By streamlining your broadband internet connection, a wifi router for gaming and streaming cuts out any loss of data due to transmission and removes distortion, resulting in vivid graphics and clean audio quality. While a regular wifi router for fiber internet connections may result in sudden freezes, lags, and pixelated video quality, none of this persists with a specialized gaming router.

Faster Speed With No Disruptions

The best wifi router for long-range and gaming can handle large amounts of traffic without compromising on speed, quality, or creating disruptions. Even if your whole family is gaming simultaneously, the router will distribute data with such accuracy and speed that the effects of other people straining your wifi internet signals will be negligible.

Lower Levels Of Data Loss

When your game lags or glitches, it is known as latency. Latency is caused due to data loss that occurs when a slow internet speed tries to keep up with fast-paced graphic games. Gaming routers can easily and expertly sort through a hoard of interest traffic to ensure that wifi connection for gaming can run smoothly along each line of traffic, and this ensures that less data is lost.

Better Range

If you struggle with distributing wifi connection across your house, chances are you are not getting the range you need. The best wifi router for long-range and gaming can improve wifi connection accessibility by distributing it throughout your house without compromising on speed.

Ultimately, a gaming router is of utmost importance if you want to get serious about gaming, or even if you’re looking for a better solution to your current wifi router. To find the best wifi router for gaming and multiple devices, click here to view Hathway’s router options.

Everything You Need To Know About Internet Leased Line Connection
August 2021

With more and more of our lives growing dependent on the internet, you might have heard of a leased line internet connection. This article is here to answer all your questions and help you understand exactly what a leased line internet connection is, what leased line service provider can offer you, and how it can help you succeed in your business. To start with the basics, let us first look at what a leased line internet connection, also known as ILL, even is.

What is a leased line internet connection?

A leased line internet service provider will essentially supply a direct line of communication and data exchange between two or more sites. By allowing for a non-stop stream of data, communication, and contact between certain points, internet leased line connection is a straightforward approach to getting what you need. While your leased line internet package will only be as good as the fiber optic cable that supports it, it still is a fast and reliable communication option. Unlike other broadband services on a more public network, an internet leased line connection is fully committed to maintaining the privacy of its consumer. Additionally, it is the best choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to provide the best internet connection for their staff. Any company or office that employs over 20 constant users of the internet connection will benefit more from an internet leased line plans as it brings reliability and productivity to daily tasks.

Internet leased line services include linking PCs and servers across different offices making a leased line broadband connection for business a smart solution, connecting phone calls, and ensuring a stable and fast internet connection. One another aspect that makes a leased line broadband for business an attractive alternative is the possibilities it holds for working from home (WFH) by allowing staff to connect from their personal devices at home. At times, your leased line internet provider might also refer to the same product as a fiber leased line connection. While they both refer to the same thing, the difference in names can be a source of confusion that can be avoided when looking for internet leased line plans.

For those looking for internet plans to sustain their business, especially e-commerce websites, there is really no better choice than a leased line broadband connection for business in comparison to other forms of internet broadband. Amongst all other technologies for business, especially among mid to large sized companies, a leased line package will help you and your entire team meet every goal and grow by supporting you through every step of the way. Some of the advantages of internet leased line services include:

The Fastest Internet Speed

No other service on the market can match the speed that an internet leased line connection offers. In fact, an internet leased line connection can even go as high as 10 Gbps, making it greatly faster than other broadband internet speed in India. Additionally, an internet leased line connection always balances upload and download speeds, ensuring perfect symmetry with no compromises unlike other broadband connections that optimise download speed at the expense of upload speed.

Stability & Reliability

For businesses, finding the best leased line provider in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and other metropolitan cities must be a high priority. The biggest reason for this is the sheer stability, reliability, and security that comes from having internet leased line plans in comparison to other broadband connection that are prone to latency and jitters.

Broadband Extent

Another aspect of internet leased line plans is the extent and range that they cover. This is another factor that makes leased line services for businesses an intelligent choice as hundreds of staff members can connect to a single leased line while maintaining high speed and low latency.

Multiple Static IPs

The key feature of multiple static IPs ensures dedicated bandwidth and allows your broadband internet connection to function seamlessly, even during peak traffic and clogging.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA will constantly monitor the performance of your internet leased line connection (ILL) and will accordingly troubleshoot, allowing for a smooth internet experience.

24/7 Customer Support

In case of other issues, there is a 24/7 team dedicated to solving all of your leased line connection problems quickly and efficiently.

With these advantages in mind, get moving to find the best internet leased line service provider and get the perfect internet leased line plans, an easy feat because ILL is available pan India! To get a head start in your search for internet leased line provider across India (Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and other metropolitan cities), start with Hathway. To learn more about internet leased line services and to look into getting one for your business, click here

What Is the Best Way to Diagnose Slow Internet connection?
September 2021

Slow internet is one of the most frustrating aspects of our lives. Be it interruptions during gaming, Netflix glitching and buffering after a long day of work, or even lagging Zoom calls, our lives simply cannot afford slow internet connection anymore. There might be a variety of reasons why your wifi connection is slow, and this article will help you in your quest to fix your slow internet connection. So, how does one begin troubleshooting a slow internet connection? The first step comes through identifying the problem itself.

Understand your internet speed

While you may think you have the best internet provider , but you might be actually receiving much slower internet speed as compared to what you are paying for. To find out whether this is the case, the first step to fix slow internet connection is to find exactly what internet speed you had opted from your local Internet service provider, so that you can compare it to the one you are currently receiving. It’s important to note that you measure your internet speed through Mbps, and a speed between 10 to 20 Mbps is the lowest amount you need to complete your daily tasks. However, a speed above 50 Mbps is ideal, and it is also the range that most of the best broadband plans provide, as you can avoid lagging and latency with this.

Compare your internet speed

Now that you know the basics of your internet plan, you can begin troubleshooting your slow internet connection. There are several services online to help you test your internet speed and see whether or not it is the range that you were promised. These include, Ookla, or even . It is completely normal if your internet speed falls a bit under the bracket promised as even the best internet service provider cannot account for heavy internet traffic in your locality. However, if there is a marked difference between the two speeds, you can fix your slow broadband connection by contacting your local internet service provider and letting them know about this gap.

Reboot your router

There is a real chance that your router is simply stuck in an unproductive and slow loop, resulting in frustrating internet speed. To reboot your router, two pieces need to be paid attention to, the router and the modem. If you have modem and router as two separate device, make sure both of them are well connected the connectors are tightly holding the device, in case of a single router cum modem as now a days most of the internet service providers provide a single device which take away the hassel of maintaining the two separate devices and power requirement. To troubleshoot your slow broadband connection, simply unplug both connections, wait a few minutes, and then reconnect it. Some of the old router doesn’t support the High Speed Broadband, to check this connect a LAN cable directly from the modem to the laptop or Computer and check the speed, if you are receiving the Speed as promised in your internet plan, there is need to either reconfigure your WiFi Router or probably need to upgared with the latest devices.

Improve the signal

There are several ways to improve your wifi connection, and even the best broadband plans can benefit from these suggestions. Consider decluttering devices around your router to clear airwaves, place the router in an open area that is unobstructed by walls, or try disconnecting devices that aren't using the internet when you need to. If this still doesn't work, you can consider getting a booster or a mesh network to increase the area covered.

Thus, you can fix your slow broadband connection with just a few quick adjustments. However, keep in mind that slow broadband connection is, to a large degree, unavoidable and persists with even the best internet service provider. If you’re looking for a change to fast and reliable internet connection, browse our Hathway Broadband Plan .

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