Connecting the last mile

When Christopher Columbus undertook his voyages across the Atlantic Ocean in search for the ‘New World’ of the Americas, he was living in an era when every mile translated into days, sometimes weeks, of travel.

Today, we are living in our own ‘new world’ – a digital era where miles get transformed into seconds, sometimes milliseconds, of travel.

This is the world of Hathway, whose cable leverages multiple media platforms to span the last mile and reach out to homes of people across India. It is the world of India’s biggest Cable and Broadband service provider, where Television and Internet services blend the latest technology with a Pan-India customer-centric approach.

“This is the story of a new voyage of discovery, of connecting the last mile. It is a journey that, to quote French author Marcel Proust, consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. At Hathway, we are seeing with those new eyes a future where every last mile is closely and intricately connected. ”